Tips for reopening restaurants through confinement de-escalation phases

The hospitality sector has been one of the most punished after the coronavirus crisis, COVID-19, and that is why trends, changes in customer consumption and new work tools are key to minimizing the economic impact that restaurants and hotel establishments have suffered. Being one of the last businesses to start, bars and restaurants they must prepare to face an uncertain future. The four phases of de-escalation for the hospitality industry to return to normality are the following, as long as the conditions are met to move to the next phase.

De-escalation phases for the hospitality industry

Phase 0: The phase 0, which extends from 4 al 10 of May, is the “preparation for de-escalation”. It allows the opening of restaurants and cafes with delivery to go, but without consumption in the premises. In fact, at Abrasador we have made this possible, taking our products to your location. You can see the letter and request the product you want to have it in 24 hours.

Phase 1: 11 al 24 of May. As long as the conditions are in place to move to this de-escalation phase;, the opening of terraces is allowed, limiting to 50% of tables allowed in previous years, according to your municipal license, and ensuring social distancing.

If the city council of each community and municipality allowed the expansion of the space, the bars, restaurants and cafes could have more tables, respecting the tables / facade ratio of the 50% and with a proportional increase in the pedestrian space on the same stretch of public road. Likewise, meetings are authorized on the terraces of the hotel and restaurant establishments of up to a maximum of ten people per table or group of tables. In this phase, the influx of customers into the premises is totally prohibited.

PHASE 2: 25 May to 7 of June. In the intermediate phase, the hospitality industry will be able to start serving both indoor and outdoor tables, as long as the separation between clients is respected. The capacity will be limited to one third inside and one 50% on the terraces. Consumption should be done sitting. The takeaway service will continue to be active.

PHASE 3: 8 al 21 of June. It is the last phase, prior to total deconfusion, if coronavirus cases continue to decline. In the hospitality industry, locals may extend their capacity to a 50% of your ability, both indoors and on the terraces, guaranteeing the separation between customers. The bars begin to take shape and customers are allowed to stand while keeping the minimum separation of 2 meters.

The terraces will be limited to one 50% the number of tables allowed in previous years, depending on your municipal license. The increase of tables will be possible, with prior authorization from each council and always respecting the proportion of the 50 percent.

Tips for reopening your restaurant after Covid-19
Tips for reopening your restaurant after Covid-19

Tips to consider

These are some of the tips to follow and new trends so that your restaurant adapts in the best possible way to the future after the coronavirus crisis, and reduce the times of economic crisis in your business until you reach the expected numbers.

Demanding customers. This crisis has caused people to have a high and normal demand for food safety. That is why we must give total confidence and transparency to customers by restaurateurs.. We have transformed our mentality from seeing the West strangely to everyday. Masks and gloves have become necessary material. Food security will be one of the most important factors to work and take care of, since it will be one of the main examinations of our clients.

Cleaning the property is essential to maintain the disinfection of the restaurant
Cleaning the property is essential to maintain the disinfection of the restaurant

Disinfection of your premises. Make it very clear to customers both in person and on social networks that your location is free from any possible infection or contagion. further, your employees should be the first to lead by example with sanitary masks and gloves. Offer cutlery to your sterilized customers, as it happens in dental clinics, is another of the measures adopted by your business.

Adapt to new needs and social context. The reopening of our business, which will be one of the last to open given its social environment, it seems complicated, but also for our clients who will also have suffered this economic paralysis. A) Yes, we must adjust our menu and optimize our gastronomic proposal, for example, to reach the unemployed or retirees who will continue to have the same economic status. You can order from our App and pay, also, to increase prevention measures.

From our application, you can pay to increase prevention measures against Covid-19
From our application you can pay and place orders to increase prevention measures against Covid-19

Help our favorite restaurant. There are many and varied hotel actions that restaurants are launching. But how can I help my favorite restaurant? Covermanager, company dedicated to creating, sell and manage digital reservations for catering, has launched a successful campaign with the hashtag yoregalocuarencena. This movement consists in giving or buying gift cards to support them in this state of alarm and so motivated workers come out to give you the best possible and economic dinner at the reopening of your favorite place.

