The Costa Tropical of Granada and has Abrasador

Scorching group unites its rich gastronomic offer the present and future of one of the larger campsites and more history of Andalusia: Campingred Don Cactus, in Motril, Granada. A 80 kilometers from the capital, from this weekend camping and self-serving meats raising Abrasador. In this way, the two companies join forces to attract nature lovers, the beach and rest, who choose this form of accommodation to retire a few days or for a family vacation.

Make 40 years, Garcia Cernuda family left his native Valladolid to open this complex, now run by the second generation, Álvaro García son. Although it is he who now runs the camping, their parents are helping each day. It is not uncommon to see her father moving around the grounds with an electric skateboard or see her mother how to organize activities for foreigners.

Thursday the opening of the restaurant which was attended took place near 200 guests, of 9 different nationalities and the presentation was held in 4 Languages. The Campingred Don Cactus opened in 1973, dispose of 1.100 plazas. Along these years, They have been undertaking various additions and alterations, to always offer quality service in accordance with a first class campsite. Nature, good service and food in the same place to give customers the best quality for a vacation getaway.

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From the restaurant you can enjoy the sea, as it is situated on the beachfront of Costa Tropical of Granada called, Costa del Sol between Malaga and the Costa de Almeria. A unique and diverse region, the north is arid and steppe, touched by the light intensity desert. It is a unique place in Europe where they grow tropical plants like avocado, chirimoya, mango, papaya, carambola, and traditional sugar cane for making their famous rum. In recent years the Costa Tropical Oriental is known as the “Europe Winter garden” due to the development of intensive agriculture under plastic.

Scorching and Campingred

Scorching group has the honor of being linked to the first Spanish chain of campsites Campingred, Counting in their restaurants also with two other campsites category such as Campingred The hills in Güejar Sierra (Granada) and Campingred Astral, located in Tordesillas (Valladolid), in the center of Castilla y León.

In the next album you can view photos of the inauguration, as well as some images from different parts of camping.

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