The cutting of Abrasador, passion for the product

Every day thousands of dishes are served with meat Scorching throughout Spain, in more than 40 Brand restaurants. So that the customer can enjoy the taste and quality of meat own parenting group there is a great team behind. Today we explain the work done in the cutting of Abrasador.


And it is that where it is kept and pampered pieces of meat arrive at the farm of Menasalbas, in Toledo. In the cutting work Esperanza Ramirez Camino, Production Manager, Rufino Alcántara Garrigós, Production manager and Rogelio Hernandez Morcillo. official, and two assistants. They are the first to receive meats and their daily work with franchisees cut and prepare the meat for shipment.

The passion for the product starts on breeding and then by the department that pampers all details. Scorching mission is "caring human food through hospitality" and thus the filleting, making preparations, preparation of cured products, packaging and preservation of the final product is critical.

in Scorching, All staff are highly qualified, something that ensures product homogeneity, cuts and weights of each of the pieces, processing conditions in each process step, controlling it completely. The quality control is very important for our company, and all its Iberian product certified Eurofins Food Analysis, RD fulfilling the standard 4/2014. And our beef product is certified by CERTICAR. The traceback process is assured and controlled.

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further, the R & D helps us improve each day, thinking of new products and new cuts in order to seek differentiation and optimization of each animal, as well as pieces with less fat to ensure a healthier diet.

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