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Passion and teamwork

When we talk about a good experience in a restaurant many things and many details influence and one of the most important is that the team work part. In a restaurant we are all the same team and the part of the team that sells, must be equal to or more passionate than the part of the kitchen team that prepares and prepares it.

Carlos Torres, chef associated with the Abrasador group of restaurants gives us these workshops “Without Room there is no Kitchen” in the group's restaurants and there are some main clarifications that we mention below, with which he begins his training:

Are you passionate about your work? Does it make you feel fulfilled and good about yourself?. If that is not the case, you must look. Find what is your passion, train and focus your profession on what you are truly passionate about. Whether it's a restaurant, or take care of animals as a vet, or take care of people like doctor or nurse, etc.

Carlos Torres in Training Workshop
Chef Carlos Torres giving a Sin Sala no hay Cocina course

Working in a restaurant, like many of the great vocational professions, is a Life Proyect. It is a job that being based on giving unforgettable experiences to its clients, makes this reason be above the time we do it, since it is always in the leisure moments of the rest of the public. Therefore you must be very clear that you are passionate and that you want to do it with all your strength.

If on the contrary you are passing through this work, it is good that you are aware and that the time you are giving your best version of yourself to be able to advance successfully through this section of your professional ladder. If you don't like working weekends and you don't like working lunch and dinner hours, Better that you look for another job as soon as possible for which you would give everything and leave room for those passionate about hospitality and catering who dream of giving service with the best gastronomic experiences to their clients..

One of the clarifications we always make is that the kitchen makes you like food and the living room makes you come back. , that you are wanting to repeat. Think of a restaurant you are wanting to repeat, in one that you really like to go for that little bit of getaway with your partner or with your friends or your coworkers. It is surely a restaurant where one of the waiters responsible for the room that serve you, they have you hooked for their good service.

Good professionals differ because first they ask you to know your tastes and how they know their offer very well, they offer you advice and help you in your decision.

kitchen and living room equipment
Cordiality in the restaurant team


Define the people in charge of this task, may be one of the keys to success during service. There may be several people qualified for this in the team, the next step will be to establish a protocol to follow to do it all similarly. To carry out a good reception we can use different phrases of support:

  • Good morning / afternoon / evening
  • Welcome
  • How can I help you?
  • For lunch / dinner?
  • Do you have a reservation?
  • How many people are?
Burning Booking Book
Digital Book of Reservations for associated restaurants

Accompany and Offer:

  • Assign table in the digital book of reservations, or check which table has your reservation assigned, accompany her to customers, collect coats if the client accepts it and arrange them in the right place.
  • Remove chairs to the ladies if we have it in our established method
  • Offer appetizer (drinks): “they want or are going to have something while they choose… ”
  • Letter delivery by the client's right and one per person.
  • Deliver one or two wine list per table, according to number of diners.
  • Inform customers that if they download our App they add the points of their consumption today and get € 3 (300 points) welcome to discount on your next visits.

“Smile whenever you can and listen carefully”

To order:

  • Number on the order people (number of customers at table and table number).
  • Table map: It is the common technique that as a good professional we must use to know what each diner has requested., so we don't have to bother and ask the customer every time we bring something to the table, what is your plate, your coffee or your dessert. For meats it is essential. The mental drawing with numbering tells you where each diner is sitting, is placed clockwise from the 1 onwards. We always catch the diner in a corner with the reference, 1, the next one is two, then the three, and so on and when we command we put the number of the diner with his order if it is individual or to share if it is in the center.
Burning Commander in which to ask for customers' notes
Digital PDA command with Agora program indicating each diner so you don't have to ask again at the table

Tpv and Comanda Digital with Agora program for Abrasador Restaurants

The first commandment of the sale is the positive attitude

  • Order details: Specify to the kitchen if the entrees and main dishes are to share or individual and in the latter case the number of diners for which each dish is, dessert, drink coffee.
  • Always take the meat item: The meats that do not require this consultation,  are the stews and roasts at low temperature. The usual options are as follows:

Point (.)    point +(.+)      Point -(.-)      past (X)

The word period is usually written with the punctuation mark (.)

When they are unique dishes or individual dishes for each diner,  they are served at the same time. If the meat were to share, we have to mark the individual dish clean and change the place setting for each diner..

