Scorching held its annual convention in Toledo

Scorching group held its convention a year in which gathers more than 150 hospitality professionals in Spain, franchisees, partners and suppliers. For two days were held presentations, visits and hoteliers have been able to see first hand the brand values, among them, to improve food quality meats own upbringing through Hospitality.


The first day began at the Cigarral de Caravantes and started with the two keynote lectures on entrepreneurship, and motivation from the point of view of business and sport. The ceremony presented by Beatriz Palencia, responsible for Events and Catering Abrasador and Alvaro Martin, director of group expansion began with the conference Javier Martín.

javiermartin founder and native of Toledo, It was responsible for opening the Convention. He addressed the audience in a very inspiring speech in which chronicled his experience as an entrepreneur and offered advice, already explained in his book Light undertake, attendees. “We do not need to take many things, often we complicate our lives, work and illusion in what is done you can achieve great things”, Martin said.

vanessaveigaThat message was also the axis of the second speaker. Vanessa Veiga athlete shared his experience as a professional athlete and wanted to convey a clear idea. “If you want, It can”. Veiga made a break of 7 years to support her husband's career, Julio Rey, with whom she had 3 children. When I had 30 he decided it was his time and ran again, getting get back to the elite and win the Madrid Marathon, including wins.

The athlete told the audience that his life was not so different from them. “There is a great similarity between the values ​​needed to win a marathon or half marathon working with the Hospitality. Sacrifice, effort and perseverance”. further, He stressed the importance of good quality food and complete as it does Scorching tending their animals to provide meat quality. “I feel very identified with you as you trust in the flesh of Abrasador for your restaurant and I trust food offered me as a client Abrasador”. By last, I encourage franchisees to continue the illusion ever to address the problems and the struggle is to bring your own business.

reconocimientosabrasador reconocimientosesperanza reconocimientosjulioramirez

Precisely, from the group Abrasador, I wanted to deliver a series of awards to different restaurants to bring value to the work of the whole year. The Ramirez brothers were delivering these badges and sword toledana each 24 winners.

digital business

The technology also had much prominence in the Convention. From Scorching group has carried out a renovation of its digital strategy and communication. Because, There were two more related to the benefits of using Internet presentations and all possibility restaurants brand.

Mariano Torrecilla, CEO and advisor to the group Abrasador, He gave a lecture to the audience in which he spoke of the keys to multiplying restaurant reservations. Meanwhile, Roberto Martinez, of, attendees presented this system to use the devices and screens restaurants to inform customers of the brand values.


Scorching moving tribute and Catering

The day ended with an emotional moment for the whole family Ramirez. His father, Julio Ramirez Sanz, He was honored for his retirement and his 40 years working in the livestock sector. Their 5 children took the floor to tell stories and thank your parents everything they have transmitted them and after a video tribute that gave way to a dinner organized by the Catering Scorching projected.


The second day of the Convention, as usual, It started with a tour of Toledo and then all restaurateurs can see firsthand how to work on farms that family group has in Menasalbas and see how breeding animals.

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