Joining the Scorching Restaurant Group helps increase between a 30% and a 50% the reserves.

Burning Mission, by Mª Carmen Ramírez

Mission: Improve the diet with own-aged products through the hospitality industry

M. Carmen Ramirez, Founding partner of Grupo Abrasador and head of R&D and Quality, tells us that, write and reflect on a paper or document what is The mission and the values ​​that define a company is the most difficult part to develop in a business, from your point of view.

After 10 years of experience as entrepreneurs, and having created the Scorching brand and more than 15 restaurants in franchise format nationwide, M Carmen details us how together with her brothers Julio and Esperanza, They decided to stop along the way to train and be able to successfully overcome that difficult turning point that all small businesses have when they start. And it was in that period, during the development of the MBA master's degree project that Julio and Mari Carmen carried out together and the Financial Control and Management project that Esperanza developed, as head of administration, where seeing the mandatory roadmap for any successful business,  they realized, that they had something undefined, They had set up a company, but the most important thing was clear, the Mission of said company.

The three partners met with their family and carefully analyzed what they knew how to do well and with it what they could contribute to the Society as a company, and from there Scorching Mission: Improve the diet of people with own-raised meats through the hospitality and online store.

And with this clear Mission, Mari Carmen intends to increase her knowledge by studying Nutrition, in order to provide more professionalism to your area and the company. Today R&D Director and nutritionist,  With this professional versatility I cannot ignore asking you some questions to satisfy my curiosity.:

The first thing I wonder is, Businesswoman, Nutricionist,  running the restaurant in all its levels during añthe, ¿Cwe quis you feel mons identified?

I consider myself privileged to contribute to gastronomy with the vision of an expert in nutrition,  have advised clients of the best options to eat according to their lifestyle and have applied it to the products we develop, this to be able to make it compatible with my daily responsibilities as a businesswoman, mainly in the development of products in our exclusive transformation center of Scorching.

Afteriss from so many toñthe, ¿de quis you feel mons lucky?

I am grateful to have found the formula to bring innovation to a product as traditional and common as meat. Getting introduce cuts and new textures each year.

And currently we are very lucky to have incorporated for product development, to Carlos Torres, our consulting chef, creator of many of the novel elaborations and recipes that the brand is contributing to gastronomy through restaurants, complemented by online sales. Being one of the most advantageous things in recent years,  to be able to count on the collaboration of our travel companions, the great chefs associated and joined to our group, who work with our brand in their own restaurants providing novelties to our own grilled meats.

And on the other hand, having our little brother Alfonso as a Veterinarian and Rancher to be able to improve our own breeding from the field day by day.

Then I'll tell you about our specialty and some of our new pieces , cuts and recipes,  we will also remember some of our classics

And with this profile in your professional career, ¿cfromHow do you see yourself in the prfromwe go toñthe?

Strengthening and supporting our brand in such a rigorous quality process that we have developed over the years for our products.

Developed by the hand of Carlos Torres our associate chef,  the new fifth-range products, ready to regenerate and serve. He has given a very important push to develop products with a little more elaboration using vacuum technology and low temperature roasts..

You having before me a nutrition expert I will not miss the chance to give me some tips ¿Cfromhow to take care of my dietfromn eating inside and outside the home?:

-Choose well the place where to shop for food and consume in restaurants, taking into account that I work with a good raw material to make sure your diet provide the necessary nutrients and quality.

-Ask the advisors, commercials and waiters on the elaborationon of the products and the plate what are you going to enjoy, This influences both the calories and the nutritional value of the dish.

-always try to Your menu is balanced as follows: at each meal includes a 50% HC slow absorption (present in whole grains, quinoa, vegetables, fruits, nuts, vegetables )20 % protein ( in pulses, albumen, meat and fish ) Y 30% fat, mostly cardiosaludables ( present in Iberian pork, blue fish, olive oil, avocado, nuts). Daily physical activity helps achieve a balance between Kcal you eat and burn.

¿CfromHow is it possible to fulfill the Missionfromn in the restaurant?

The objective is to maintain the nutritional balance of the dishes in their preparation through the raw material and the use of heart-healthy fats in the cooked and in the manufactured products, so we fulfill our mission as a brand.

