Moors and Christians in El Campello

The Moors and Christians in the Alicante town of El Campello is a marked date for all alicantinos, because it is perceived as one of the most authentic celebrations of Valencia. This proclamation came as a remembrance of the stage of Muslim power in the Iberian Peninsula and the battles that were alternating power between Muslims and Christians. In this coastal town, as in almost all border towns with the sea these parties fighting Barbary pirates of centuries XV recalls, XVI or XVII.

photo of the Moors and Christians in El Campello (Alicante)

Moors and Christians in El Campello (Alicante)

The date of celebration proclaimed due to the fishing history of the fishing village. The day of the patron saint of El Campello, the Virgin of the Forsaken , season coincided with dates for sailors who were at sea. We had to find an alternative date, so it was decided that the festivities in honor of the patron would be held on 15 October, Santa Teresa Day, head of the municipal parish. El Campello streets were decorated with lanterns, and he had dances, music, parades and processions, there in 1976, which they were gradually leading to the Moors and Christians as we now know.

patron saint teresa el campello (alicante)

picture patron saint santa teresa el campello

The coincidence of the approaching day of Valencia (9 October) further lengthens the festive atmosphere in El Campello. Institutional and civic celebrations merge with festive events, creating a unique atmosphere that transports us to another time. Child Moor and Christian parade culminates with the staging at Castle festivities taking Valencia by King Jaume I, and then the civic procession accompanies the Valencian flag through the streets of El Campello. In one of the oldest streets of the town, Pal Street, couples dressed in their traditional costumes dance like yesteryear, WELCOMING the "handkerchief of St. Dionysius".

El Campello landing Moors and Christians fiestas El Campello

El Campello landing Moors and Christians fiestas

But the real kick start the festivities is marked by the lighting of artistic lighting and the opening night party 11 October. It's a long night, the hosts prepare their camp on the beach of the Mar carrer at the approach of the Moorish landing, which will produce at dawn 12 October.


The Moorish landing is the first act of the Moors and Christians, where the arrival of the Moorish armies is represented by the sea, in addition to their struggle on the beach with the Christian troops of El Campello who lose under the pressure of invaders coming from the sea and give rise to different acts of the parties.


Among the outstanding events of these festivals are the "alardos" and embassies front of the castle, and especially the colorful parades that fill the streets of the municipality of music and light (the main, in the afternoon 12 October). The day 15 religious acts occur in oven at Santa Teresa and the Virgin of the Helpless, to finish with the magnificent fireworks display.

photo Grana Restaurant located in El Campello (Alicante)

photo Grana Restaurant located in El Campello

During the festivities Restaurant Scorching Graná It is a perfect place to eat or stop at your holiday place. Rice, the searing meat and desserts are house specialties.