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Scorching "The fireplace Turleque", located in the town of Tembleque (Toledo) It is a restaurant that has a team dynamic, attentive and professional to join your celebration a touch of quality, proximity and professionalism.

This restaurant, run by a young chef, bet on a market cuisine, Scorching traditional meat and breeding own. Manchego decoration and allow broad forum hosting communions, weddings and business meetings.

That is why with such extensive facilities, so much outdoors and indoors, the audience after watching the Space Turleque fireplace opt for this scorching for organize communions or silver wedding, Golden Wedding, birthday Special numerous invitations.

Outside area chimney Turleque

In our cuisine opt for a traditional market cuisine of high quality, meats own parenting Burning. Grilled meat, supported by the chain Abrasador, It is one of our specialties, Anoja both beef as Iberian pork bait Field. Regarding desserts, You can also taste our homemade pastries.

Our staff and those responsible for kitchen and living will We offer a variety of menus for the big day and you can agree on a custom menu. You can even hire a playground with castle Inflatable and other spaces where children can enjoy, always with notice.

Another view of the outdoor restaurant

The fireplace has facilities Turleque unsurpassable, spacious and acclimatised, where we care every detail offering family space where diners feel at the casa.Incluso Little ones can enjoy and have fun outdoors, thanks to its wide environment so they can play and be entertained.

The location of the restaurant, located in an area Quiet establishment, It is making it a unique and own space, since La Mancha plain where our currency.

The hope ready, until then a big hug Scorching team Chimney Turleque.

catering Abrasador, picnic and vintage wedding of your dreams

Every bridal couple is unique and special, why every wedding should be a reflection of your personality. If you've ever dreamed of having a rustic and vintage wedding, Now is the time to make it happen with Abrasador Catering. In wild nature, the estate of placer Rojas, in Toledo, It is one of the places chosen by Catering Abrasador to propose a different wedding, where guests are free and there is the traditional protocol. Everything is arranged in the style of the festivities in a country house, tables of different sizes, wooden benches and food corners.


In its commitment to innovation, the Scorching Catering, He wanted to make a different and original proposal with its corners. It is small dining areas with different options. from cheese, Iberian ham cutter included, creams and salads, sushi made at the time, tapas or bread Island. In this way, the guest eats what he wants from every corner and you can taste different dishes.

catering scorching cold creamscatering scorchingcatering scorching

To finish completing the wedding menu, the last surprise Catering Scorching offers boyfriends is your Food Truck Grilled meat with coconut charcoal ecological. More of 40 years of experience in raising veal and Iberian guarantee the quality and taste of your product. A surprising choice to offer good grilled ribeye or tenderloin, cooked at the time. Definitely, an original idea that will enjoy lovers of good meat.

food truck

The decor and details, protagonists

The Scorching Catering offers you the ability to customize the menu, rent kitchenware, design space with tables and decor you anytime. Any details you can imagine will be done with care. From the corner of lemonade, Candy Cart, posters on every table, flowers…every corner will have its magic to make it an unforgettable day.

cartelcarnealabrasa decoracion2catering scorching

catering scorchingcatering scorchingdecor

If you would like to see a wedding organized by the Catering Abrasador, You can see how the work they do in the celebration of July and Bea, which it took place this past August.



In this link you can learn more about the services offered by the Catering Abrasador.