Online Training Week for Restaurants

Online training week for restaurants organized by Grupo Scorching

Of the 25 al 29 of January of 2021

This Scorching year begins the year with force, celebrating its Convention and Annual Training Days 2021 online for more than 250 restaurants from all over Spain.

Monday 25 of January of 10:00 a 12:00 h

VI National Scorching Recipe Contest

Live connection with restaurants, the 5 finalists cook and present their recipe to the four members of the Jury, with the corresponding security measures. Connection with Zoom platform for interaction with all invited restaurants attending the contest and broadcast live on different digital TV channels. Live broadcast on Scorching YouTube channel click here to see the contest and the tribute to Placido Nuñez.

Presented to the Jury by M. Carmen Ramirez Camino, founding partner of Abrasador and director of R&D and Quality of the Group. And coordinated in the kitchen by Carlos Torres, Advisory chef of the Scorching Group in their Scorching restaurant El Capricho de los Torres, Villacañas, Toledo.

Recipe contest

VI Scorching Recipe Contest

To view the Contest Click here

If you have not seen or connected live, You can subscribe to the Scorching Channel and see each of the training presentations they have made throughout the week Scorching Youtube channel and here you have them hanging.

We are pleased to have Dani Sousa, as Technical Director of the event, for the live connection of the Contest, so we will also broadcast live through your canal de Twitch

Daniel Sousa

Dani Sousa Content Creator for television, internet and digital platforms

Monday 25 of January of 12,30 a 13,30

Love and Passion for Hospitality

Presentation by Enrique Perez, Chef and owner of the Hotel Restaurante El Doncel in Sigüenza (Guadalajara) a Michelin Star.

To see the presentation click here

Enrique Perez Michelin Star of Sigüenza

Enrique Perez in Scorching Training Days


Tuesday 26 of January of 10:00 a 12:00 h

Marketing for you Restaurants: Digital Objectives

By Diego Coquillat, Teacher, consultant and international speaker and owner of the digital newspaper and

To be able to see the presentation click here

Time of formation of Diego Coquillat

Training Diego Coquillat

Wednesday 27 of January of 10:00 a 12:00 h

Hospitality Management. Dashboard to review and manage your restaurant with data

By Nico Ayela, General Director of APS Hostelería, Restoration professor and speaker.

To see the presentation click here

Nico Ayela in Scorching

Nico Ayela in a presentation organized by Gastrouni

Thursday 28 of January of 10:00 a 12:00 h

“Be the owner of your life” Motivational presentation for the hospitality industry

By Carlos Torres Santos, Executive chef and owner of Scorching Restaurant El Capricho de los Torres and Los Jardines de Palacio, Advisory Chef and trainer of the Scorching Group, Master in Personal Development of the Institute of Positive Thought and Member of the executive committee of the Spanish Professional Cuisine Selection.

To see this presentation click here

Carlos Torres chef speaker at the second technical time scorching 2019

Chef Carlos Torres paper

Friday 29 of January of 10:00 a 12:00 h

“Success stories related to Spanish Gastronomy”

Directed and Moderated by Julio Ramirez with ten successful Restaurants.

To see this presentation click here

Julio Ramirez presenting the conference

Julio Ramirez presenting the Scorching Day

Scorching II Technical Conference 2019

Scorching group brings together more than one hundred restaurants in the II Technical Conference 2019 held in Córdoba, and in which the formation and the kitchen were the stars.

The day began with a welcome and breakfast for attendees, before beginning training day, and the stage were chosen facilities CZECH (Confederation of Employers of Córdoba).

The first presentation was given by Eva Ballarín international speaker Horeca sector, and director of HIP, with his paper AGAINST (Moment Of Truth). With three strategic points of Marketing for restaurants:

Living Marketing: The sweet story of Rosa, pastry

Charter Marketing: 109 second chance

Marketing Team: Example Paco, the seller waiter

Eva Ballarín speaker in II Technical Conference Abrasador
Eva papers Ballarín

Then we had the presentation of Diego Coquillat, one of the highest regard internationally Digital Marketing for restaurants. He told us where the most relevant data for decades so far of digital development at restaurants, and where we provided an analysis of how the group gets thousands of reservations Scorching restaurants through its digital platforms… 'Scorching at the forefront of digital’

Diego Coquillat rapporteur of the scorching II Technical Conference 2019
Presentation by Diego Coquillat

The last presentation gave our chef advisor Carlos Torres. A paper made from the heart, on 'How to Cook Your Interior’. Giving all attendees the recipe for happiness and ingredients needed to cook.

