The sale of meat for home is here to stay

Esperanza Ramirez
Esperanza Ramirez, Scorching group

Today we speak with Esperanza Ramirez, Head of Production and co-founder of Grupo Scorching, to see first-hand how consumer demand has changed when making purchases, a daily activity that is not as we knew it a few months ago, since since the state of alarm was decreed, online sales have multiplied, Also of meat!

“Customers were initially reluctant to order perishable goods online but, in our case, once they receive it and see for themselves its quality, repeat "

How has this situation affected the Group?

The COVID-19 crisis has had important consequences in the restaurant sector, the closure of the establishments brought with it an almost total decrease in our Group's turnover. Due to these circumstances we began to "move" a little more our meat delivery service., an online service that Scorching started up three years ago already, but it has not been until now that we have noticed a great rebound in the number of sales.

Meat shop
Online meat store for home created in 2017

In your case, Could it be said that the confinement has triggered the online sale of meat at home? Why? 

Yes, many people were not aware of this service and orders accounted for a very small percentage of our billing, but everything has changed and, yes, Confinement has triggered the online sale of meat at home. From a few weeks after the alarm state was decreed, you could say that we have tripled online sales of meat.

Home Products
Our clients enjoying Scorching Meats at home

Anyway if our billing is 100, when closing all restaurants, we have passed a billing of 5 O 6 but it has helped us to maintain the illusion, see an open door, and above all to know that the client who has tried it has already repeated, so it's a very good sign. The customer has lost fear and has seen how easy it is to order online to enjoy a good meat at home.

Online store
Home meats and iberians

What could you tell me about this new way of shopping? Have you come to stay?

I believe that this new way of shopping, that already existed in Scorching but had not been maximized, has come to stay. This is how our clients show us with each of their comments on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) or with your direct messages, in all of them they congratulate us for the quality of our product and also for the service.

further, keep in mind that it is a very comfortable way to buy, you ask and in a maximum of 48 hours you have the order at home.

Opinions on social networks
the 100 % of the customer reviews of meats for home are positive

Today, Is transportation for this service free?

From Scorching Group, aware of the current situation, From the beginning of this crisis we decided to put free transport for the distribution of our orders, that is to say, we eliminate shipping costs.

Free transport
Free transportation for all meat orders for home during confinement

Have you had to adapt your work system regarding the sale of meat online?

Yes, we have had to readjust our work system to the demand of our clients, since orders have increased a lot and these distribution formats require more work for their preparation. The market has changed in recent weeks and we have adapted quickly to the circumstances.

On the other hand, due to the total closure of the hotel establishments, we were forced to do an ERTE, of which thanks to the growth in sales of meat at home and also to the gradual reopening of the catering sector, We have already started to raise the ERTE for some workers and we hope to rejoin our entire team soon.

Meat cutting
Part of the team preparing meats before confinement

What hygiene and safety measures have you adopted to carry out this service against COVID-19?

There are many measures we take to protect our product and, also to our employees, but we don't do this now, if not forever: use of mask and protective gloves, hydroalcoholic gels, disinfection of common areas several times a day, work and rest shifts ...

All these measures we had previously implemented in the Group and, Thus, we could say that we were prepared and with sufficient protective material. So much so that during the first weeks from Scorching we voluntarily offered this protection material to health services.

instagram posts
Posts from our clients plus Instagramers

Why choose Scorching Group? What differentiates you from the rest?

The quality of our product is guaranteed since we have an R&D system that allows us to carry out an exhaustive control. further, It must be borne in mind that we are the producers and also those who are in charge of selecting the pieces, hence we always achieve that homogeneity, something that has always made us different. Every day restaurants ask us in surprise how we always achieve the same quality. Now this also happens to us with consumers.

To this we must add that thanks to the R&D system we offer products that are not on the market and that are not found in any butcher shop., They are exclusive products that are very popular with our customers.

Scorching original cuts
Shop meats for home served by portion

How do you see the future from Scorching?

The future is uncertain but from the Scorching Group we are optimistic. We are experiencing difficult times and the economy has been greatly affected but, as I said above, we are convinced that the online meat sales service has come to stay. further, we have a high quality product with very important properties for our body.

At the restoration level, From Scorching we know that it is time to help our associates and we are not going to disappoint them because, Let's get out of this and we have to get out together!