Almagro, much more than a city theater

Almagro, town in the Campo de Calatrava, It has always been known for being the city Barnyard Theater, since it is the Cunico that treasures the "Corral de Comedias", remaining intact and active since the early seventeenth century to the present. In fact, It is one of the emblems of the city. However, Almagro, also it boasts many historic buildings that increase their cultural beauty such as palaces and manors.

The palaces that houses Almagro are numerous but three stand out above the rest: Maestral Palace, Palace of the Marquises of Torremegías and the Palace of the Counts of Valdeparaíso.

Palacio Maestral

Facade of the Palace Mestral, today National Theater Museum

Commanded to build by the Order of Calatrava in the S. XIII on a small Moorish castle around which the city emerges. the Masters, Almagro bind when installed in both buildings for more space, giving rise to medieval Almagro.

It was the Mother House a powerful Order, economically and politically, as Calatrava. Here acts as relevant as the convocation were held by Alfonso X of the Masters of the 3 Military orders (Calatrava, Santiago and Montesa) City Hall to celebrate. And here the General Chapters of Calatrava were held.

After incorporation of the military orders to the Crown, Alcaide hosted the Governors and the Campo de Calatrava. The most interesting is that today is the patio, Mudejar type. downstairs horseshoe arches include a very large light, supported by circular columns and capitals decorated quite low.

The upper floor consists of a gallery with balustrade. It has lost one of the pandas, which it has been recently restored. Right now is the seat of the National Museum of Theater and one of the places where they celebrated the International Classical Theater Festival.

Palace of the Marquises of Torremegía

Marués Palace of Torremejía, one of the most important in Almagro

It is located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo. It was built in the sixteenth century by the family Oviedo and reformed in the XVII by Gaspar Mexia and Catherine de Oviedo. Today it is the home of the Dominican Mothers school.

Inside it composes an entrance hall, which leads to a patio decentered, square surrounded by galleries. The exterior is composed of a monumental facade, whose cover is sheltered by a broken wing to house the shield Torremejía. As for the decoration of the facade, It is formed by a door lintel, You flanked by jambs cajeadas.

The lintel is decorated with rosettes and finials and topped with two lion heads. The balcony is back, Mannerist. Last Marquises died childless, leaving the building to the Dominican nuns they founded a boarding school for girls. Still working.

Palace of the Counts of Valdeparaíso

Palacio del Conde de Valdeparaíso, one of the most famous city for its history Almagro

The title is created in 1705 and awarded to Juan Francisco Ruiz de Gaona and Portocarrero, Knight of the Order of Calatrava. The palace is as Madrilenians palaces S. XVII, baroque, comprises a central body and two towers on either side. In her outside the front, It composed of two bodies, the first formed by the door, adintelada, flanked by thick columns and a finial, a bit run down, on top.

The second body corresponds to the balcony, also adintelado, whose sides appear shields, supported by angels, on both sides two vases.

The interior is opened by a hallway which gives access to the patio on two floors, porticado at the bottom. It partly a staircase leading to the upper floor. From this patio, and by an arch, You are reached another secondary, where they would be located less noble parts of the palace and the houses of servants.

Historic Buildings

Manors also receive great importance in Almagro, as they are numerous houses in which the boss or remarkable first man who has given another name, states or titles of honor of a family or important figure in politics, weapons founder.  Almagro are several family houses, however there are two that are most important on the rest: the Casa del Mayorazgo of Molina and the Casa de los Rosales.

La Casa del Mayorazo of Molina

Mansion House of Molina

Located on the south side of the main square next to the Comedy Corral, breaks the regular rhythm of arcades and glass galleries, two different areas. His facahda consists of two Tuscan stone columns higher than the rest of the square, that support canes decorated with scalloped wood carving and a Doric wooden lintel as a entablature decorated with triglyphs and metopes, on the upper level facade rests with two holes that open onto a wrought iron balcony.

Inside plane, after the porch, retranquea is aligning itself with the bottom of the arcades of the square and consists of a Baroque stone doorway flanked by double rusticated pilasters that support a pediment in which the shield of the Archpriest of the Order of Calatrava staying, Diego de Molina, heir of the Mayorazgo de Molina. Woodworking is a double wooden door decorated with wrought iron nails.

Casa de los Rosales

Mansion House in Los Rosales Almagro

XVII century Renaissance building with a baroque influences herrerianas cover made of limestone and where, both the door and the balcony there on it fall between cajeadas Doric pilasters. Pilasters floor are topped with rosettes the headroom, decorated by the cutting of segments and two side beads on cubic bases.

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