29 of April: pairing dinner El Raco de Mama Lola

The holidays are not just for summer. And to travel, Needless always get a means of transportation. El Raco de Mama Lola you can make it through the palate and the five senses, with great dinner being prepared with our best meats and wines that enhance the recipes prepared with so much love in this restaurant that bears the seal since Abrasador 6 years. Do you dare to travel from Galicia to La Mancha Valencia and Catalonia through?

Attention to the menu they have prepared for your journey through the flavors unique and very complete, during the Days of Marriage, the next 29 of April.


As you have seen, flavors, textures and sensations that are the best brooch to dismiss this April. And above all, continue to enjoy the recipes so lovingly prepared daily. And the Raco de Mama Lola has a lot of our spirit since its inception: make 6 Hervas years the family joined all his enthusiasm and effort together to offer a leisure proposal that differed in Elche for a service and an affordable culinary proposal but without sacrificing quality, from their tops to their plates.


They offered from the beginning the traditional flavor of Alicante cuisine, but they dared to bet on meats own upbringing in a land of rice and sea. A perfect pairing being rewarded by a loyal clientele and fixed, that positioned as a reference in Elche mainly because of its value and service capacity. Because, It is one of our essential throughout our family.

further, always they meet your customers. What can not come because the work holding you back? They bring the food to the office. What do you come with a large group of friends? There is no room even for 100 diners. What you have a meeting or convention? His team is prepared to offer a special catering for breakfast, cocktails or lunches. And what we like is that every Monday you send the mail to menu do not miss it very comfortable and eat well, with quality products and services!.

The best host, as if you were at home

What many customers value most is a restaurant that ultimately can enjoy it with the same confidence and autonomy that if you did that celebration in your own home. That's what most enhance this small corner of Elche, because they can not only prepare a catering to carry office, a congress or any celebration.

If you can not find a better space, they have an own room for events in which to celebrate or present that project that you want everything to be perfect, with all the services you need, from good audiovisual kit to a la carte service.

We love our allies to find among professionals who care so carefully their service to our meats are the star of those events that are made with such dedication and detail. Thus, If you are around or you'll spend a few days there, We invite you to try and especially, Let us tell you!.