I will highlight keys to get this in the kitchen:

-Using the least amount of oils and fats. I emphasize how difficult it is to find a kitchen team that shares these values. For example a piece of veal from 100 gr containing between 5 and 18 gr of fat depending on the origin of the cut, of which a part are also saturated but their content in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids is increasing thanks to the improvement in the diet and the way of life of the calves. In the case of the Iberian pig, more than 75% of their fats are heart-healthy.

-watch much firings for each piece, and differentiate between roasts, griddle, ember, etc… depending on the characteristics of the cut and of course avoid the fried ones whenever possible,  except in those preparations for which frying is the best option for the customer's palate.

– One of our safest bets is to cook meat at carb emberfromn of ccoconut shell pressed, in addition to providing a lot of flavor and speed in cooking without losing nutritional properties product and preserves the juiciness of the original product.

Using this carbon and no other, we contribute to environmental sustainability, In addition to obtaining greater health in the workplace, because it gives off less waste.

Our side dishes with baked potato and vegetables They help maintain a balance between macro and micro nutrients.

-Reduce as much as possible in stews using flour and refined sugars, preferably using brown sugar cane and natural sweeteners ( as Stevia leaf). This improves digestion and promotes, thus improving customer satisfaction.

¿In quis Scorching moment bet on Pig Ibisrico?

Make 25 years it was decided to incorporate in the field the own breeding of the Iberian Pig, a success because this gives us the possibility of offering tastier meat in our menu, tender and high in healthy fats. Always moving towards the Mission of Improving nutrition through Self-breeding.

Before you left me with honey on the lips talking about some of the most innovative brand cuts Abrasador, I could talk about any of them:

Yes of course,

Tournedó of Iberian loin and Iberian head: With natural marinades without additives, nor preservatives. A product that is usually considered processed by the manufacturing process in the market, In Scorching we convert it so that it does not fall within the processed thanks to the incorporation, only, natural spices and extra virgin olive oil and rice vinegar

He Iberian pork tournedos
Iberian tournedo, one of Scorching's star dishes

Anoja beef tataki: with a very refined cut of a rectangle of 150 g very tender, low-fat meat, Carlos incorporates the ingredients to marinate this meat and use a classic of Japanese cuisine with one of our most precious cuts

Anoj beef tatakia

Veal luff: we rescue the typical traditional orza and prepare it with beef and natural spices and virgin olive oil. We apply slow vacuum cooking and laminate very thinly. Served with a pistachio ali oli, it is the most appetizing starter on the restaurant menu Scorching for 2020

Veal luff with pistachio aioli

Pickled beef: We pickle the veal and apply slow vacuum cooking. We use it in this very special salad.

Magret de ternera  Juicy cut following the last ribeye and only obtained in each half calf 5 pieces of 0,300 gr. It is a very lean meat cut with some collagen and a little fat marbling, elaborating on charcoal grilled organic coconut shell, a little more than point you get a unique taste of beef.

Veal magret
Veal magret

Veal medallion amielado. It is a desired part, its value is exceptional, the touch of honey, mustard and curry with more stuff…, enhances its flavor and tender.

Veal medallion amielado

Iberian pork sirloin flavored Mount (soft traditional adobo) This is a loin cut bone, with 285 gr meat, cutting and perfecting his form, It presents to 3 cm thick. Its flavor and make their presence always want to repeat.

Sirloin Iberian flavor Monte
Scorching Sirloin Iberian pork flavored with mountain

And of course we have the highly demanded and more traditional national and international courts such as the ribeye, the Tomahowk, the T-Bone, Iberian ribs, Iberian dam, etc and specific cuts for the already famous Grilled meat grills.

Tips for reopening restaurants through confinement de-escalation phases

The hospitality sector has been one of the most punished after the coronavirus crisis, COVID-19, and that is why trends, changes in customer consumption and new work tools are key to minimizing the economic impact that restaurants and hotel establishments have suffered. Being one of the last businesses to start, bars and restaurants they must prepare to face an uncertain future. The four phases of de-escalation for the hospitality industry to return to normality are the following, as long as the conditions are met to move to the next phase.

