Group Menus and Lots Abrasador, the perfect choice for this Christmas

The arrival of November warns us. Fall and enters its final straight,, with the, come the most outstanding events of the year. Christmas is just around the corner and with it the celebrations with friends, the family company. Who does not enjoy a good grilled steak or a good ham?

Get a menu that combines quality group, taste and good price is the most sought option. Because, from Abrasador, We have launched several offers to Group Menus and lots of purchase or gift. The veal and Iberian served in its restaurants come from the livestock owned by the family group in the town of Toledo Menasalbas. Something that allows complete control over the final product that reaches grilled field.

Thanks to the combination of the dishes in Group Menus we can enjoy grilled meats chart Abrasador. as starters, appetizer, Iberian and cheese table, Scorching salad with touch, vegetables or peppers stuffed or other of the inputs recommended. For second, There are several menu items including drink and dessert special.

Table-IbericosSaladStuffed peppers of Trocina

On the menu 1, by 26,90, Medallion may choose Hip honeyed and grilled Curry, Iberian ham or grilled marinated tenderloin grilled tuna. Meanwhile, on the menu 2 by 29,90, we can find Magret Grilled Veal in point, with cut needle tasty, Iberian entrecote grilled flavored with mountain or Cod loin to taste.

Sirloin alteredib ham marinatedMagret trimmed

Finally on the menu 3, by 34,90, Sirloin enjoy, Entrecote or Center Veal chops grilled with garnish, Ribeye grilled Iberian or Grilled octopus.

letter centerBeef sirloin_octopus

Gifts for the whole family to enjoy: lots Abrasador

Christmas smells Iberian. Who has not wanted to give or receive a good ham, sausage, cheese…authentic delicacies for the palate and a perfect way to have a great touch with someone we, for family dinners and also for baskets Company.

Still burning products

Scorching launched 3 batches with different products. The first of them, with price 25,50, It contains 2 burgers 200 grams, 2 Iberian chops, 1 escalopin tray veal, 1 tray hand-sliced ​​ham 2 Medallions hip.

The second option, with price 45 euros, takes Iberian loin 700-800 grams, Iberian chorizo 550-600 grams, Iberian sausage 550-600 grams and Tray sliced ​​ham hand.

Precisely, This product is the protagonist of the third batch. For a price 169 We enjoy euros 1 Iberian ham 8- 9,5 kilos and, as a gift, a sausage and pepperoni, both beef.

¿You want reservar table tu reGalar a lot?jamon_iberico_cebo_campo (2)_

You can book your batch or group menus on the phone 666 042 087 or

If you book your group over 15 people, before the 30 of November, the invite a free meal for two people so you can taste and choose your menu.

Full details of menus and lots Abrasador HERE.