Benefits of beef meat Abrasador

"We are what we eat". This so categorically summed up the health of a person philosopher and anthropologist Ludwid Feuerbach in his book "date teaching food" in 1850. For those dates, German and predicted that eating habits was the main external determinant of health status with physical activity and lifestyle.

In fact, proper nutrition has become one of the main concerns of human beings because there are many diseases that are directly related to our diet. Nowadays, the company has a large lagoon on the nutritional properties of food.

In the diet of anyone's beef is a key element in the food pyramid because they are high in vitamins and minerals vital for the body, as vitamin B12 or zinc and phosphorus, so experts recommend consumption three to four times a week. further, for people suffering from anemia is highly recommended for being rich in protein and minerals like zinc, potassium and iron.

Food Pyramid for a balanced diet

But what is the beef Anoja? The Anoja female calf beef is beef that has more than one year of life. It is a tender meat pinkness, due to feeding said animal, based mainly on grasses and cereals accompanied. However, the quality of the meat of an animal is exclusively linked to proper nutrition. In this case, We are talking about ruminant animals that need this type of food.

Scorching group has its own cutting room where they make the finest cuts of beef Anoja, and livestock, from their farms in Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura, It is self-rearing and household fully controlled both feeding and aspects of health and well being animals. From there, Anoja beef that is high quality and one of the best in Spain and might even say, Chef and cooks as many call, one of the best steaks in the world.

In Group Mission sealed in the veins carry the slogan "less is more" so they are totally in favor of eating fewer but higher quality meat. Gourmet opt ​​for fresh cuts, traditional and artisan cut and packaged form more naturally one by one without inert gases. And they are not supporters of processed and processed products in factories with additives and binders, as frankfurter type sausages are (German) and Mortadella and all that kind of processed foods and injected. So always bet, by eat less meat and balanced, but it fresh and higher nutritional quality.

One of cattle that has the Scorching Group

This beef is very easily digested and has a fresh taste, suave, tasty and juicy. It is multiple properties and benefits of consuming this meat, It should be consumed in moderation and in proportion recommended for a healthy diet.

We have to mention that the 50 % saturated fats such meat, son monoinsaturadas, which they are the type of fat that has olive oil, for example and other 13 % stearic acid is not influencing cholesterol elevation in blood. This type of meat contains a high content of sarcosine. This plays an important role in improving muscle, as it can supply energía.Una of the advantages of handling ourselves veal meat female Anoja, is that by not seeking performance, but quality on the plate, We can make clean cuts and fat containing only the fat marbling that is the most beneficial. Besides we do analysis of each piece and in our catalogs and website you can see the nutritional value of each cut to choose and properly advise our clients.

Scorching cutting room Group

This meat has a significant amount of protein that are very important for the feeling of satiety as needed to control weight and improve our energy reserves. The veal Anoja, also, It contains essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, Omega 3, antioxidants vitamin E and.

Benefits of eating beef meat Abrasador
Outline the benefits that eating beef quality Abrasador
Cutting pieces of beef
Cutting of different pieces of beef Anoja Abrasador

The Anoja beef is characterized as a lean meat with great nutritional power, since it has a high content of high quality protein and is rich in water. For this reason, is one of the first meat ingested can start in infancy, from the 6 O 7 months of life. Some 100 grams of beef bring to our body 21 grams protein, 77 grams of water, 2,8 grams of fat and 70 mg cholesterol, and it provides us with essential minerals to function properly, as iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc.

Scorching group offers numerous dishes and pieces of high-quality beef Anoja innovative and adapted to modern tastes of our customers courts.

Beef grilled
Scorching center Chuletón

In short, eating healthily is essential to keep the body in good condition and Abrasador Group handles that can be carried out with care and exhaustive control of their own meat and livestock breeding veterinary, cutting room and all facilities to be top quality and the consumer is the main beneficiary of it.

further, Scorching group It has a store where you can see all the pieces of meat cuts and raising Anoja own Veal and Iberian Pig, where all this nutritional information is detailed exhaustively.

Scorching online store Group
Scorching online store Group

How salt the grilled meat

After doneness, This is the other great debate that revolves around the world of flesh ..."How salt the grilled meat".

