Scorching Camping Roa, new opening in the Valencian town of Venta del Moro

Nature lovers and grilled meat has a new place to enjoy. This weekend has opened a new restaurant Abrasador, Camping in Roa. Located in the county of Requena-Utiel, the campsite is located in Venta del Moro.

A town that is in the Natural Park of Cabriel Sickles. A unique environment, where Mediterranean pines combine with mountain and fauna of the park to enjoy this natural area born between Valencia and Cuenca.

Their owners, Carlos and Javier, They are twin brothers who have decided to undertake an own camping. And her family has a lot of experience in the sector since his parents founded the Camping El Greco in Toledo. Precisely, why they have chosen the mountains Manchego meat and products Abrasador. “We wanted to unite the nature that gives us the nature park with good food restaurant for camping and have chosen the quality of Abrasador”, Carlos Alonso has pointed out.

Undertake passion for the product

Meanwhile, group CEO, Julio Ramirez commented that the trajectory of the owners of Camping Roa in Venta del Moro is an example to follow. “For us it is a pleasure to work with people like Javier and Carlos, you know your camping in Toledo and we are thrilled to have told us for your own project. Are two entrepreneurs who feel respect and passion for the product both as gastronomic level detail service they provide and know that they will go very well in this new venture”.

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More of 100 people, between customers and friends, They enjoyed a tasting products Abrasador at the opening of the campsite restaurant. From now you can taste the grilled meat among pine trees and log cabins to complete your experience in nature.

More information about the camping

The Campingred The Corralizas 1727 m. Scorching joins his new restaurant

Meats own parenting group Burning Teruel reach with the opening of the restaurant in the Campingred The Corralizas 1727 m., Bronchales.

this enclosure, located in the mountains, and adds a new value to their services betting on a quality product, own parenting, in the line of work that has marked for more than 15 years, Jorge Alonso, The owner Campingred Corralizas.

“We opened in 1998 and the 2004 We create the restaurant between cabins, for 50 diners, with a terrace surrounded by ancient trees, so that our customers could have all services at the camping, as well as visitors who come to the area to enjoy nature can dine in our restaurant. And now we have opted for a product and a way of working that follow our philosophy”, Jorge Alonso has indicated.

For the brand is also a great synergy because it fits perfectly with the kind of franchisees by betting group Abrasador, as explained Julio Ramirez, CEO chain, at the opening meeting Friday with more than 70 people with friends and neighbors Bronchales, as well as friends and clients of camping.

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“For us it is a real pleasure, work with someone like Jorge. And it is that George is a born entrepreneur. It is natural for Bronchales and is well known in the area. He has always been committed to his people, a pleasure to walk with him because everyone knows him and loves him. We welcomed each entrepreneur who works in the sector and all help. It is an example of how to create projects with enthusiasm to move forward with a dream: Back to our roots and passionately doing what we like to keep a business and welfare for its people”.

The relationship between Campingred The Corralizas 1721m. and Abrasador began in November 2015, after the Annual Convention Abrasador, held in Toledo. Juan Alonso and his wife, Marta, They came to know how it works in Abrasador and the other franchisees. Since then, It was launched the process for opening restaurant. Two members of his team for a month were being formed in Madrid, Scorching restaurant in Gran Vía, with cooking equipment and room to absorb the entire group working model.

In this video we can enjoy the beauty of this wonderful enclave.

The Camping Corralizas 1727 m – Bronchales from AERO on Vimeo.

Scorching campsites with Restaurant: nature and gastronomy

When we go on vacation we always want to relax at all levels and enjoy the best. If you want a smart choice for the whole family, definitely, campsites are a safe bet. Combine comfort and capacity, natural environment, cultural breaks and rest. If you also add a restaurant with steaks own parenting, points to choose the camping soar.

Scorching group has the honor of their restaurants is linked to two camping category Spain. The first was opened The hills, in Granada. Located in the Sierra Güejar is the perfect place to spend a few days with family and enjoy the home cooking with meats Abrasador.

laslomas3 Scorching Las Lomas

And we have another recognized Valladolid camping Spain, The camping Astral. Located in Tordesillas, in the center of Castilla y León, It has more than three hectares of nature to enjoy the rest.

Restaurant facade Restaurant-2 steak iberico

Nature, good service and a restaurant with searing meat is a very interesting combination for campsites. In fact, union with scorching has meant them an increase in turnover, so the best complexes of this type are applying to enter the chain Abrasador. In fact, the group has just signed an agreement with the Campingred chain. In this link we can read a story about the agreement they have signed with Abrasador.

Here we discover a little camping El Astral. Do you fancy a break?

Camping El Astral from Camping El Astral on Vimeo.