De-escalation phases for the hospitality industry

Phase 0: The phase 0, which extends from 4 al 10 of May, is the “preparation for de-escalation”. It allows the opening of restaurants and cafes with delivery to go, but without consumption in the premises. In fact, at Abrasador we have made this possible, taking our products to your location. You can see the letter and request the product you want to have it in 24 hours.

Phase 1: 11 al 24 of May. As long as the conditions are in place to move to this de-escalation phase;, the opening of terraces is allowed, limiting to 50% of tables allowed in previous years, according to your municipal license, and ensuring social distancing.

If the city council of each community and municipality allowed the expansion of the space, the bars, restaurants and cafes could have more tables, respecting the tables / facade ratio of the 50% and with a proportional increase in the pedestrian space on the same stretch of public road. Likewise, meetings are authorized on the terraces of the hotel and restaurant establishments of up to a maximum of ten people per table or group of tables. In this phase, the influx of customers into the premises is totally prohibited.

PHASE 2: 25 May to 7 of June. In the intermediate phase, the hospitality industry will be able to start serving both indoor and outdoor tables, as long as the separation between clients is respected. The capacity will be limited to one third inside and one 50% on the terraces. Consumption should be done sitting. The takeaway service will continue to be active.

PHASE 3: 8 al 21 of June. It is the last phase, prior to total deconfusion, if coronavirus cases continue to decline. In the hospitality industry, locals may extend their capacity to a 50% of your ability, both indoors and on the terraces, guaranteeing the separation between customers. The bars begin to take shape and customers are allowed to stand while keeping the minimum separation of 2 meters.

The terraces will be limited to one 50% the number of tables allowed in previous years, depending on your municipal license. The increase of tables will be possible, with prior authorization from each council and always respecting the proportion of the 50 percent.

Tips for reopening your restaurant after Covid-19
Tips for reopening your restaurant after Covid-19

Tips to consider

These are some of the tips to follow and new trends so that your restaurant adapts in the best possible way to the future after the coronavirus crisis, and reduce the times of economic crisis in your business until you reach the expected numbers.

Demanding customers. This crisis has caused people to have a high and normal demand for food safety. That is why we must give total confidence and transparency to customers by restaurateurs.. We have transformed our mentality from seeing the West strangely to everyday. Masks and gloves have become necessary material. Food security will be one of the most important factors to work and take care of, since it will be one of the main examinations of our clients.

Cleaning the property is essential to maintain the disinfection of the restaurant
Cleaning the property is essential to maintain the disinfection of the restaurant

Disinfection of your premises. Make it very clear to customers both in person and on social networks that your location is free from any possible infection or contagion. further, your employees should be the first to lead by example with sanitary masks and gloves. Offer cutlery to your sterilized customers, as it happens in dental clinics, is another of the measures adopted by your business.

Adapt to new needs and social context. The reopening of our business, which will be one of the last to open given its social environment, it seems complicated, but also for our clients who will also have suffered this economic paralysis. A) Yes, we must adjust our menu and optimize our gastronomic proposal, for example, to reach the unemployed or retirees who will continue to have the same economic status. You can order from our App and pay, also, to increase prevention measures.

From our application, you can pay to increase prevention measures against Covid-19
From our application you can pay and place orders to increase prevention measures against Covid-19

Help our favorite restaurant. There are many and varied hotel actions that restaurants are launching. But how can I help my favorite restaurant? Covermanager, company dedicated to creating, sell and manage digital reservations for catering, has launched a successful campaign with the hashtag yoregalocuarencena. This movement consists in giving or buying gift cards to support them in this state of alarm and so motivated workers come out to give you the best possible and economic dinner at the reopening of your favorite place.

One of the Abrasador Group initiatives for its restaurants and customers
One of the Abrasador Group initiatives for its restaurants and customers

Business profitability. Controlling the stock of our warehouse is always one of the key points for taking accounts. It's time to do a detailed inventory, to know in detail how many products we have in order to carry out targeted and suggested sales actions for these possible surpluses. Information with tools such as POS terminals can greatly help us to place orders and avoid unnecessary accumulation and replace more profitable alternatives.

Bet more on social networks. Internet and social media consumption has grown exponentially during these months. Customer service in networks has become one more service of the restaurant to give confidence and repercussion to your restaurant. Give quality content, possibility of digital reservations or changes to new menus has become information of interest to the client. Offering the possibility of choosing your menu or the dishes to offer is always to the client's taste. further, the customer increasingly adopts pre-booking attitudes such as viewing digital reviews and comments from customer experiences. Work to increase your image and reputation on networks.

