A new restaurant joins the Scorching mark in Extremadura

The latest restaurant to join the chain has been Corral del Rey in the town of Trujillo Caceres. Launches its new charter, incorporating innovative cuts of grilled meat.

Corral del Rey restaurant is owned by Antonio Sánchez García-Square is the Chef Chef director and founder Restaurant, with his wife Lady Giraldo, Head of Chamber.

Inside the restaurant Corral del Rey in Trujillo
Inside the restaurant

They are a great reference in Extremadura and now for Spain. Certainly are an example as entrepreneurs and professionals who have known also motivate and encourage their children to continue growing and developing new projects. A part of this restaurant that has been your school, Now their children have managed to open other 3 hospitality establishments in the area of ​​Trujillo and Extremadura, and starting with his father, Catering Corral Del Rey, for anyone who wants to celebrate their events in a beautiful palace of the XVI century, Palace of the Dukes of San Carlos in the Plaza de Trujillo.

With many customers and friends built the new Scorching dishes presented his letter, as well as delicious starters and stews that are a hallmark of this house.

Beefsteak Anoja Abrasador
Sirloin grilled beef Anoye
Iberian pork loin
Tournedos of Iberian pork loin

For this occasion they were pleased to have Julio Ramirez Sanz, who is the founder of the brand cattle, with his kids, which have three farms in the province of Cáceres and Badajoz in most farms they have in Menasalbas in the same Montes de Toledo. Also they attended the July and MªCarmen Camino Ramirez brothers who are founding members of Scorching group, and of course the brand consultant chef Carlos Torres, who gave training in aspects of coal.

Scorching restaurant opening Corral del Rey
Scorching management team with the team of Corral del Rey
Scorching inauguration attendees restaurant Corral del Rey
Attending the opening

This grill restaurant in Trujillo has followed established by the brand before joining, and that is that period expires one year working together, knowing the product and all the advantages of being companions, They join the network of restaurants Abrasador, with an exclusive brand in your area and minimal references incorporated brand meats to your letter.