Cattle with the best genetic Dispensed letters Abrasador

Select the veal with the best geneistica on farms of all Spainña, and subsequently fed crinan in Montes de Toledo.

The results in the field have always been the result of hard work and effort. Well knows Julio Ramirez Sanz, that for 40 years dedicated to the world of livestock on his farm in Menasalbas (Toledo). Focused on beef cattle and Iberian, their cattle are taken care to detail, starting feeding with, always with natural products, looking for a great contribution of nutrients, looking for the maximum comfort of its animals, bred in the nature of the mountains of Toledo and very exhaustive genetic control.

The world of livestock requires perseverance, honesty and a great responsibility to always provide the best product. Three qualities that in the case of Julio Ramirez have given the opportunity to be the supplier of the most important company that could face, Burning, the family business of their children; the restaurant chain whose main attraction, course, meats are grilled pork and beef.


Scorching terrace Toledo

But successful businesses are often not premeditated, And that's what happened with Abrasador. What began as a cafe, today is a brand that has 2 own restaurants in Toledo and Madrid and other 60 individual hoteliers who offer their cards in these meat from cattle of all national, carefully raised and fed traditionally in Castilla-La Mancha.

customers were precisely that cafe-restaurant, that led to Ramirez to try and incorporate into their menus their own flesh. What do they get with it?, maintain family farming tradition, which currently it is a sector that has been severely punished, and exercising control in each of the phases that pass the meat products before being served in the chain Abrasador.

Menasalbes estate

Menasalbes estate

The cattle are slaughtered in the slaughterhouse Montes de Toledo (Julio Ramirez is the founding partner) and is the chain itself that the recepciona in the cutting of your property, where Ramirez brothers are present in each of the phases portioning, boning and packaging of meat for shipment to restaurants Abrasador.

The quality system is therefore maximum, and checked in its production department, certifying all its meat for better industry experts and controlled by sanitary inspection that achieve a quality product whose taste makers are customers of restaurants.

It is normal, so, Scorching that owners have such extensive knowledge of the world of flesh, a watch because his country life as pleasant as possible, traditional, others are present in processes slaughterhouse, and the rest allow restaurateurs and diners from all over Spain to enjoy their wisdom in the world of grilled meats.