Interior meat made the point
This is the meat to the point in Burning

Service bread, appetizer and drink:

  • Serve the bread, previously having advised the client the types of bread and their intolerances to give the best service.
  • Put defined or prepared snacks for the day (It is recommended that the kitchen establish one or more snacks that can rotate throughout the month / week)
  • Offer and serve customer-requested drinks while choosing what to eat or asking for recommendation.

More details of the command:

  • Let's talk about wine and other drinks to accompany the dishes and make recommendations such as craft beers or products that improve the sale.
  • To eliminate the possibility of error, it is advisable to always repeat before leaving the table, what has been registered and thus confirm it with the client.
  • Pass the digital command to Kitchen with the PDA and the specific software and to avoid distortion we should not sing the command, although we must make sure that the command arrives properly.
  • Obligatory to write down by PDA everything they ask for additional. You already know that what is not pointed out is not charged, Then it is not sale and it will be missing in stock!

Communication is the fundamental tool for the team

Take Command in Burning
Oscar taking command with the PDA

Desserts and coffees: 

When to withdraw? Once the customer has deposited the cutlery together on the empty plate they are ready to remove (you must make sure asking).

Remove table items that will no longer be used as well as empty glasses, crumb dishes, bread baskets, etc and clean crumbs with crumbs if you are indicated in the processes.

If you want to get the client to leave with a good and complete gastronomic experience, don't ask if they want dessert,  take it for granted ,delivers the letter explaining that “our sweet meal time has come”, where we list the desserts,  highlighting one or two as spectacular, always naming some Chocolate, Brownie, ice cream, whet your appetite to finish with a sweet twist and increase sales.

“There is always a place for dessert”

And finally offer coffee, infusions and Gin Tonic, cocktails or spirits.

We define together service details:

There's a lot issues to be resolved according to the case of who sits at the table, a good waiter knows how to identify it :

  • What should we sell? First it is good to ask if they already know our offer and it is advisable to ask about some of their tastes in order to better advise them. It is essential to have previously found the identity of the point of sale to advise on dishes and products that we know are always successful..
  • When serving wine, Who do we give to taste the wine? To the person in charge of ordering the wine, please ask him or her or one of your colleagues to prove it to us. We must leave the cork next to the bottle so that the client can smell it and see certain nuances. And once you try it and give us your go-ahead, we serve the rest of diners.
  • Mark clamps with the starters in the center (spoon and fork).
  • Serve drinks before food arrives at the table and Fill empty glasses and offer to replace drinks.
  • Scatter on the table or when taking the dishes to the kitchen? Another aspect that we must define in our own protocol for each restaurant. Lift and remove dishes and cutlery once the entries are finished and mark a new dish if the seconds are shared and the same after the main dish before dessert.
waiter serving wine
Taste and serve wine to diners

Other things that we must define in the protocol of your restaurant:

  • Is it necessary to mark covered meat or fish?
  • How and when to order the kitchen run before ordering the finish? In the case of Abrasador meats with closed oven and ecological coconut coal with high calorific value, this is the moment when they throw the grilled meats (this indicates that we give 5-7 minutes for the plate to come out, especially when serving meats, it is crucial that they come out recent)
  • Is it advisable to offer more bread or wait for the customer to request it?
  • What to do when the customer is not satisfied with the product? Mark the emergency protocol to find out if we can offer another dish or similar product upon removal.

When delivering the invoice, ask about your satisfaction with our service and remind the client that if the App has been downloaded in order to get the welcome detail and add the points with the QR code of your invoice.

Especially if you liked the service a lot, please ask them to leave us their Digital Tip with their opinion on Google or any of the social networks.

Don't forget to say thank you by collecting the money and handing over the change along with a card from the establishment and making a friendly farewell.

A good Preservice is essential:

“Set up” it means put in place

In the kitchen everything is prepared to give a good service and inform the waiters of those products that we do not have or of the freshest and most recommended.

In the room have controlled all the details such as: Updated menus and menus or specific offers, clean uniforms,  prepared cutlery, change plates, sliced ​​bread and prepared bread baskets, POS POS and PDA charged batteries, lemons or other cut fruit for drinks, etc, everything you need to speed up the service.

“The kitchen makes the customer like a restaurant, the room makes the client repeat and bring more clients”

Who is the boss?


The first time anyone on the team approaches the table is necessary to greet "good morning, good night ”if the food has already started wishing you bon appetit.