One of the Abrasador Group initiatives for its restaurants and customers
One of the Abrasador Group initiatives for its restaurants and customers

Business profitability. Controlling the stock of our warehouse is always one of the key points for taking accounts. It's time to do a detailed inventory, to know in detail how many products we have in order to carry out targeted and suggested sales actions for these possible surpluses. Information with tools such as POS terminals can greatly help us to place orders and avoid unnecessary accumulation and replace more profitable alternatives.

Bet more on social networks. Internet and social media consumption has grown exponentially during these months. Customer service in networks has become one more service of the restaurant to give confidence and repercussion to your restaurant. Give quality content, possibility of digital reservations or changes to new menus has become information of interest to the client. Offering the possibility of choosing your menu or the dishes to offer is always to the client's taste. further, the customer increasingly adopts pre-booking attitudes such as viewing digital reviews and comments from customer experiences. Work to increase your image and reputation on networks.

That your business is visible on social networks is an increasingly powerful trend in the hospitality sector
That your business is visible on social networks is an increasingly powerful trend in the hospitality sector

Possibility of adding delivery in your business. Online orders have grown abysmally thanks to e-commerce. Delivery to the place of consumption can be an interesting alternative to add cheap injections to your business. Consider which dishes on your menu may be susceptible to it to give a safe return while maintaining the traditional model structure of our restaurant.

The delivery service (takeaway) becomes an interesting tool to reach customers
The delivery service (takeaway) becomes an interesting tool to reach customers

Maintain the essence of your business. If yours has always been to offer quality paellas or grilled meat, keep doing it. People visit you to return to offer the same quality. Fashions and trends come and go, evolve and change, but the client always looks for a place where honesty is transmitted in the kitchen, truth in the room and warmth in the space.

Listen to our team and get stronger. It has always been said that four eyes see more than two. It is very important to hear ideas and opinions from our employees who want to contribute. It is a way of giving the importance that our employees require and feeling an important part of the business. Internal communication must be an important ally in your business. Now more than ever.

Sellers of Happiness

Por Julio Ramirez Camino

Momento en los que disfrutamos de una agradable experiencia Gastronómica

Cuando hablamos del servicio de Sala en un restaurante, siempre hemos de tener en cuenta que vamos a ser partícipes de un momento muy importante en la vida de ese cliente. Vamos a contribuir en dos aspectos muy importantes:

Por un lado participamos en su proceso de alimentación a través de la comida y por tanto en su salud y a la vez participamos también de la satisfacción que el comensal experimenta al compaginar el disfrute de saborear frente a una mesa, con la necesidad de alimentarse y si es junto a una buena compañía aún mejor. Todo el proceso acabará resultando una agradable experiencia gastronómica si hacemos que se desarrolle de forma adecuada

Passion and enthusiasm for work
Carlos Torres serving one of his dishes at Abrasador

Desde el momento que el cliente nos llama al restaurante o cuando contemplamos una reserva a través del libro electrónico, lo ideal es pensar cómo piensa cualquier otro profesional enfocado en la satisfacción final del cliente al elaborar un presupuesto que le han solicitado o al registrar una reserva para ofrecer cualquier otro servicio. Estos momentos forman parte de la atención al cliente y han de estar regidos por el principal objetivo de la consecución de un cliente contento. Es fundamental llamarles o escribirles para confirmar que todo está preparado para que puedan disfrutar de una grata experiencia en el momento elegido, así como plantearles desde el inicio, nuestra predisposición para ayudarles a mejorar esa experiencia en la que formaremos parte activa.

La Cocina es la que hace que te guste un restaurante y la Atención excelente es la que hace que vuelvas

Por Carlos Torres Chef

Cuando como profesionales descubrimos lo importante que es la interacción y la aportación al cliente y que gracias a ello va a ser posible que el cliente disfrute de esos momentos felices frente a la mesa, es cuando descubrimos que realmente esta profesión apasiona y ya no querremos dejar de hacerlo por lo gratificante que resulta.