That your business is visible on social networks is an increasingly powerful trend in the hospitality sector
That your business is visible on social networks is an increasingly powerful trend in the hospitality sector

Possibility of adding delivery in your business. Online orders have grown abysmally thanks to e-commerce. Delivery to the place of consumption can be an interesting alternative to add cheap injections to your business. Consider which dishes on your menu may be susceptible to it to give a safe return while maintaining the traditional model structure of our restaurant.

The delivery service (takeaway) becomes an interesting tool to reach customers
The delivery service (takeaway) becomes an interesting tool to reach customers

Maintain the essence of your business. If yours has always been to offer quality paellas or grilled meat, keep doing it. People visit you to return to offer the same quality. Fashions and trends come and go, evolve and change, but the client always looks for a place where honesty is transmitted in the kitchen, truth in the room and warmth in the space.

Listen to our team and get stronger. It has always been said that four eyes see more than two. It is very important to hear ideas and opinions from our employees who want to contribute. It is a way of giving the importance that our employees require and feeling an important part of the business. Internal communication must be an important ally in your business. Now more than ever.

Scorching II Technical Conference 2019

Scorching group brings together more than one hundred restaurants in the II Technical Conference 2019 held in Córdoba, and in which the formation and the kitchen were the stars.

The day began with a welcome and breakfast for attendees, before beginning training day, and the stage were chosen facilities CZECH (Confederation of Employers of Córdoba).

The first presentation was given by Eva Ballarín international speaker Horeca sector, and director of HIP, with his paper AGAINST (Moment Of Truth). With three strategic points of Marketing for restaurants:

Living Marketing: The sweet story of Rosa, pastry

Charter Marketing: 109 second chance

Marketing Team: Example Paco, the seller waiter

Eva Ballarín speaker in II Technical Conference Abrasador
Eva papers Ballarín

Then we had the presentation of Diego Coquillat, one of the highest regard internationally Digital Marketing for restaurants. He told us where the most relevant data for decades so far of digital development at restaurants, and where we provided an analysis of how the group gets thousands of reservations Scorching restaurants through its digital platforms… 'Scorching at the forefront of digital’

Diego Coquillat rapporteur of the scorching II Technical Conference 2019
Presentation by Diego Coquillat

The last presentation gave our chef advisor Carlos Torres. A paper made from the heart, on 'How to Cook Your Interior’. Giving all attendees the recipe for happiness and ingredients needed to cook.

Carlos Torres chef speaker at the second technical time scorching 2019
Chef Carlos Torres paper

After a break in which attendees could enjoy our corner of Iberian ham hand cut, and drink wine 86400 or one Captain craft beer, We had a round table spoke of the need for a solid foundation legs in a restaurant: Management, Heart and Technology. And finally the veterinarian and rancher family, He spoke of the major challenges for livestock and the keys to a good care of the planet by farmers. He also spoke ember system approved by the group Scorching restaurants eco-grilled coconut shell charcoal, to avoid the need to cut down trees and thus contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Scorching corner of Iberian ham
Iberian ham corner and tasting ales and wine
Roundtable second technical conference Abrasador
Round table

And at the end, It took place Scorching recognitions Awards and delivery of a certificate of attendance for all restaurants present.

The day passed later in the Restaurant Celia Jimenez, where cordobesa chef prepared as host for all attendees two exquisite caps: "Melon with Iberian ham secret" Y "Spicy beef stew with pineapple, mango and orange ". With three other caps prepared by chefs in restaurants associated group Abrasador:

• Mariola Hervas of Scorching restaurant El Raco de Mama Lola Elche, with the cap "Cochinita Pibil Ibérica".

• Pepa Canovas del Restaurant Scorching Canovas of Murcia, a cap "Ferrero Rocher Trampantojo own parenting"

• And finally Mamen Gálvez Restaurant Scorching cinnamon and lemon Consuegra (Toledo) a cap "Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures ".

And as, the food could not end otherwise…With tasting 4 Anoja cuts of beef and Iberian pork made in the corner of the Scorching grilled group.

