Burning, Grilled field, Quality symbol for restaurants choosing healthier meats

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Field, meat and fire, They acquired its peak as extras in the gastronomic ceremony in III Technical Conference that SCORCHING group He celebrated the past day 6 June at the restaurant belonging to the network "El Capricho de los Torres (Villacañas,Toledo)”.

An intense day, which began with the presentation of a proposal that reflects the tradition and innovation of the group through its 160 SKUs, in charge of Esperanza Ramirez, our production manager and cofounder.

Below is a Master Class Type “Show Cooking” where he Gastronomic brand consultant and chef ,Carlos Torres Santos, elaborated recipes periodically incorporated into the recipe Burning that each restaurant associated with the mark, customers, friends and all equipment restaurants , This could enjoy "live cooking” where the quality of the meats were revealed, because one of the secrets of Burning resides in the own livestock since more than 40 years, a large family living in the area and that innovation and caring of animals mark their success.

We take this Technical Day for submitting the “Scorching beer”, a beer in line with meats we serve, created exclusively for us, a blonde and a toast in his mouth and attached to the taste of the meat would enhance the enjoyment of diners at the table.

Later and after having gone through various training activities the Chef Carlos Torres He offered a menu where you could taste the different cuts made by the R & D Scorching.

Once the food and appetite sated, offered attendees a Round table where innovative business model passed by the opinions of several experts in different fields Gastronomical (Restoration, Technological and Technical), They talked about their experiences in the use of meat BURNING.

A panel discussion moderated by Eva Mª Sanchez Rodrigo Gastronomic Marketing expert and CEO of Vayro and FaceFoodGroup , and comprising Julio Ramirez Camino CEO Scorching group, Adolfo Muñoz Manchego most beloved and respected chef , manager Adolfo group (Toledo), who told us about his experience in presenting meats, He told us about the properties of Scorching meat in terms of health care and applauded the way in which the Scorching group care and pampers meat from source.

roundtable attended of Javier Donaire Martin (Executive Chef Rte. El Mirador de la Mancha) I we talk about experience and discovery Scorching group ,as well as the way from the restaurant treated meat, He continued settling the table this time Mari Carmen Ramirez Camino responsible for R & D company told us more about creativity Scorching cuts, They care how well the meat and even proposed several ideas to implement the Group and continue to grow, He spoke our gastronomic consultant Carlos Torres their experiences with meats Abrasador, and finally "as if it does not communicate all of this not exist" is attended of Gustavo Garcia Brusilovsky BuyVIP CEO and manager Klikin platform addressed to the world of hospitality with many possibilities for restoration, which currently it has developed Scorching application itself.

Ultimately the best product, the best meat, the best coals, the best training and the best service, It was the thread of these III Technical Conference of the GROUP SCORCHING .