Atendiendo a clientes en restaurante
Momento de Despedida después de un servicio Excelente

Lejos de la percepción de estatus que puede suponer trabajar en unas grandes oficinas con una u otra indumentaria que además se ven afectadas por las modas, el ser camarero, metre, sumiller o personal de sala en un restaurante, es ser vendedor de felicidad, y de disfrute y a la vez responsabilizarse de todo el proceso y poder disfrutar de la interacción con el cliente y de ese camino que recorrerán durante la experiencia.

Cuando tienes a una persona delante de ti y vas a participar en hacerle feliz durante momentos de su vida, es una bonita e importante misión y uno de los trabajos más gratificantes que se pueden tener (si no te está costando mucho trabajo hacerlo, es que vas por buen camino y seguramente lo estés haciendo bien).

Locos y Apasionados por su trabajo
Un poco locos pero muy Apasionados por nuestro trabajo, Scorching Convention

Tal y como cuento en nuestro libro de valores, Tu Tesoro, mucha gente no entendía que yo con 30 years, en lo mejor de mi vida profesional, dejase mi trabajo en un banco (Caja Rural), habiendo trabajado en Marketing y Finanzas, para irme de camarero a un restaurante con mis hermanas. As well, dando de comer comida de calidad y descubriendo que teníamos un producto extraordinario que ofrecer a los clientes, me enganchó a fondo y por eso tomé esa decisión. Quizás si que por el salario, por la comodidad de horario o por la opinión de mucha gente, hubiese decidido quedarme allí, y en ese caso, no me hubiese dado la oportunidad de ver cumplidos algunos de mis sueños.

Hemos descubierto un nuevo Continente donde se encuentra Tu Tesoro. Aquí todos los jóvenes deciden tirar del carro y saben hacer las cosas bien, con responsabilidad y compromiso

Tu Tesoro, Julio Ramirez Camino
Contraportada Libro Tu Tesoro
Contraportada del Libro Tu Tesoro

Descarga el libro haciendo clic here

Scorching II Technical Conference 2019

Scorching group brings together more than one hundred restaurants in the II Technical Conference 2019 held in Córdoba, and in which the formation and the kitchen were the stars.

The day began with a welcome and breakfast for attendees, before beginning training day, and the stage were chosen facilities CZECH (Confederation of Employers of Córdoba).

The first presentation was given by Eva Ballarín international speaker Horeca sector, and director of HIP, with his paper AGAINST (Moment Of Truth). With three strategic points of Marketing for restaurants:

Living Marketing: The sweet story of Rosa, pastry

Charter Marketing: 109 second chance

Marketing Team: Example Paco, the seller waiter

Eva Ballarín speaker in II Technical Conference Abrasador
Eva papers Ballarín

Then we had the presentation of Diego Coquillat, one of the highest regard internationally Digital Marketing for restaurants. He told us where the most relevant data for decades so far of digital development at restaurants, and where we provided an analysis of how the group gets thousands of reservations Scorching restaurants through its digital platforms… 'Scorching at the forefront of digital’

Diego Coquillat rapporteur of the scorching II Technical Conference 2019
Presentation by Diego Coquillat

The last presentation gave our chef advisor Carlos Torres. A paper made from the heart, on 'How to Cook Your Interior’. Giving all attendees the recipe for happiness and ingredients needed to cook.

Carlos Torres chef speaker at the second technical time scorching 2019
Chef Carlos Torres paper

After a break in which attendees could enjoy our corner of Iberian ham hand cut, and drink wine 86400 or one Captain craft beer, We had a round table spoke of the need for a solid foundation legs in a restaurant: Management, Heart and Technology. And finally the veterinarian and rancher family, He spoke of the major challenges for livestock and the keys to a good care of the planet by farmers. He also spoke ember system approved by the group Scorching restaurants eco-grilled coconut shell charcoal, to avoid the need to cut down trees and thus contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Scorching corner of Iberian ham
Iberian ham corner and tasting ales and wine
Roundtable second technical conference Abrasador
Round table

And at the end, It took place Scorching recognitions Awards and delivery of a certificate of attendance for all restaurants present.

