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Castellon Alto Palancia region treasures a large repertoire of corners, places and municipality for its beauty and features are a great tourist attraction for hikers and mountaineers, do not hesitate to visit again because it never quite see everything in one visit.

Given the immensity of routes, we offer our visitors the opportunity to learn spot by spot and the most appropriate advice on each route for your course as comfortable.


crossings and pylons of the town Height

junctions and pylons Height

The village of Altura is one of the municipalities of Alto Palancia most treasured for its architectural wealth and iconic elements. Built mostly to demarcate lands, signal paths, and more, for devotional reasons related to the Virgen de la Santa Cueva.

This route is a route of about 14 kilometers to see only those closest to the town, as the Cross of Ages, the pylon Aragon, Cross San Sebastián, Cross Pallás, Cross San Juan, and where the Cross of the Cypresses rose, In addition Shield Stone.


Landscape photo of the Sierra de Espadán in Alto Palencia

Landscape of the Sierra de Espadán in Alto Palencia

Natural Park of Sierra Espadán, declared from 1998, It has become one of the mountainous places most visited by hikers in the province of Castellón. Its rich forests with oaks of red earth, rivers, castles and villages are frequientados by numerous hikers curious to know the innards that hides the natural lung of Valencia

A preset standard to meet this place passes run along the walk along the Barranco de Agua Negra, head of the Chico river that runs at the foot of Pico Espadán (1084 m).


photo of monastic Heritage Alto Palencia

monastic heritage of the Alto Palencia

After the Christian reconquest in the thirteenth century, the new religious orders founded in Europe and confirmed by the Catholic Church will monasteries and convents founded in the Alto Palancia sponsored by noble, kings and pontiffs.

In this thematic itinerary they are traveled little more than a dozen scattered some of these municipalities, including also few hermitages, monuments and places of interest be next, and the Batanes, mills, masías, Farmlands, these were.


routes and trails in the water uses in Alto Palencia

Water uses in Alto Palencia

On this route uses and constructions in the Alto Palancia have been made over the centuries to harness water resources both in areas rich in water show, as in the roughest.

Along the route constructions such as weirs are observed, irrigation ditches, mills and reservoirs to try to monetize their flow; places like the town of a rural mountain town, with their laundry rooms, sources, etc ... trying to harness water for public and domestic uses.

Complementing the route, regulation and uses of the waters of a river flow will be known more, and the channeling and water exploitation generous spring.


Photo of the castles of legend Alto Palencia

One of the castles of legend Alto Palencia

The strategic location of Alto Palancia, halfway between the coast and the peninsular interior, He favored the construction of this type of construction, on some of which there are curious stories and legends created by the people who raised them or conquered.

On this tour you visit just some of the strengths and existing communication towers in the Alto Palancia as are those of Segorbe, Navajas, Jerica, Caudiel, Novaliches, Gaibiel, measured, And Algimia Almonacid Valley or Bejís, although the latter, because of its remoteness, It would be left as optional.

However, due to the abundance of such elements, the itinerary can be adjusted to the demand of visitors, you can select which items to meet on its way.

TO LIVE, the people of fountains and springs

Vivar image, town of sources and springs

Vivar, town of sources and springs

Viver de las Aguas, as its name indicates, water takes a leading role. In his term fifty fountains and springs stationed in places of great natural beauty spread.

As cross them all very complicated, We propose an itinerary where you can meet two of the main sources of the town, along with other historical and natural resources of their term, as well as the town of Viver. This is a dynamic path 3,5 Hours of duration.

greenway black eyes

greenway black eyes in Alto Palencia, Castellón

greenway black eyes in Alto Palencia

Greenway Ojos Negros between Teruel and Valencia Coast Greenway is the longest in Spain. Its length, 160 km, It has been divided into two sections.

Palancia River Valley is the setting for this stage takes place on the mining railway Sierra Menera. From the highlands of Barracas, at the foot of the Sierra de Javalambre, Greenway Black Eye drops to the rich orchards of Valencia on the Mediterranean.

Bride Jumping, Navajas

Salto de la Novia Navajas, Castellón

Salto de la Novia Navajas

"El Salto de la Novia", a small cascade down over 30 meters high to rush into the waters of the river Palancia. Quite a sight. yes, before continuing, can say that, Really, is “natural pool” are two stones of which form a narrow channel in this, giving rise to the legend.

Legend of his name

Your name, but nevertheless, It is due to an existing legend in the area, what makes it an intriguing place and must, in addition to its spectacular. This legend tells that, Many years ago, it was customary for the bride and groom, before getting married, perform a test in the area where the jump is available, around, where apparently the river narrowed. In the same place was where out was due to lead a simple traditional rite as evidence of love, to provide happiness, fertility and a full life together. The legend also tells that the couple did not outweigh the test of faith and love in the area meant that they would be unhappy in life being together, so the couple broke before marriage.


– Backpack

– Walking stick

– Water

– Food

– Hat

– Garbage bag

– Appropriate clothing

– Oilskin

– Tiritas / Plaster and gauze

– Photo camera

– Hiking boots or appropriate footwear


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