I Gastronómica day of grilled field in Abrasador Almagro

This Saturday 31 October, Abrasador Almagro Restaurant hosts the I Jornada del Campo Gastronomic Grilled. An opportunity to enjoy the unique flavor of the eggplant with the best meat from own breed. Starting at 13 hours, attendees can learn about the good work of the group Abrasador, more than 40 franchises throughout Spain, and hear firsthand the details of parenting and cooking secrets of their grilled meats.

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Diners will discover how the process breeding of cattle, What is the path followed by the meat once it is in the cutting plant group and how from the R + D + I new cuts to make them healthier and provide juiciness to the parts then offer are searched in restaurants like the town encajera.


For these Days, From the restaurant Almagro Abrasador, They have prepared two tasting menus to share between two people all inclusive. Some dishes where meat is always protagonist grilled own upbringing and where I could not miss the great hostess “Almagro Aubergine”.

Healmagrodeseoscarnosos you can taste dishes like Meaty snack items Aubergine de Almagro in Tempura with honeyed juice strains of La Mancha, freshly cut ham hand, Peppers stuffed with trocina with olive sauce and honey, as well as a tasting of the three best pieces of veal and Iberian Grilled: Ribeye center, magret entrecote of beef and Iberian.

The food will start at 14 hours and, starting at 16, attendees will have coffee with the Ramirez family, Scorching group of Placido and Nuñez, The restaurant owner, to share anecdotes and curiosities of the farms where their cattle and benefits of a single product is raised as Almagro eggplant.

To attend the Conference of Country Grill you can be booked at the following numbers 926882656 – 620549469 or email

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