Sellers of Happiness

Por Julio Ramirez Camino

Momento en los que disfrutamos de una agradable experiencia Gastronómica

Cuando hablamos del servicio de Sala en un Restaurante, siempre hemos de tener en cuenta que vamos a ser partícipes de un momento muy importante en la vida de ese cliente. Vamos a participar en dos aspectos muy importantes:

Participamos por un lado en su alimentación y en su comida y por tanto en su salud. Pero lo debemos compaginar con el disfrute y el gozo de saborear frente a una mesa y junto a una buena compañía, una agradable experiencia gastronómica.

Pasión y entusiasmo por el trabajo
Carlos Torres sirviendo uno de sus platos en Abrasador

Desde el momento que el cliente nos llama al restaurante o entra una reserva en el libro electrónico, debemos pensar como piensa cualquier otro profesional, cuando les solicitan un presupuesto o una reserva de hora para cualquier otro servicio. Debemos llamarles o escribirles para confirmarles que todo está preparado para que disfruten de una bonita experiencia próximamente. Y ofrecerles si en algo podemos ayudarles para mejorar esa experiencia, estaremos encantados.

La Cocina es la que hace que te guste un restaurante y la Atención excelente es la que hace que vuelvas

Por Carlos Torres Chef

Cuando un profesional descubre lo importante que es, y que gracias a él va hacer posible que alguien pase unos momentos felices frente a una mesa, es cuando descubrimos que realmente no apasiona esta profesión.

Atendiendo a clientes en restaurante
Momento de Despedida después de un servicio Excelente

Fuera del estatus que puede suponer trabajar en unas grandes oficinas con o sin traje, pues ahora ya no se lleva el ir tan trajeados, el ser un camarero, metre, sommelier o personal de Sala en un Restaurante, es ser un vendedor de felicidad, un vendedor de disfrute. Pero en este caso, a la vez eres el que va ha responsabilizarse de ello y el que vas a poder disfrutar de ese camino.

Cuando tienes a una persona de frente y vas a participar en hacerle feliz, un ratito de su vida, esa es la misión y el trabajo más bonito que alguien puede tener (si no te cuesta mucho trabajo hacerlo, es que vas por buen camino y lo estás haciendo bien).

Locos y Apasionados por su trabajo
Un poco locos pero muy Apasionados por nuestro trabajo, Scorching Convention

Tal y como cuento en nuestro libro de valores, Tu Tesoro, mucha gente no entendía que yo con 30 years, en lo mejor de mi vida profesional, dejase mi trabajo en un banco (Caja Rural), habiendo trabajado en Marketing y Finanzas, para irme de camarero a un restaurante con mis hermanas. As well, señores, dando de comer comida de calidad y descubriendo que teníamos un producto extraordinario que ofrecer a los clientes, me enganchó a fondo y por eso tomé esa decisión. Quizás si por el salario o por la comodidad de horario o por la opinión de mucha gente, hubiese decidido quedarme allí, no me hubiese dado la oportunidad de ver cumplidos algunos de mis sueños.

Hemos descubierto un nuevo Continente donde se encuentra Tu Tesoro. Aquí todos los jóvenes deciden tirar del carro y saben hacer las cosas bien, con responsabilidad y compromiso

Tu Tesoro, Julio Ramirez Camino
Contraportada Libro Tu Tesoro
Contraportada del Libro Tu Tesoro

Descarga el libro haciendo clic here

Scorching Gastronomic Festival 2019

V national contest of cuts and Abrasador recipes

Food and genetic selection, challenges in the livestock sector.

livestock interview by the magazine Extremadura flow to Abrasador Group


  1. How arose Searing project, what objectives and volume has been reached regarding marketing of meat and nOmero restaurants?

When still we had my sisters 21 Y 19 years respectively, and me 23 years, My father sold a small farm in Herrera del Duque and with that money bought a store in Toledo, in one of the areas of further trade.

Padre Julio and Julio Son in Abrasador farm
Padre Julio, founder of livestock and Julio son, Scorching cofounder.

We decided to mount a café-restaurant with my mother and my sister Olivia, While we studied, creating a S.A.L (labor corporation with five partners). And we began to ask my father that we will select the best that he had to offer our customers in the menus of the day.