Carlos Torres chef speaker at the second technical time scorching 2019
Chef Carlos Torres paper

After a break in which attendees could enjoy our corner of Iberian ham hand cut, and drink wine 86400 or one Captain craft beer, We had a round table spoke of the need for a solid foundation legs in a restaurant: Management, Heart and Technology. And finally the veterinarian and rancher family, He spoke of the major challenges for livestock and the keys to a good care of the planet by farmers. He also spoke ember system approved by the group Scorching restaurants eco-grilled coconut shell charcoal, to avoid the need to cut down trees and thus contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Scorching corner of Iberian ham
Iberian ham corner and tasting ales and wine
Roundtable second technical conference Abrasador
Round table

And at the end, It took place Scorching recognitions Awards and delivery of a certificate of attendance for all restaurants present.

The day passed later in the Restaurant Celia Jimenez, where cordobesa chef prepared as host for all attendees two exquisite caps: "Melon with Iberian ham secret" Y "Spicy beef stew with pineapple, mango and orange ". With three other caps prepared by chefs in restaurants associated group Abrasador:

• Mariola Hervas of Scorching restaurant El Raco de Mama Lola Elche, with the cap "Cochinita Pibil Ibérica".

• Pepa Canovas del Restaurant Scorching Canovas of Murcia, a cap "Ferrero Rocher Trampantojo own parenting"

• And finally Mamen Gálvez Restaurant Scorching cinnamon and lemon Consuegra (Toledo) a cap "Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures ".

And as, the food could not end otherwise…With tasting 4 Anoja cuts of beef and Iberian pork made in the corner of the Scorching grilled group.

Scorching melon with Iberian pork ham
Melon with Iberian ham secret
Scorching beef stew
Spiced beef stew with pineapple, orange and mango.
Scorching Iberian roasted suckling pig
Iberian roasted suckling pig
Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures Abrasador
Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures
Cuts of meat grilled Abrasador
Scorching corner of ember

We thank all attendees participating in this II Technical Conference Abrasador 2019. We leave you with a video that summarizes what lived in this day….

Spain All restaurants in Abrasador Training Day

The grilled meat were the protagonists of our I Technical Conference Abrasador the is 2019, and we had the opportunity to celebrate in the restaurant "El Meson de Fuencarral" in Madrid

An intense day of training for all restaurants associated with the brand, which began with the "Cooking Show" Chef Carlos Torres, showing new dishes created for charter changes this season.

Scorching advisor Chef Carlos Torres Group
Carlos Torres, Scorching Group consultant chef
Emplatando the new Caesar salad with crispy veal
Scorching new dishes presentation 2019
Scorching new dishes presentation

Then we had the presentation of the reservation book itself, along with the application itself we already had created some time ago for Scorching restaurants. Both it supposed to restaurants associated significant savings in reserve management, because they do not represent any cost, as if they do booking portals.

Presentation of the book itself Abrasador Group reservations
Book presentation own reserves

Later we had Ramon's paper God, founder Gastrocoaching Ceo restaurant and where this technical conference was held, Meson de Fuencarral. Ramon gave a masterclass "Management and control of your restaurant" for all attendees.

Scorching Group training with Ramon God
Presentation by Ramon God

Taking advantage midmorning and the "brunch", We show different "corner", like ember, Iberian and covers events, with our signature format. Accompanied this time of craft beers brewed for Scorching and wines from winery Rejadorada, with some of the broths chain homologated to accompany grilled meat Abrasador

“Brunch” Burning
Scorching corner of Iberian
Scorching corner of Iberian
Scorching corner of ember
Scorching corner of ember

A little later on the terrace of Meson de Fuencarral, Chef Carlos Torres gave a workshop on Brasa and very interesting and useful for all, They ended with Show Cooking – Grill and presenting the most famous courts in the world that are served from the Scorching Group.

Show-Cooking with Chef Carlos Torres Scorching meat
Carlos Torres during the Show-Cooking Brasa
Scorching piece of grilled meat
First piece made grilled during the Show-Cooking
Scorching tomahawk grilled veal
“Tomahawk beef grilled”

And to finish the morning we had the presence of three prestigious Chef, they presented and told some of the secrets of success in their restaurants. Celia Jimenez of Restaurants Celia Jimenez, sand Bar Y Restaurant Avio de Córdoba, Pep Romany of Sec point de Denia (Alicante) Y Antonio Sánchez Restaurante Corral del Rey Trujillo (Cáceres).

