scorching Toledo, grilled meats, caps and more

Can you imagine a place to make a toast Iberian beef with thai room, a lid of sticky rice Iberian with mushrooms or flute of ham for breakfast? Now you can already do in the new Scorching Toledo.

After a comprehensive reform, in mid-September, He opened the new premises inspired by the essence of po, but modern, industrial touches divided into different spaces and environments. More of 200 people tried, this week, his new letter was presented to the public at an opening party.

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At the entrance and upper restaurant we can find high iron tables with wooden stools recycled colors, like the walls they are also recycled pallets. further, We can enjoy coffee or tea on a wooden bench around a table located turquoise with beanbags and cushions of natural materials like raffia.

Everything is next to a new wrought iron bar in which we see every day that we can combine different breakfasts, from the Iberian flute with coffee and juice to yogurt with cereal with fruit, Vegetable wraps and breads with ham. On the bottom, the dining room with seating for 45 people transports us to a courtyard of a farmhouse, with brightly colored knee-deep tables and chairs different. A space surrounded by windows that allows us to enjoy the best veal and Iberian, classical burning barbecue or new tops, tostas and montaditos.

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new letter

And is that the new cuisine of Toledo Scorching has grown over the previous letter. Now we can find tapas for less than 6 euros as potato fritters with bacon and mojo verde sauce, sticky rice with mushrooms Iberian, tostas like beef and vegetables with thai sauce, salads such as marzipan and orange with ham and honey mustard vinaigrette.


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New options on the menu to eat in Abrasador Toledo at any time of day and with good prices. Definitely, not lacking, Brand historic dishes as Iberian tables, cheese, grilled meat, steak and beef tenderloin or grilled Iberian pork, among others.

“We have renovated because we did not want to stay stuck in the past and wanted to give it a more modern and youthful touch to the restaurant, with a more extensive menu, with lids, montaditos, salads, burgers…all joined our essence of grilled field, with our Iberian ham and meat from our own breeding always”, He explained Mari Carmen Ramirez, restaurant manager.

“-HA we continued- that at any time of day the person entering our Restobar to enjoy a beautiful and inspiring environment, dishes of good quality and at very good prices tailored to different times, dinner menu, tapas with friends, celebrating a birthday, a drink after work on a Friday or coffee with friends and children on Saturday”.

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Brunch, weekends

Scorching Toledo also offer extensive weekends with brunch. On Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy 12 a 14:30 this gastronomic mode including breakfast items such as juice, cakes or toast and coffee, as well as savory dishes and meals themselves. further, You will have a special price for children.

Hours snacks also have their role in the new restaurant because now every day you can choose a piece of different pies stored in its wooden cabinet like Red Velvet, Carrot Cake or the Chocolate Classic, among other.

Children space

By last, the smallest of the house also have their place in Abrasador Toledo because it has been created next to a children's indoor dining room where they can play and have fun.