Scorching menus Group

Scorching Group Christmas menus Las Lomas

Scorching Group Christmas menus Las Lomas

He arrived this time of year to share a table and tablecloth with coworkers, group of friends or family, to celebrate Christmas. For it, We have created these 5 menus so you can choose the one you like…





Christmas dinners. Business meals for Christmas

See what we have prepared menus for your dinner or business lunch!…

Christmas menus Scorching group

expected dates approach for many, to have the perfect excuse to get together with co-workers in traditional Company for Christmas dinner.

Since Burning We have prepared some Christmas menus especially care, to make your Christmas dinner or lunch an unforgettable moment this year, because we have the perfect ingredients ;-)…lbetter grilled meat….

Sure you have a Scorching restaurant very close to you to celebrate this business dinner you're both waiting.

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