The day passed later in the Restaurant Celia Jimenez, where cordobesa chef prepared as host for all attendees two exquisite caps: "Melon with Iberian ham secret" Y "Spicy beef stew with pineapple, mango and orange ". With three other caps prepared by chefs in restaurants associated group Abrasador:

• Mariola Hervas of Scorching restaurant El Raco de Mama Lola Elche, with the cap "Cochinita Pibil Ibérica".

• Pepa Canovas del Restaurant Scorching Canovas of Murcia, a cap "Ferrero Rocher Trampantojo own parenting"

• And finally Mamen Gálvez Restaurant Scorching cinnamon and lemon Consuegra (Toledo) a cap "Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures ".

And as, the food could not end otherwise…With tasting 4 Anoja cuts of beef and Iberian pork made in the corner of the Scorching grilled group.

Scorching melon with Iberian pork ham
Melon with Iberian ham secret
Scorching beef stew
Spiced beef stew with pineapple, orange and mango.
Scorching Iberian roasted suckling pig
Iberian roasted suckling pig
Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures Abrasador
Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures
Cuts of meat grilled Abrasador
Scorching corner of ember

We thank all attendees participating in this II Technical Conference Abrasador 2019. We leave you with a video that summarizes what lived in this day….

Invitation II Scorching Day 2019

The next Tuesday 11 in June Scorching group celebrate our II Technical Seminar the is 2019, in CZECH (Confederation of Employers of Córdoba) in Gardens Virgen de la Estrella, 1 14006 From Cordoba, and which of course we want to invite.

It will be a key day in training to improve the daily lives of your restaurant with respect to management, to the kitchen and to technology. Three basic pillars for your restaurant succeed, and for that we will have top-level speakers.

So will the program ...

9:00 Breakfast and welcome.

10:00 presentation of Eva Ballarín "Being the trendy restaurant in your city"

Eva Ballarín Technical Seminar presentation at Abrasador
Eva Ballarín (II speaker at Scorching Day 2019)

10:45 presentation of Diego Coquillat "Scorching at the forefront of the digital"

Diego Coquillat speaker at Scorching day
Diego Coquillat (Scorching Day rapporteur II 2019)

11:30 presentation of Carlos Torres "Cooking on the inside"

Chef Carlos Torres gastronomic consultant for Scorching Group
Chef Carlos Torres (Scorching Day rapporteur II)

12:15 Rest and appetizer with Scorching corner of Iberian, corner wine and craft beer corner.

13:00 Round table with three speakers, Eva Ballarín, Coquillat Diego and Carlos Torres, and moderated by Julio Ramirez Camino. The three legs for a solid foundation in your restaurant: Management, Heart and Technology. We must do to have fun and be happy with this magnificent profession, and it did not overflow the urgent day-to-day.

13:45 Awards, Scorching recognition and presentation of certificates of attendance.

14:30 Food at Celia Jimenez restaurant . cooking 10 hands, with chef…Celia Jimenez (hostess), Mariola Hervas (Scorching restaurant Raco de Mama Lola), Mamen Gálvez (Scorching restaurant cinnamon and lemon), Pepa Canovas (Scorching restaurant Canovas), Scorching corner and grilled by the chef grilled Miguel Angel Gonzalez, to test cuts of meat more "gourmet" Scorching meat.

Restaurant Celia Jimenez: Open Arena sports complex. C / writer Maria Goyri, s/n 14005 Córdoba

to attend is imprescindible reserve a place by contacting Alvaro Martin 647 221 393 or Julio Ramirez 630 893 522

We are waiting Cordoba on Tuesday 11 of June!

Special menu Consuegra Medieval