Celia Jimenez in his speech to Abrasador Group
The chef Celia Jiménez in his paper
Pep Romany Pont Sec restaurant during his presentation to Abrasador Group
Pep Romany (Sec point) in his paper
Atonio Sanchez Corral del Rey restaurant during his speech to Abrasador Group
Antonio Sánchez (Corral del Rey) in his paper

As usual and to top end, Scorching Group since we wanted to acknowledge the "Top 10" of chain restaurants, and ending with a spectacular meal consisted of tasting dishes made 10 hands Humberto Martin The burning fireplace Turleque, and winner of the award for best Scorching recipe 2018. Javier Donaire Scorching El Mirador de la Mancha, Carlos Torres Scorching El Capricho de los Torres, Ramón God Meson de Fuencarral and Brasa corner for Abrasador 124 diners who tested four of the best cuts of veal and Iberian pork Anoja the group breeding farms their farms and Extremadura and Toledo Menasalbas.

Living food I Technical Conference Abrasador 2019
Living food I Technical Conference Abrasador 2019
Poke beef Anoja by Carlos Torres
“piglet Beijing” First prize 2018 for Restaurante La Chimenea de Turleque
Tartar for all Abrasador
Tartar for all developed by Javier Donaire

At lunch we were very well accompanied by three good friends, as they are Alejandro Vesga, director Entrepreneur magazine, Raul Andres and Daniel Manzano program Factory of Ideas of Spanish Television. At three we wanted to deliver recognition for their important journalistic work.

Scorching recognition Alejandro Vesga Group Entrepreneur Magazine
Julio Ramirez with Alejandro Vesga
Scorching Recognition Group Ideas Factory TVE
Julio Ramirez with Raul Andres and Daniel Manzano

First Technical Day 2019

Monday the 11 February in El Meson de Fuencarral, Madrid

Photo last Scorching Technical Conference in Villacañas, Toledo
Scorching Technical Conference on the whim of Torres Villacañas, Toledo

The next day 11 February the Scorching group I will celebrate its Technical Training day for the restaurant are attached to this chain. This time they will in the Meson de Fuencarral Restaurant, of which he is CEO Ramon God, one of his advisers and trainers group in the management area restaurants, Besides being one of the best meats customers own breeding herds that the Group has in Extremadura and Toledo.

In the Technical Seminars conducted by the Scorching group, have different speakers first national and international level as Ramón God, as well as advisers and collaborators Chef chain as Carlos Torres which in turn is associated and has one of its family restaurants associated with the chain Abrasador.

Ramón time of presentation at Fiesta Scorching God 2018
Ramón God during his speech for Restaurants chain associated with Abrasador

At this conference they are invited 30 restaurants associated with the network at present and other 114 Scorching restaurants Group customers. Of which, some of them who have been at least six months as customers Scorching meat, Once both sides are well known and consolidated its good relationship as companions, They have decided to join the network and have exclusivity in your town or city with these meats own parenting and those who choose innovative cuts or propose.

Searing party group photo 2018
Scorching Party group photo 2018

They enjoy a day full of learning, where among other speakers with:

Chef Carlos Torres will offer a workshop on and Embers tasting of the latest cuts, Ramón God who will give the closing of a six-month training with the group on the management and control of your restaurant, and finally will count with the participation of 3 Chefs fellow big success different restaurants, we will talk about how to achieve the perfect balance in our Restaurant: Celia Jimenez, Chef and owner of Celia Jimenez and Avio Restaurants Cordoba, Antonio Sanchez of Restaurante El Corral del Rey Trujillo, Cáceres, Pepe Restaurant Romany Pont Sec Denia, Alicante. And for food have a kitchen 8 hands, with Chef Jose Manuel Godoy and his kitchen team Meson de Fuencarral Ramon God, Humberto García (1º Prize contest Cortes 2018), Carlos Torres Chef restaurant El Capricho de los Torres and Javier Donaire, Chef of the restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha.

To give you an idea of ​​how these days we leave a video
Scorching Video Technical Conference in June 2018

Do not miss out and book your place by calling 647 22 13 93 (Alvaro) o al 630 89 35 22 (July)