How to choose the point of meat

How to choose the point of meat

Grilled meat restaurants should recommend and advise the point according to the piece. And the customer must first choose the type of meat and the cut that he likes and then the appropriate point for that piece.

Often when we serve our grilled meats and grilled, we are presented with the dilemma of which is the right point of the meat. To the question of the customers who come to the Scorching restaurants, always we respond to them in the same way, "That the perfect point for meat depends on the cut you choose", although we like to advise which parts are recommended to eat in one way or another so that the juiciness and texture is the ideal. For example, a meat with little fat content and well done will never be tender or juicy., but we can find which parts serve a customer who likes to enjoy the meat well done

Grilled picana

Picaña of yearling grilled to the point

How to eat meat tastes are as varied as there, some people prefer undercooked meat, made or overcooked. And so on Scorching restaurants, as experts ember, we guide you on how these points and parts are recommended for each, so that you always make the right choice.

Ask for advice on what the piece is like and what type of meat and based on that choose the point

We can limit it to the generic preference of each, but this way we see many shades without. We tell you what are the other factors that influence and how to perfect the development of a grilled meat so that it is in the desired diner and ideal for meat that dot dot question.

Attention in room

Scorching Room Meters Contest

The meat will have different nuances depending on the type of issue which they arise (in our case Iberian pork and beef Anoja), In addition it will also depend on the piece which concerned, cut has been made and the conformation of their fats possessing. So, characteristics as fat, firmness, maturation and channel affect the proper point, which it will combine with consumer preference. The more tender meat less time is required in the preparation, considering that a quick seal will favor the juices kept indoors and this will be a contribution of essential flavor. Rapid sealing is achieved by working at high temperatures outside and inside which will make the difference depending on the desired point.


Visually it is brown on the outside, although still dominates the red in the center of the piece. Touch will be soft but elastic. Its interior temperature is around 55 ° C.

Example inside a piece of meat undercooked

Veal medallion honeyed, example of rare grilled meat.


Rare Honey Beef Hip Medallion

To the point:

This is usually the most common way to order meat ... they look brown on the outside and a brown interior with pink areas. When we eat should be something tough.. The interior temperature for this type of cooking is between 60and 70.

Interior meat made the point

Grilled Iberian entrecote to the point

Grilled Sirloin Iberian

Iberian entrecote with mountain aroma to the point


Both the interior and exterior have a brown appearance, varying tone, according to parts. Firm to the touch and with an internal temperature around 75 ° C, higher temperature, It would certainly be a symptom of "burning flesh".

Interior last piece of meat

Example of meat done or past the point in Scorching

Magret calf last point ember

Beef Magret or Marlin Fillet with the past or done point

How to know where the meat is when you are cooking it

But when you're cooking ... How to find out at what point is the meat? Obviously by a thermometer, which it is the most accurate way to find out, but experienced cooks make it through touch. If we are not experienced cooks or lack thermometer, we can always make a cut to the meat to find out at what point is. Within all this amalgam there are rules of thumb, Strong sealed for all, constant and elevated temperature to undercooked and alpunto, smoother for more last point and temperature. In each of the types we add one minute per side in its preparation, Brasa sealing and maintaining very close grill embers( 2 cm maximum distance)

Scorching grilled meat

How to choose and salt grilled meat

Now you know more about meat, and what they are their points and can also use a thermometer touch or make a cut to the workpiece so check point.

In the Scorching restaurants we try to adapt to your tastes, making the meat as you prefer, but remember to choose the point according to the piece and the cut. In our group of restaurants we collaborate ensuring homogeneity in cuts, quality and price throughout the year in our meats Anoja beef Y Iberian pig field are own parenting.

Or if you prefer to order the meat for home, you can place your order in our online store and we serve it in 24 hours.


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