Sure you match us when we say that opinions are mixed, and do not know which one to. We as experts in beef and Iberian pork grilled, We will give our view on the relationship between salt, grilled meat and.

When we take the salt meat?

Scorching grilled meat
How salt the grilled meat

Add the sea salt once we give the first round, over the part and sealed, in good quantity because the meat will catch the salt you need. because if you put salt before cooking, a reaction in which the meat issuing the water contained therein is produced, and this is the main reason for not putting up that has not been sealed,to prevent lose succulence.

And in turn we can add something else while making ends. Once we removed, that fat is necessary to shake well and would be ready salt. But if we look great, add a few flakes of Maldon salt (the scales), but only to decorate. It is the best way to cook meat.

How much salt we miss?

Maldon salt for grilled meats
How much salt we miss?

Needless to say you spend with salt, not only make your flesh can not eat, but also be detrimental to your health. Assuming you already know this, We will not reveal any secrets if we say that the amount depends on the size of the piece. This at first glance may seem obvious, but it is not so much when we say that perhaps the appropriate amount would be between 5 Y 10 grams of salt per kilo of meat.

What kind of salt is best for grilled meat?

Different types of salt for grilled meat
Different types of salt

This is a frequent question we usually receive in our coal formations in partner restaurants.

There are different types of salt, which can enhance much the flavor of the meat, as can be the "pink Himalayan salt", "Red Hawaiian salt", the "flaked salt or Maldon" , among many others with different thicknesses. But as we said at the beginning, U.S for grilled meats Iberian pork and beef Anoja Abrasador, fat salt prefer when cooking, and then a touch of flaked salt or Maldon to present the dish.

We hope we have helped you, and despejarte doubt about How salt the grilled meat ....

First Technical Day 2019

Monday the 11 February in El Meson de Fuencarral, Madrid

Photo last Scorching Technical Conference in Villacañas, Toledo
Scorching Technical Conference on the whim of Torres Villacañas, Toledo

The next day 11 February the Scorching group I will celebrate its Technical Training day for the restaurant are attached to this chain. This time they will in the Meson de Fuencarral Restaurant, of which he is CEO Ramon God, one of his advisers and trainers group in the management area restaurants, Besides being one of the best meats customers own breeding herds that the Group has in Extremadura and Toledo.

In the Technical Seminars conducted by the Scorching group, have different speakers first national and international level as Ramón God, as well as advisers and collaborators Chef chain as Carlos Torres which in turn is associated and has one of its family restaurants associated with the chain Abrasador.

Ramón time of presentation at Fiesta Scorching God 2018
Ramón God during his speech for Restaurants chain associated with Abrasador

At this conference they are invited 30 restaurants associated with the network at present and other 114 Scorching restaurants Group customers. Of which, some of them who have been at least six months as customers Scorching meat, Once both sides are well known and consolidated its good relationship as companions, They have decided to join the network and have exclusivity in your town or city with these meats own parenting and those who choose innovative cuts or propose.

Searing party group photo 2018
Scorching Party group photo 2018

They enjoy a day full of learning, where among other speakers with:

Chef Carlos Torres will offer a workshop on and Embers tasting of the latest cuts, Ramón God who will give the closing of a six-month training with the group on the management and control of your restaurant, and finally will count with the participation of 3 Chefs fellow big success different restaurants, we will talk about how to achieve the perfect balance in our Restaurant: Celia Jimenez, Chef and owner of Celia Jimenez and Avio Restaurants Cordoba, Antonio Sanchez of Restaurante El Corral del Rey Trujillo, Cáceres, Pepe Restaurant Romany Pont Sec Denia, Alicante. And for food have a kitchen 8 hands, with Chef Jose Manuel Godoy and his kitchen team Meson de Fuencarral Ramon God, Humberto García (1º Prize contest Cortes 2018), Carlos Torres Chef restaurant El Capricho de los Torres and Javier Donaire, Chef of the restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha.

To give you an idea of ​​how these days we leave a video
Scorching Video Technical Conference in June 2018

Do not miss out and book your place by calling 647 22 13 93 (Alvaro) o al 630 89 35 22 (July)