Christmas dinners. Business meals for Christmas

See what we have prepared menus for your dinner or business lunch!…

Christmas menus Scorching group

expected dates approach for many, to have the perfect excuse to get together with co-workers in traditional Company for Christmas dinner.

Since Burning We have prepared some Christmas menus especially care, to make your Christmas dinner or lunch an unforgettable moment this year, because we have the perfect ingredients ;-)…lbetter grilled meat….

Sure you have a Scorching restaurant very close to you to celebrate this business dinner you're both waiting.

Find or make booking or by calling 652332410 We will be happy to help.

Scorching days. technical conference and celebration

A year celebrate the "Scorching Days" ;-)…. Two intense days, where we visit our customers, friends and all teams of the restaurants attached to our brand.

We will begin on Tuesday 18 October with a "Technical Day", where they are attending teams kitchen and living partner brand restaurants, a "masterclass" cutting beef and Iberian and a “show cooking” brasa, with the best recipes and Abrasador cuts given by the Head of Quality and R & D and three Chefs of partner restaurants.

days-October techniques Abrasador 2016

Wednesday 19 celebrate the "Gran Fiesta annual Scorching", where we invite all the restaurants and customers to see first hand our farms and livestock breeding facilities own, cutting room and enjoy the Catering Firm offered by Abrasador in “Club Hipico San Juan”, with corner and grilled Iberian, accompanied by two novel corner caps … one the “Scorching news” and other tapas prepared by our Chef invited Michelin Star “Ivan Cerdeño” …


To attend is essential to book in advance by calling Alvaro 647221393 O July 630893522

We are happy to see you!

Reasons to like… Scorching Gran Via in Madrid

Today we go to Madrid, because in the heart of the capital, It is one of our restaurants, specific "Scorching GRAN VIA". This restaurant takes some time offering a fine dining to anyone who visits, but if anything stands out for its specialty is grilled meats.

But "Scorching GRAN VIA" It has four very powerful reasons to like, and then we'll discover ...

  1. its kitchen... all products used are top quality, It is its specialty in grilled meat your best proposal. Their steaks are own parenting, since from Burning We take care of their cattle in the pastures of Toledo, then supply the meat always in top condition.


  1. its ambient…upon entering, the feeling is cozy and enveloping place, designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


  1. The best "Value"...the first two reasons above are enhanced by the price, since you can enjoy daily menus for 10 € or grilled meat from 19,90 €. The quality and price are in “Scorching GRAN VIA” a perfect combination, that will make you leave with the feeling of having eaten with quality and at a reasonable price.

live performance

  1. its situation… This is unbeatable, as it is in the center of Madrid, between Gran Vía and Puerta del Sol, in the tourist and shopping area of ​​the capital, several private parking lots around.


As you see, This is a good reason to visit this establishment. For lunch or dinner ..."Scorching GRAN VIA".

c / Health, 8 28013 Madrid.

915 22 39 78

Wedding Catering Campestre with Abrasador

Last 24 June in the Sierra de Albarracín in the Camping Las Corralizas, was held the Paul and Marta wedding. A wedding Campestre in wild nature, can make the most of this magnificent landscape offered by the municipality of Bronchales, Teruel.

The couple from the beginning said he wanted a day where the party Primara, freedom of movement of all guests and all accompanied by high quality products. And of course, Catering Scorching this event I could not lose!!!

Once we met Paul and Marta at the opening of Scorching The Corralizas and they told us what they wanted, we help them shape and it was possible the dream of getting married in this special place for them.

And we got to make a country wedding in every aspect and attention to detail.

welcome appetizer 2

corner pan creams

And I could not miss our Scorching Jamón Ibérico having professional Francisco Lara how cutter, a spectacle for the senses!!

ham cut paco cutting jamon

Our Brasa corner before and during the battle!!

hot cornerember

Carnes accompany our own parenting the corner of tapas and salads

tapas corner right people peppers caps corner salads salads


The cheese corner was a success, though it was something we already knew, It was a safe bet counting Gold bullion Santa Eulalia (award at the World Cheese Awards 2012 with the gold medal) and with Senorio (premiado World Cheese Awards 2014 with silver medallla)


And finally fruits and delicious desserts prepared by Obrador San Felix.

fruit desserts

As for the wine, the wines chosen to accompany the meats were Rejadorada Verdejo and Novellum, of the winery Rejadorada.

Rejadorada Verdejo fresh botellas

And the party continued until nightfall.

bar beer Cocktail and dance

And all this is possible thanks to a team of ten:

Alvaro Martin:Barman

Clara Isabel Lera: Meter

Christian Heirisman: chef Abrasador

Gary Dacusin: Brasa chef

Diallo: kitchen assistant

Francisco Lara: Ham cutter

Jose Carlos Valdes: Waiter

Kevin Heirisman: Waiter

Beatriz Palencia: Director of Catering and events.

Julio Ramirez: CEO Abrasador

Thanks Paul and Marta for trusting us on such a special day!!!



If you are interested to contact us for your next event you can call 647644258 or send an email to email For more information Click here

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