Another important detail is not to discuss the client's claims if not we are sure of it. For example: He asks us for a drink and we bring him another by mistake or mistake, never discussed, you change.

Only one discussion is won by avoiding it

Passion and enthusiasm:

Hospitality is NOT just another job, quite the opposite, it's a lifestyle and it contributes things that other professions cannot contribute. that adds teamwork and rewarding work well done.

The process to get hooked on this philosophy is to use the possibilities of the attitude, You convey to clients and colleagues your way of being. people are ways of being and what really belongs to each of us.

Carlos Torres chef
Carlos Torres chef at the Burning Days

If you are fantastic you will do fantastic things

The team must share philosophy: 

The importance of training, the importance of communicating to the entire team the ideas, meetings with all staff, know yourself and the colleagues and what is each doing for the business.

Excellence at service:

  • Nice feeling in the premises.
  • Surprise the customer so they don't forget us.
  • Fast service relationship.
  • Good communication with the client and that it be in the same line as the client.
Carlos Torres chef at the Abrasador Technical Conference

Marketing digital:

We comment on some of the opinions of customers and learn with it what we must convey with our attention and give the keys to answer them and always manage these issues well..

“The restaurant door is no longer wooden, it's digital”
Diego Coquillat

Application and Digital Book of Reservations for your restaurant:

The APP Abrasador is the most modern loyalty tool, reservas on-line, orders from home and even in the establishment itself from the mobile, Payments with the mobile phone and sending promotions from the restaurant to all customers segmented by age, gender, number of visits, etc.

  • Loyal customers generate more income for more years.
  • The cost of maintaining current clients is lower than the cost of acquiring new clients.
  • There is a direct relationship between customer loyalty and a higher purchase value and the frequency of purchase is higher..
  • Cross selling, the loyal customer will be more inclined to the acquisition of new products developed by the company

Own digital booking book for each restaurant associated with the Abrasador group. Made by the leading digital provider in the Covermanager Restaurant market.

Searing app
Abrasador restaurant group app
app scorching
Burning Digital Application

Scorching Gastronomic Festival 2019

V national contest of cuts and Abrasador recipes

Food and genetic selection, challenges in the livestock sector.

livestock interview by the magazine Extremadura flow to Abrasador Group


  1. How arose Searing project, what objectives and volume has been reached regarding marketing of meat and nOmero restaurants?

When still we had my sisters 21 Y 19 years respectively, and me 23 years, My father sold a small farm in Herrera del Duque and with that money bought a store in Toledo, in one of the areas of further trade.

Padre Julio and Julio Son in Abrasador farm
Padre Julio, founder of livestock and Julio son, Scorching cofounder.

We decided to mount a café-restaurant with my mother and my sister Olivia, While we studied, creating a S.A.L (labor corporation with five partners). And we began to ask my father that we will select the best that he had to offer our customers in the menus of the day.

Following there began testing systems and testing ember which were the best cooked and 4 years later we set up a second restaurant specializing in grilled and, Asador Europe Young. And after the tremendous success we had, we decided two years creating the Scorching brand with an initial franchise project.

Cows in the field
Scorching cattle breeding own

As the franchise project did not work with inexperienced entrepreneurs hostelry. We saw that the project only worked with restaurants success They are incorporating our own parenting meat. And we created a business model of corner franchise brand to incorporate meat into successful restaurants and brand.

Currently we already 32 partner restaurants throughout Spain and other 114 Restaurants are customers and when carrying over a year value together, the possibility to incorporate them into the network of restaurants Abrasador. This year there are signed other 8 Restaurants are incorporated into the brand Burning. Which has its own application, your web, APP, its central reserves and is already more than 1.000.000 of loyal customers seeking Scorching meat restaurants to go eat a good grilled meat.

Billing 2018 as group restaurants is about 9.600.000,00 € more 1.520.000,00 € billing meat and products of own upbringing.

2. What Unlike the beef and That you furnish the Iberian frenyou to other?

Security have always selected the same quality without fluctuation prices throughout the year.

3. You have several ranches in CAceres and Badajoz. What kind of cattle is the that young in them, what number you have actualmente and how It has been vuestra experience in the field extremeño?

Primarily in cattle we breed cross Charolais and Limousin race, and Iberian crossing pure Iberian with Duroc Yersey. Currently our brothers number about 950 Life cows and a 2200 heads kept feeding.

