Invitation to Open Days Abrasador

Restaurants grilled meat

Route to know theFinca and theLivestock farms own parenting. As well asSlaughterhouse YCutting room. Invitation to aFood-tasting in the restaurantScorching Toledo to meet the supply and quality of the brand.guests: all candidates hospitality, interested in meats Scorching Group who have previously received the Information Dossier Abrasador.Documentation to be submitted to attendees: Price lists, Rates and escandallos, catalogs, Informative Dossier conditions, Order forms, Business Cards, etc. to begin marketing meats Country Grill Scorching group.Schedule: of 10:00 h a 17,30 hours.

Monday 23 of March

Tuesday 24 of March

Wednesday 1 of April

Tuesday 14 of April

Monday 20 of April

Meeting point or Teeing: In Scorching of Avda. Europe, 8 Toledo to 10 hours

Note: it is essential to contact the Central, to reserve seats on phones 647 22 13 93 O 630 89 35 22 or via e-mail, . Contact persons: Julio Ramirez OAlvaro Martin.

Food pairing dinners with Abrasador

Full poster hanging in pairing dinners in Alicante


“Burning” She held last week in the province of Alicante,”Food pairing dinners”, hand some of the best Bodegueros groups Spain, Fisheries group and Freixenet:

scorching Graná Located on the beach” El Campello”, one of the best restaurants in the area, directed by Juanma Zurita, Sumellier and Restaurant Maître Jorge Zurita and his brother and partner as director and head chef. We highlight the delicious Steak Tartar and the secret of Iberian grilled.

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And Scorching “El Raco de Mama Lola” directed by Mariola Hervas in Elche, where we enjoyed with Freixenet of the best pieces of veal and Iberian Abrasador.

Scorching beef carpaccio Orube parenting

Both are associated with the mark Burning several years and hand them has managed to introduce Scorching quality meats Province Alicante with great success.

The first restaurant opened in the province of Alicante was the Scorching Butler, Also located in Elche, so currently there are four restaurants associated with this Abrasador brand in the province of Alicante.

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