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People, the most valuable asset

The people who make up Abrasador are our most valuable asset and the meat on the grill, the tastiest.

and how we are growing, we want to meet you.

grow as a professional

Working in a Scorching restaurant is growing professionally and personally.

we carry out 3 annual meetings with the teams where there is time to get to know each other, learn, have fun and grow together, as well as specific room and kitchen training in the restaurant.


Scorching Niagara's lounge staff, by Callosa de Segura

For me, working at Abrasador Niagara's is a great challenge, both professionally and personally.. The constant formations, courses and learning that the Scorching Group does makes you grow at an impressive speed. If you add to this a good work environment, a good leader like Javi Amorós and REAL teamwork, you are already near the top... I feel proud to belong to this great group that I call "My Burning Family".

Room Captain Scorching The Astral, Table on restaurant success stories

In the middle of 2017 I fell by chance in Abrasador El Astral and they treated me so well that, after 23 years running a small business, I left everything to work with them. I'm still here 6 years later, attending the many meetings, training days and annual parties to continue learning and growing professionally thanks to this great family that is Grupo Abrasador. I feel delighted and very proud to belong to this group.

In charge of Scorching Toledo

He took 17 years working in a Scorching restaurant. I started from scratch, no training. I am surrounded by great people who have helped me to be a better professional and a better person.. formations, consultancies and conferences that they convene are a breath of fresh air because I always get something very valuable that helps me improve in my work. I love what I do and do it hand in hand with this company that cares so much for people, it is a pleasure for me.