Following there began testing systems and testing ember which were the best cooked and 4 years later we set up a second restaurant specializing in grilled and, Asador Europe Young. And after the tremendous success we had, we decided two years creating the Scorching brand with an initial franchise project.

Cows in the field
Scorching cattle breeding own

As the franchise project did not work with inexperienced entrepreneurs hostelry. We saw that the project only worked with restaurants success They are incorporating our own parenting meat. And we created a business model of corner franchise brand to incorporate meat into successful restaurants and brand.

Currently we already 32 partner restaurants throughout Spain and other 114 Restaurants are customers and when carrying over a year value together, the possibility to incorporate them into the network of restaurants Abrasador. This year there are signed other 8 Restaurants are incorporated into the brand Burning. Which has its own application, your web, APP, its central reserves and is already more than 1.000.000 of loyal customers seeking Scorching meat restaurants to go eat a good grilled meat.

Billing 2018 as group restaurants is about 9.600.000,00 € more 1.520.000,00 € billing meat and products of own upbringing.

2. What Unlike the beef and That you furnish the Iberian frenyou to other?

Security have always selected the same quality without fluctuation prices throughout the year.

3. You have several ranches in CAceres and Badajoz. What kind of cattle is the that young in them, what number you have actualmente and how It has been vuestra experience in the field extremeño?

Primarily in cattle we breed cross Charolais and Limousin race, and Iberian crossing pure Iberian with Duroc Yersey. Currently our brothers number about 950 Life cows and a 2200 heads kept feeding.

Scorching cows at Finca de Caceres Torrejon del Rubio
Cows on the farm of Torrejon del Rubio (Cáceres)

Undoubtedly one of the best land in order to have gained extensive is Extremadura. His field is especially good for food and space for cows belly. Since we had 4 years, we were with our father in the truck, a Avia 3000 Extremadura in search of good cattle. Then we feed my people based on good grain and more nutrients to make a special meat that is what we serve in our restaurants.

And now we on the farms themselves with spaces to look carefully those selected cattle, we feed very carefully for one year, with shelter from rain and bad weather, with shadow without passing cold and stress. So we only need them to music and give them beer as they did once say Japanese.

Rearing farm Scorching Own Group
José María Ramírez road riding

4. From your point of view, ¿which are the main challenges raised the extensive livestock sector today?

We could say that the main challenges are:

1.- Feeding healthy cattle: For as they say, of what you eat are raised. Healthy eating is transmitted directly to the then we eat meat. To do this we must ensure that the lands do not chemical fertilizers used. We use only fertilizers natural and organic.

2.- Combating climate: Another challenge is the care of the planet to maintain an optimal climate in our lands, the spring and fall seasons again become large. Well now much are cut and there is further feed the cows for many months.

3.- Another important challenge is the selection genetics, to do a good choice for very prolific mothers, very dairy, rearing calves with high conversion rate, selection also ideal stallions, for good calves with high rate conversion and their meat marbling, marbled, with good texture, good flavor and good color.

4.- Another great challenge is get all the cows each livestock they can give birth so that they are primables and thus must be well groomed. Thus more competitive and productive beef space is achieved in the European Economic Community, It is giving us aid prductiva cow breeding to make this sustainable and profitable livestock profession in our country and in particular in this community.

5.- And finally the biggest challenge coil is to fight tuberculosis.Hunting habitat shares with cattle. And the hunt is carrying the bacteria Mycobacterium bovis that causes tuberculosis. It is a disease notifiable is a zoonosis and therefore are required to meet minimum health program in which annual tests are done or semester by province, and is a great struggle, because they leave many positive due to contact with hunting. Getting eradicate this disease we could say that would be the biggest challenge.

This question has been answered by my little brother, Alfonso Ramirez Camino, Veterinary and Livestock the group Abrasador.

Alfonso Ramirez with cattle
Alfonso, brand veterinarian and rancher in the same

5. The meat of extremeña beef It is of exceptional quality, thanks todo a la Dehesa, but maybe It is less known that the Galician name or the Ávila what le for lack mons known by the consumer?

The first thing you need is to have and inform the final consumer about the product. And the second is to establish methods to ensure customer homogeneity and price stability.

And we know that today in a market global, we have to be competitive crossings select the best genetics to achieve The best meat, sticking to the best of our traditions and improving everything in which we are not competitive.

