Güejar-Sierra: Nature and gastronomy

To over 1000 meters, on the northwest slope of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, which it is part, and the unique mountain town of Güéjar Sierra sits with spectacular Embalse de Canales at his feet. Honda Muslim and converted inheritance in one of the leading natural tourism and active country.


High tops, streams and springs, archaeological sites and monuments hand with paths full of history and traditions are given a character.

Houses summits Veleta and the Mulhacén.

Also noteworthy is that in Güéjar Sierra are born Genil rivers, Guarnón Y Real, among others.

From this village so charmingly we can start to make various hiking trails each more impressive, from Guejar- Sierra following the indication of the “Vereda de la Estrella”. The route begins next to the Barranco de San Juan, where one of the stations of the old tram was. The path climbs gently between oaks, chestnuts and maples. A little later we will see, on a low wall at the roadside, a chestnut centennial known as “Grandpa”:

Brown centenary

When we take about an hour and a half route, inexperadamente the road turns south and offers magnificent views of the “Rope tresmiles”, highest peaks of Sierra Nevada:

snowy peaks

On the left is the peak Alcazaba (3364m) and right Mulhacen, what with 3478 m. It is the highest of the peninsula.

The path continues gentle climb to the Cortijo de la Probadora, remains of an old mining. From here the road on a steep slope curling another fifteen minutes to reach the old town of the Star Mine. A little later, We cross the bridge over the river Guarnón:

Rio Guarnon

The road follows the valley of the Real stream, passing near the mine Justice, and continuing another long way to the confluence of four gorges.

If we desired, We can complete the route with a visit to the nearby “Secret cave”, which it is an artificial shelter under a large rock

This beautiful route, It leads from the village of Guejar Sierra, until “secret cave”, in a beautiful way where we see the abundant native vegetation of the area, as well as huge maples,robles, chestnut trees and stunning views of the north faces of the Mulhacén, Alcazaba and Veleta.

In this village we can also enjoy its festivities in honor of San Roque in mid-August. And in the winter holiday is celebrated Asadura Matancera, with tasting asadura style and cooked to güejareño must Güéjar Sierra, which is celebrated the first day of February.

And in this place I hope in Scorching Las Lomas,
Ctra. Güéjar Sierra, km 6, 18160, Güéjar Sierra (Granada)

You can book by calling 652 33 24 10 or

11 Scorching new restaurants in a year…

We celebrate the opening 11 New restaurants Abrasador in a year

For a year the Scorching brand has been able to expand with 11 restaurants have joined the brand in 8 provinces of the Iberian Peninsula.

It is a pleasure for us to have this growth, and we do it in a playful way we present it as an excellent tourist and gastronomic route for each of the 11 Searing opened in the last year.

We started in November 2015 with Scorching The Ambigú in the historical center of Toledo a cozy family restaurant, and it allows us to stop before or after the visit to the City of Three Cultures.


In December we continue with Scorching Hotel Rural Sierra de Segura, Puente de Genave, Jaén. In the margin of the river Guadalimar (Cave San Blas), next to the north entrance of the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, limit Sierra Morena.


Without leaving we drove up in December Scorching Don Cactus belonging to Campingred which gives it its name, located beachfront in the Costa Tropical grenadine. Camping has said 1.100 plazas. It is a unique place in Europe where they grow tropical plants like avocado, chirimoya, mango, papaya, carambola, and traditional sugar cane for making their famous rum.


We said goodbye 2015 and we welcome 2016, more eager than ever to continue growing, and in March we moved to Valley Jerte to celebrate the inauguration Scorching Rio Jerte, restaurant belonging to Campingred Rio Jerte, I wanted to celebrate his 30 Scorching anniversary by joining the brand. Well it located in a unique natural enclave.

hot-jerte terrace

And because we like challenges within 15 days two new were opened Burning, one full Torrejon de Ardoz center, and you can enjoy since in the Madrid suburb of meats Crianza Own Beef and Iberian grilled in Scorching Al Lío.


Putting more shelter the next week we move to full Sierra de Albarracín, in Teruel to open in the town of Bronchales, Scorching The Corralizas. This restaurant located in The Campingred the Corralizas a 1727m altitude. Where we can enjoy nature in its purest form.


And how we love to have in the brand restaurants in places surrounded by nature attractions, in April we had the opportunity to go to Venta Del Moro, Valencia, at Natural Park of Cabriel Sickles, arranged to open Scorching Camping Roa.

roa burning camping

Arriving in May could enjoy another natural enclave par excellence, How are those Ruidera, where the inauguration took place Scorching Los Batanes. belonging to Campingred which gives it its name.


A small dot to reach the summer and very close to the capital opened in one of the closest campground Madrid to the capital. Just 15 min drive from the Plaza of Spain in Madrid, between Villaviciosa and Boadilla del Monte is inaugurated Scorching Rainbow, Located in the Campingred which gives it its name. A good place to disconnect, with private parking and playground to enjoy family.

blazing rainbow facade

Leaving the summer and replenishing forces, had an opening very close to where we are, Illescas (Toledo), where we opened scorching Capri. Being able to enjoy since meats Scorching in this town of Toledo.