Scorching cows at Finca de Caceres Torrejon del Rubio
Cows on the farm of Torrejon del Rubio (Cáceres)

Undoubtedly one of the best land in order to have gained extensive is Extremadura. His field is especially good for food and space for cows belly. Since we had 4 years, we were with our father in the truck, a Avia 3000 Extremadura in search of good cattle. Then we feed my people based on good grain and more nutrients to make a special meat that is what we serve in our restaurants.

And now we on the farms themselves with spaces to look carefully those selected cattle, we feed very carefully for one year, with shelter from rain and bad weather, with shadow without passing cold and stress. So we only need them to music and give them beer as they did once say Japanese.

Rearing farm Scorching Own Group
José María Ramírez road riding

4. From your point of view, ¿which are the main challenges raised the extensive livestock sector today?

We could say that the main challenges are:

1.- Feeding healthy cattle: For as they say, of what you eat are raised. Healthy eating is transmitted directly to the then we eat meat. To do this we must ensure that the lands do not chemical fertilizers used. We use only fertilizers natural and organic.

2.- Combating climate: Another challenge is the care of the planet to maintain an optimal climate in our lands, the spring and fall seasons again become large. Well now much are cut and there is further feed the cows for many months.

3.- Another important challenge is the selection genetics, to do a good choice for very prolific mothers, very dairy, rearing calves with high conversion rate, selection also ideal stallions, for good calves with high rate conversion and their meat marbling, marbled, with good texture, good flavor and good color.

4.- Another great challenge is get all the cows each livestock they can give birth so that they are primables and thus must be well groomed. Thus more competitive and productive beef space is achieved in the European Economic Community, It is giving us aid prductiva cow breeding to make this sustainable and profitable livestock profession in our country and in particular in this community.

5.- And finally the biggest challenge coil is to fight tuberculosis.Hunting habitat shares with cattle. And the hunt is carrying the bacteria Mycobacterium bovis that causes tuberculosis. It is a disease notifiable is a zoonosis and therefore are required to meet minimum health program in which annual tests are done or semester by province, and is a great struggle, because they leave many positive due to contact with hunting. Getting eradicate this disease we could say that would be the biggest challenge.

This question has been answered by my little brother, Alfonso Ramirez Camino, Veterinary and Livestock the group Abrasador.

Alfonso Ramirez with cattle
Alfonso, brand veterinarian and rancher in the same

5. The meat of extremeña beef It is of exceptional quality, thanks todo a la Dehesa, but maybe It is less known that the Galician name or the Ávila what le for lack mons known by the consumer?

The first thing you need is to have and inform the final consumer about the product. And the second is to establish methods to ensure customer homogeneity and price stability.

And we know that today in a market global, we have to be competitive crossings select the best genetics to achieve The best meat, sticking to the best of our traditions and improving everything in which we are not competitive.

Scorching cows on the farm in Badajoz
Scorching cows on the farm in Badajoz

But anyway I think to date, in Spain at least, we know that Dehesa de Extremadura is one of the best places in the world to have won in extensive.

6. In the latest yeathe, fresh meat of Iberian They have become very fashionable ¿Have you noticed it too you in demand for property hasecimiencough Hospitality?

In the year 1994 when we started our first restaurant, my sisters, my sister in law, my mother and I, my father came start raising Iberian pigs, Besides beef and learned from Extremadura, Guijuelo and Huelva. As of today we have an extraordinary quality, with which they are very happy all the associated restaurants Scorching brand and therefore those millions of customers throughout Spain that at some point have visited over 30 Scorching restaurants and more 115 Restaurants are also clients and our meats own parenting, although some of the latter have not yet grilled and so are customers but they are not associated with brand Abrasador.

From my point of view, the Iberian pig is not a fad but a tendenhere. Eat Healthy, Healthy food, fits perfectly with the Iberian pig, which has more than one 75% or put in place of the poly-unsaturated fats and that It makes it beneficial for food.

Our mission as a group is "Feeding Improve human being through through hospitality with meats own upbringing ", and why we choose to produce these two types of meats, beef and Iberian, they are for us and our customers the best for all we know. But we remain open to know, making and improve everything our partner restaurants will offer suing us the best grilled meat market.

Scorching culinary advice