Scorching melon with Iberian pork ham
Melon with Iberian ham secret
Scorching beef stew
Spiced beef stew with pineapple, orange and mango.
Scorching Iberian roasted suckling pig
Iberian roasted suckling pig
Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures Abrasador
Lardones Iberian, foie and apple in three textures
Cuts of meat grilled Abrasador
Scorching corner of ember

We thank all attendees participating in this II Technical Conference Abrasador 2019. We leave you with a video that summarizes what lived in this day….

Invitation to Open Days Abrasador

Restaurants grilled meat

Route to know the Finca and the Livestock farms own parenting. As well as Slaughterhouse Y Cutting room. Invitation to a Food-tasting in the restaurant Scorching Toledo to meet the supply and quality of the brand.guests: all candidates hospitality, interested in meats Scorching Group who have previously received the Information Dossier Abrasador.Documentation to be submitted to attendees: Price lists, Rates and escandallos, catalogs, Informative Dossier conditions, Order forms, Business Cards, etc. to begin marketing meats Country Grill Scorching group.Schedule: of 10:00 h a 17,30 hours.

Thursday 21 October 2021 (full)

Monday 25 October 2021 (remain 2 plazas)

Wednesday 3 November 2021 (remain 4 plazas)

Tuesday 9 November 2021 (remain 3 plazas)

Monday 15 November 2021 (free)

Monday 22 November 2021 Scorching Conference with Emilio Duro as Main Speaker (remain 12 free places)

Meeting point or Teeing: In Scorching of Avda. Europe, 8 Toledo to 10 hours

Note: Due to COVID, we can currently only make presentations with a maximum 2-4 people and the same restaurant. It is essential to contact the Central, to reserve seats on phones 647 22 13 93 O 630 89 35 22 or via e-mail, O . Contact persons: Julio Ramirez O Alvaro Martin.

First Technical Day 2019

Monday the 11 February in El Meson de Fuencarral, Madrid

Photo last Scorching Technical Conference in Villacañas, Toledo
Scorching Technical Conference on the whim of Torres Villacañas, Toledo

The next day 11 February the Scorching group I will celebrate its Technical Training day for the restaurant are attached to this chain. This time they will in the Meson de Fuencarral Restaurant, of which he is CEO Ramon God, one of his advisers and trainers group in the management area restaurants, Besides being one of the best meats customers own breeding herds that the Group has in Extremadura and Toledo.

In the Technical Seminars conducted by the Scorching group, have different speakers first national and international level as Ramón God, as well as advisers and collaborators Chef chain as Carlos Torres which in turn is associated and has one of its family restaurants associated with the chain Abrasador.

Ramón time of presentation at Fiesta Scorching God 2018
Ramón God during his speech for Restaurants chain associated with Abrasador

At this conference they are invited 30 restaurants associated with the network at present and other 114 Scorching restaurants Group customers. Of which, some of them who have been at least six months as customers Scorching meat, Once both sides are well known and consolidated its good relationship as companions, They have decided to join the network and have exclusivity in your town or city with these meats own parenting and those who choose innovative cuts or propose.

Searing party group photo 2018
Scorching Party group photo 2018

They enjoy a day full of learning, where among other speakers with:

Chef Carlos Torres will offer a workshop on and Embers tasting of the latest cuts, Ramón God who will give the closing of a six-month training with the group on the management and control of your restaurant, and finally will count with the participation of 3 Chefs fellow big success different restaurants, we will talk about how to achieve the perfect balance in our Restaurant: Celia Jimenez, Chef and owner of Celia Jimenez and Avio Restaurants Cordoba, Antonio Sanchez of Restaurante El Corral del Rey Trujillo, Cáceres, Pepe Restaurant Romany Pont Sec Denia, Alicante. And for food have a kitchen 8 hands, with Chef Jose Manuel Godoy and his kitchen team Meson de Fuencarral Ramon God, Humberto García (1º Prize contest Cortes 2018), Carlos Torres Chef restaurant El Capricho de los Torres and Javier Donaire, Chef of the restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha.

To give you an idea of ​​how these days we leave a video
Scorching Video Technical Conference in June 2018

Do not miss out and book your place by calling 647 22 13 93 (Alvaro) o al 630 89 35 22 (July)

Scorching party 2018