Scorching cows on the farm in Badajoz
Scorching cows on the farm in Badajoz

But anyway I think to date, in Spain at least, we know that Dehesa de Extremadura is one of the best places in the world to have won in extensive.

6. In the latest yeathe, fresh meat of Iberian They have become very fashionable ¿Have you noticed it too you in demand for property hasecimiencough Hospitality?

In the year 1994 when we started our first restaurant, my sisters, my sister in law, my mother and I, my father came start raising Iberian pigs, Besides beef and learned from Extremadura, Guijuelo and Huelva. As of today we have an extraordinary quality, with which they are very happy all the associated restaurants Scorching brand and therefore those millions of customers throughout Spain that at some point have visited over 30 Scorching restaurants and more 115 Restaurants are also clients and our meats own parenting, although some of the latter have not yet grilled and so are customers but they are not associated with brand Abrasador.

From my point of view, the Iberian pig is not a fad but a tendenhere. Eat Healthy, Healthy food, fits perfectly with the Iberian pig, which has more than one 75% or put in place of the poly-unsaturated fats and that It makes it beneficial for food.

Our mission as a group is "Feeding Improve human being through through hospitality with meats own upbringing ", and why we choose to produce these two types of meats, beef and Iberian, they are for us and our customers the best for all we know. But we remain open to know, making and improve everything our partner restaurants will offer suing us the best grilled meat market.

Scorching cuts: Health, texture and exquisiteness

One of the key factors that support a healthy and balanced diet is to reduce total fat intake, which currently exceeds the recommendation 30% of total daily calories. In Scorching we are aware of this fact, hence our constant quest to improve feeding meat own parenting through restoration. In this line, Scorching Group took in betting on specific cuts of meat with that reducing fat per piece years.

Our R & D investigates, directed by Mari Carmen Ramirez, cooks shape our franchises into new horizontal cuts, longitudinal or transverse deviating from what is already invented a classic sector and with which the fiber is cut in favor of their being in order to get the best texture and juiciness parts, leaving our cutting room carefully defined.

Magret trimmedToledo (2)

Our cooks know that if a traditional court 500 grams and a percentage of 22% of fat, We had to cut 250 grams and a percentage of 12% we will be offering the cream. Through a good boning and degreasing process we can get a piece that conventionally provides 25% fat is reduced to a 8%. A while healthy for over a thousand diners daily delicacy with which our franchisees accounts.

In Scorching know that only through knowledge of the pieces, with the application of new cuts and a good cooked we reach the affordable value that characterizes us. We have achieved success also experimenting with using new flavors and classics like curry or honey to make the customer enjoy healthy eating, very nutritious and touches our. Among the newest cuts Scorching highlights the magret beef, Ribeye center, hip medallion honeyed, tenderloin, boning churrasco skirt and degreased, the ribeye 550 churrasco grams and lean low.

Jamon round alta2

Iberian pig we have also transformed some of the traditional courts. It is the case of the Iberian entrecote, that we get from the back bone.

This is a chop cut with a thickness that can offer the diner dish 300 grams, with a soft marinade flavored with mountain.

The result is a juicy, tender piece that will delight any palate. We also offer on our menu the center of Iberian ham, pork cutlets, chop Iberian palette and Iberian Bulat.

fillers filetitos

In Scorching we have managed to develop thanks to these new cuts to 120 references to the raw material with which we: veal and Iberian pork.

Then cut a thorough study is conducted in kitchen to see how he gets the most in taste to the proposal to provide tasty and healthy dishes.

Have you already eaten some of the dishes with these cuts? We'd love to hear your opinion.

Scorching held its annual convention in Toledo

Scorching group held its convention a year in which gathers more than 150 hospitality professionals in Spain, franchisees, partners and suppliers. For two days were held presentations, visits and hoteliers have been able to see first hand the brand values, among them, to improve food quality meats own upbringing through Hospitality.


