The best vantage points to watch Toledo

We love to see Toledo from all possible perspectives, Night and day. And we want to share with you, our favorite places to admire the "Imperial City" viewpoints…

There goes our list ... take note!

  1. Mirador del Valle
Toledo becomes night
spectacular view at night in Toledo City

This is perhaps the most famous view of Toledo, and our favorite. From here we have a view of the old town almost entirely.

We can see the cathedral, distinguish the imposing building of the Palace on top of the city, and watch the Tagus River runs at the foot of Old Town.

2. Since the Cigarrales

Toledo view from the cigarrales
View of Toledo from the Cigarrales

They are situated on the outskirts of the city and is manors, many of them converted into tourist accommodation, from where you can get a wonderful view of the city.

3. Alcázar

View of Toledo from the Alcazar
Toledo viewed from the Alcázar

At the top of Toledo is the Alcazar, and from up there you can see the whole city, so imagine the panoramic you can have from this emblematic building Toledano.

4. Alcantara Bridge

Toledo and Alcántara Bridge
View of Toledo from the bridge of Alcantara

On the bank of the Tagus River, We found this beautiful old Roman bridge, and from where you can see the city from below with nice views of the Alcázar.

These are the places that from our point of view, They are the best to observe the splendor of Toledo. But there are many other viewpoints from which to contemplate the city, These four are our favorite.

The best way to discover them be for yourself. We waited on scorching Toledo to enjoy our cuisine based on meat itself rearing Iberian pork and beef Anoja. Always grilled!

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