Scorching Capri Illescas

And to finish the last year we have opened recently in scorching Zeppelin, in Torrelodones (Madrid).



already 2017 Scorching start with Altomira, in Castellón. Definitely, a busy year, but prepared to face a 2017 equal to or better…


Scorching Rainbow, grilled meat and nature just 15 minutes from Madrid

Own breeding meat and Iberian products Scorching group and can be enjoyed elsewhere in Madrid. This weekend the restaurant opened Scorching Rainbow, located in the camping that gives it its name, located only 15 minute drive from La Plaza of Spain in Madrid.

further, It is close to the Urbanization El Bosque and Las Lomas, a 2 kilometers of Boadilla and Villaviciosa, as well as the Monte Prince and Monte Alina. It only takes from the resort 8 minute and Móstoles 10 minutes to Alcorcón. An exceptional location to enjoy nature and the best grilled meat very close to the capital.

[fshow photosetid=72157668682974146]

“It has been a very special day, We had an amazing welcome and a perfect environment including an orchestra of more than Complutense University 30 musicians who have enlivened the opening of this new restaurant. With the, They are already 7 the restaurants in the chain Campingred trust us”, Julio Ramirez noted, CEO Abrasador.

Meanwhile, Fernando Ahijón, Campsite owner added that union with Scorching is a safe bet to offer added value of high quality. “The inauguration was a success, We have served more than 50 meals and 50 dinners throughout the day, In addition to tasting the opening which was attended by more than 250 people”.

Scorching Rainbow restaurant seats for 30 people at tables and bar 65 In the dining room, as well as 20 tables on the terrace. Has parking and easy access from Madrid by car and by bus.

Scorching Los Batanes, new opening in Ruidera

The Campingred Los Batanes, in Ruidera, now it has a new restaurant Abrasador. This weekend the inauguration was held with the attendance of more than 200 people. Clients camping, locals and friends of those responsible could try a tasting meats Scorching own breeding group and other dishes. After all attendees could enjoy an orchestra crowd with good music. And how could it be otherwise, Jesus Vitoria, responsible camping, that comes from musical family, He also sang some nice theme.

[fshow photosetid=72157667937494012]

“We always want to offer the best products to our customers and visitors camping Lagoons. Because, We have joined the group Abrasador. Their meats and Iberian products have great quality and flavor. From the mountains of Toledo to the water Lagoons. A fantastic combination that fill us with pride as entrepreneurs bet on companies in our region”, Jesus explained Vitoria, responsible for Batanes and president of Campingred, as well as the Camping Association of Castilla-La Mancha.

Meanwhile, Julio Ramirez, CEO Abrasador, He said that satisfaction is mutual. “We can not be happier to be present in Batanes, in our land. Since we began the journey with Campingred, They are already 7 campsites those who serve our steaks and amazing environments, where the beauty of nature traps us as is the case of Lagunas. We have had the opportunity to roam around and did not want to return. Must see”.

The Campingred Los Batanes is located in the heart of Ruidera, next to the Laguna Redondilla, the edge of the road that runs through the Natural Park. It is located in the municipality of Ossa de Montiel, Albacete, about 90 Km is. It is 2 hours of cities such as Madrid, Alicante, Valencia and Murcia.

With a rough surface 83.000 square meters accommodates 272 plots for caravans and tents, and bungalows 8 types. It also has more than 18.000 dedicated to one of the largest pools of Castilla la Mancha meters.

Opening soon in Villaviciosa

This May the chain will open withthe other network related Campingred. It will be the day 20 Villaviciosa de Odon, in Madrid, Campingred the restaurant Arco Iris. This will already be 8 campsites chain of Spanish meats have relied on own breeding group of Toledano.

Jerte Valley can now enjoy the taste of the best meat in the Scorching Jerte River Restaurant

In its 30 anniversary, the Campingred Rio Jerte, It has joined the group Abrasador to renew the letter of your restaurant and offer more quality to its customers who visit the Valle del Jerte.

Scorching group has opened its first restaurant in the province of Cáceres. The restaurant located on the River Jerte Campingred wanted to join the brand to offer its customers a high quality product with the best service and customer. The veal and Iberian own breeding Scorching add a point value to this restaurant and Campingred Rio Jerte, located in a unique natural enclave.

Precisely, this year 2016 celebrates its 30 anniversary. A very special date also marked by the union with the Scorching group to renew its offer as stated by the owner of the campsite, Isabel Moreno. “We have introduced a novelty Iberian entries and a selection of main dishes of grilled meat, Veal and Iberian pork and keep our local specialty”.

“The fact – He has continued- possess own livestock, Scorching allows exercise control over each of the stages through which it must pass the meat before being served on the plate. This, definitely, It contributes to achieving total quality and to achieve traceability for all meat products and Iberian. His business philosophy coincides fully with our continuous pursuit of quality and excellence in all our services”.

Fifty people were able to enjoy all the new menu dishes, prepared by the chef Abrasador, Christian Heirisman, along with the restaurant team, led by Victor Carron and Isabel Moreno. At present exercise them camping management, but it was founded ago 30 years by parents of Isabel. The whole family establishment was accompanied at the opening of the restaurant by the Head of marketing and advertising Abrasador, Beatriz Palencia and Group CEO, Julio Ramirez.

“It is an honor for us to work with entrepreneurs like Isabel and Victor, and bring our meats up as special as the Valle del Jerte and open our first restaurant in the province of Caceres joining the chain back to place Campingred”, Ramirez said.

[fshow photosetid=72157665522739066]

Campingred and Abrasador

With this opening they are already 4 Campingred campsites in the chain who enjoy meats own breeding Scorching. The Astral in Valladolid, Las Lomas and Don Cactus in Granada and now Campingred Rio Jerte. Within two weeks it will open a fifth Scorching restaurant in Las Corralizas, in Teruel.

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