The first day began at the Cigarral de Caravantes and started with the two keynote lectures on entrepreneurship, and motivation from the point of view of business and sport. The ceremony presented by Beatriz Palencia, responsible for Events and Catering Abrasador and Alvaro Martin, director of group expansion began with the conference Javier Martín.

javiermartin founder and native of Toledo, It was responsible for opening the Convention. He addressed the audience in a very inspiring speech in which chronicled his experience as an entrepreneur and offered advice, already explained in his book Light undertake, attendees. “We do not need to take many things, often we complicate our lives, work and illusion in what is done you can achieve great things”, Martin said.

vanessaveigaThat message was also the axis of the second speaker. Vanessa Veiga athlete shared his experience as a professional athlete and wanted to convey a clear idea. “If you want, It can”. Veiga made a break of 7 years to support her husband's career, Julio Rey, with whom she had 3 children. When I had 30 he decided it was his time and ran again, getting get back to the elite and win the Madrid Marathon, including wins.

The athlete told the audience that his life was not so different from them. “There is a great similarity between the values ​​needed to win a marathon or half marathon working with the Hospitality. Sacrifice, effort and perseverance”. further, He stressed the importance of good quality food and complete as it does Scorching tending their animals to provide meat quality. “I feel very identified with you as you trust in the flesh of Abrasador for your restaurant and I trust food offered me as a client Abrasador”. By last, I encourage franchisees to continue the illusion ever to address the problems and the struggle is to bring your own business.

reconocimientosabrasador reconocimientosesperanza reconocimientosjulioramirez

Precisely, from the group Abrasador, I wanted to deliver a series of awards to different restaurants to bring value to the work of the whole year. The Ramirez brothers were delivering these badges and sword toledana each 24 winners.

digital business

The technology also had much prominence in the Convention. From Scorching group has carried out a renovation of its digital strategy and communication. Because, There were two more related to the benefits of using Internet presentations and all possibility restaurants brand.

Mariano Torrecilla, CEO and advisor to the group Abrasador, He gave a lecture to the audience in which he spoke of the keys to multiplying restaurant reservations. Meanwhile, Roberto Martinez, of, attendees presented this system to use the devices and screens restaurants to inform customers of the brand values.


Scorching moving tribute and Catering

The day ended with an emotional moment for the whole family Ramirez. His father, Julio Ramirez Sanz, He was honored for his retirement and his 40 years working in the livestock sector. Their 5 children took the floor to tell stories and thank your parents everything they have transmitted them and after a video tribute that gave way to a dinner organized by the Catering Scorching projected.


The second day of the Convention, as usual, It started with a tour of Toledo and then all restaurateurs can see firsthand how to work on farms that family group has in Menasalbas and see how breeding animals.

cateringabrasadormesacateringabrasadorg cateringabrasadorcateringconvencionimage3 (2)rutaabrasador2rutaabrasadorconvencionruta

I Gastronómica day of grilled field in Abrasador Almagro

This Saturday 31 October, Abrasador Almagro Restaurant hosts the I Jornada del Campo Gastronomic Grilled. An opportunity to enjoy the unique flavor of the eggplant with the best meat from own breed. Starting at 13 hours, attendees can learn about the good work of the group Abrasador, more than 40 franchises throughout Spain, and hear firsthand the details of parenting and cooking secrets of their grilled meats.

finca008_ letter center

Diners will discover how the process breeding of cattle, What is the path followed by the meat once it is in the cutting plant group and how from the R + D + I new cuts to make them healthier and provide juiciness to the parts then offer are searched in restaurants like the town encajera.


For these Days, From the restaurant Almagro Abrasador, They have prepared two tasting menus to share between two people all inclusive. Some dishes where meat is always protagonist grilled own upbringing and where I could not miss the great hostess “Almagro Aubergine”.

Healmagrodeseoscarnosos you can taste dishes like Meaty snack items Aubergine de Almagro in Tempura with honeyed juice strains of La Mancha, freshly cut ham hand, Peppers stuffed with trocina with olive sauce and honey, as well as a tasting of the three best pieces of veal and Iberian Grilled: Ribeye center, magret entrecote of beef and Iberian.

The food will start at 14 hours and, starting at 16, attendees will have coffee with the Ramirez family, Scorching group of Placido and Nuñez, The restaurant owner, to share anecdotes and curiosities of the farms where their cattle and benefits of a single product is raised as Almagro eggplant.

To attend the Conference of Country Grill you can be booked at the following numbers 926882656 – 620549469 or email

Information Conferences and Menus