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If you turned sto @ r of the draw, You can make reservations by APP, putting on observations that are the graceful draw for “Parrillada for two” October 2018. O well, call to 652 332 410 Central Booking to get caught in your restaurant reservation Abrasador.

This is the list of winners for each of the restaurants Abrasador:

  • Scorching Sancho's saddlebag
  • Scorching de Almagro
  • scorching Altomira
  • Scorching Rainbow
  • Scorching cinnamon and lemon
  • scorching Capri
  • Scorching Casa Benito
  • Scorching Casa Pedro
  • scorching Canovas
  • Scorching Don Cactus
  • Scorching The Ambigú
  • Scorching The Astral
  • Scorching El Capricho de los Torres
  • Scorching El Cercado
  • Scorching El Fogón Guille
  • Scorching El Mirador de La Mancha
  • scorching Graná
  • Scorching La Carreta
  • The burning fireplace Turleque
  • Scorching The Graella
  • Scorching La Ronda
  • Scorching Vintage
  • Scorching Las Lomas
  • Scorching Los Batanes
  • Scorching Niagara's
  • Scorching Rio Jerte
  • Scorching Sierra de Segura
  • scorching Toledo
  • Abrasador Zeppelin Center
  • Scorching Armando
  • Scorching Raco de Mama Lola
  • M Jose Diaz Ropero Escribano
  • Beatriz Naranjo
  • Paco Muñoz
  • Maria Gamarra Marcos
  • María Gutiérrez
  • Juanma Molina Guerrero
  • gem Hair
  • Jesus Serrano Serrano
  • Lucia Lopez Marcos
  • Miguel Angel Murillo Dueñas
  • Cerdeño Beatriz González
  • Mayte Bermejo
  • Alma Maria Ramos Villarejo
  • Encarni Martinez Baena
  • Bravo Rocío Fernández
  • Raquel Delgado Zamora
  • Antonio Pascual
  • Agustín Fernández
  • Alberto Gutiérrez García-Miguel
  • Mari Carmen Torres Yuste
  • Guisado Inés Sánchez
  • Pilar Medrano Sainz
  • Santiago López Zorahaida
  • Francisco José Huedo Erans
  • Welcome Ramón Grau
  • Raquel Diez Candalija
  • Morón María Ruiz
  • José Luis Moreno Martin Forero
  • White angel
  • Lorena Ramos
  • Esteban Martínez Agulló

Raffling neither more nor less than 33 SCENES for DOS!, one by Scorching each of the restaurants there in Spain. To participate simply download the App on your mobile Abrasador, to find “play store” oa “app store”.

We explain the steps…

  1. Look for the App Abrasador in “play store” oa “app store” (You'll find links below)
  2. Once you've downloaded, you must create your initial account with email and password.
  3. Look for the restaurant which want to participate among those who will appear (usually the closest to your home), Clicking on that restaurant, and you end up entering your data.
  4. To validate your participation must follow us on Instagram (

The prize will be a Scorching dinner Grilled meat and salad, accompanied by two glasses of wine and dessert, in the restaurant you have chosen to participate. Click the link below to see more details of the prize

*Involving all those who have made downloading the App Scorching between 27 September and 14 October.

Would you like to win the prize?

Decarga APP at the following links

See also the legal basis for this promotion:


Grilled Field S.L. (onwards, the company") and acting on behalf Searing Avenue established in Europe, 8 Postal Code 45003 Toledo (Spain), with C.I.F B-45455219 will carry out a promotion called Sweepstakes "PARRILLADA for DOS" (onwards, the promotion").


PROMOTION will be held nationwide (Spain), The period of participation in the promotion will begin on Thursday 27 September 2018 at 08,00h and end Sunday 14 October 2018 at 23,59h.

  1. Persons entitled

all those seniors and residents in Spain may participate in the Promotion, who have a mobile phone of the "Smartphone" type, to download the application Abrasador, and provide the correct data in the registration process. They must keep applying the least during the period of this promotion.

  1. PRIZE

The company will offer as a prize or dinner meal for two with Parrillada, salad, dessert and two glasses of free wine, in each of the restaurants attached to the promotion SCORCHING. A restaurant winner.

The prize is described in the link

The prize object of this promotion may in no case be subject to change, disturbance, compensation at the request of the winner or third assignment. Prizes are nominative, not transferable; They are valid for users having been winners also observe all the requirements contained in these rules.


Participants must access the promotion through the mobile app SCORCHING, providing the data required by the application. For participation to be valid, only it supported all those who have made downloading the mobile application Abrasador. Only it participates in a restaurant, it will be one in which the participant has left their data.

Choosing the winner will be randomly determined.


The undertaking shall notify the result of promotion to the successful bidder by sending communications to your email. Meanwhile, the winning participant must confirm acceptance of the prize by sending the corresponding email to the company for which communication has been made to finalize the delivery date.

The winners of each draw will also be published in digital social media and enterprise networks.

In the event that the winner does not accept the prize, not collect, or fails to comply with the provisions of these rules, the prize will be forfeited.


Data should be provided by the participant truthfully. Any false communication of personal details shall entitle the organizers of this promotion to disqualify the winner to participate and be given the corresponding prize.

The company is not liable for any conditions attached to each restaurant PROMOTION want to add, as well as possible changes in menu that they can make the time to enjoy the prize by the winner. Nor schedules and facilities for the restaurants attached.

The Company is exempt from any responsibility in the event there are any errors in the capture or transcription of data provided by the participants themselves to prevent their identification.

The company may request the identification awarded by photocopy of DNI. or other valid documentation to verify their identity and age of majority.

  1. protectionFromN DATA

Personal data which will enable us to participate in the promotion authorizes to be included in a file or files responsibility of the company, with the purpose of: (i) to carry out the development and promotion management; (ii) management awards, (iii) to retain data if there is no opposition on their part to send during and promote completed commercial communications relating to products and services company, that may be of interest; (iv) and for any other purpose under these rules.


All images of the participants, as well as those made in the delivery of the prize, yield the right of reproduction to the company so you can use low ethical standards set by the law for their own communication services.

  1. ACCEPTANCEFromN and publicationFromOF THE BASES

Participation in the promotion implies acceptance of these Rules, and express acceptance the interpretative decisions made thereof FIELD OF GRILLED S.L..

  1. Other features

Regarding Facebook, Twitter e Instagram, the participant exonerates these social networks of any responsibility for this promotion and ensures that a user of the same, or will be within the duration of the promotion and has accepted or will accept their conditions Legal whether general or particular, privacy policies or any other applicable by that social network, which may differ from these bases.

The company does not assume any responsibility for any problems or technical failures mobile app developed by Klikin Deals Spain S.L., social networks, telephone lines, information systems, servers, software or failure of any email message intended COMPANY.


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