Fair in Dos Hermanas


Fair and Pilgrimage in Dos Hermanas

In this Sevillian town on the River Guadalquivir depression I will stop at the fair held these days and that is within the fairs of Andalusia, declared of National Tourist Interest.

The fair

Held four weeks after Easter. This fair characterized by a “open fair“, One of its main identity, Each year has a greater number of visitors that overlook streets Albero to enjoy these popular fiestas.

Its onset is marked by what is known as Pescaíto, an opening act held every Wednesday fair week in which the stands are privatized during a dinner that night and twinning is done to welcome another year the fair. That same night takes place Lighting in which, after several hours of darkness, all the lights are lit enclosure at a time while the audience responds with applause.

Each year a contest is held to choose the best caballista, the best horse car, Of course, the best booth.

two sisters fair

"The suit fair" , its antiquity dates back to the early days of the fairs, where women from traffickers or traders flocked, comfy robes they wore fatigues, to which were added two or three leaflets with the passing of time were becoming fashion, besides being a comfortable garment to wear, He heightened the feminine body giving a touch of sensuality that could not get with other clothes. This fact called so much attention that the different classes highborn began copying. The flamenco dress had made the leap to become part of fashion.


Over time, gown that began as a comfortable garment to wear to fish, became the “Fair suit” for large and small, affluent and poor families, there was no distinction of class or age, and its evolution was parallel with the other designs that were updated with each season, appearing with different necklines, hair pulled one way or another, clingy or looser suit, accompanied with other add-ons such as flowers, necklaces, slopes, shawls, etc…, constantly evolving while remaining a comfortable and colorful clothing to wear.

It is the only regional dress that is fashionable, changing its style over the years.

In the men's clothing, The riders are dressed in traditional costume short and wide-brimmed hat typical lower Andalusia. He was also a field fatigues and therefore with which went to try, sell and buy.

For reasons of comfort when riding, He also became part of female attire for the amazons, always entering within norms or margins, both male and female fashion, and tailors of the city imposed a “laws” which are mandatory when it comes to dressing the short suit.

There are no access rules so that everyone can dress as you decide, It is common to dress daily.

The carriage horse is the vehicle of transportation allowed on the Real de la Feria.

fair Horse


In addition to the fair, Dos Hermanas highlight Easter and the Pilgrimage of Valme (both also declared of National Tourist Interest), which is held the third Sunday in October, that date 1894, and whose Brotherhood has its first records of brothers 1628.

Curiously in Dos Hermanas we speak a variant of Andalusian dialect, speaks Nazarene, similar to Seville. The main features of this speech are the ceceo, within a region where the opposite phenomenon prevails, the seseo.

There is a rich lexicon compound, among other, by words of Arabic origin and archaisms of Castilian. Although the Andalusian dialect in general has been severely neglected, it can be said that this is one of the most advanced dialects of Spanish.



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