Abrasador Finca Embid Restaurant

Restaurante Abrasador Finca Embid

Ctra. Cuenca - Tragacete, KM 8 16147 Cuenca

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This brasserie is located inside the Camping Caravaning Cuenca, with totally independent access. It has a spacious living room and a large terrace to enjoy it when the weather is good.. It stands out for its specialties in local cuisine and grilled meats and is ideal for families. If you need to book we recommend you do it through the button “digital book” or the reservation call center. And if you want information you can dial the restaurant 969 14 82 62 and ask for Paul.


Fridays and Saturdays: Of 9:00h a 22:00h
Sunday: Of 9:00h a 18:00h.
Closed from Monday to Thursday.




Camping in the Caravaning Cuenca

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The hanging houses of Cuenca

Restaurant grilled meats very near Cuenca.

Conquense in full nature, Finca Restaurant is Embid, a perfect place for leisure and relaxation of people who enjoy the rural setting place.

Rio Jucar

Júcar River passing through Cuenca

The fact that this restaurant is within a complex that has its own camping, make this place a very comprehensive site for a few days and enjoy the cuisine. Over River Júcar, very close to the restaurant gets the feeling of relaxation and peace that emerges here intensifies, Besides its proximity to the hanging houses, if you want sightseeing, also it has this option, solo 10 kilometers can find.

Hanging houses

Hanging Houses of Cuenca

This coupled with the best grilled meats breeding own Abrasador, They make the perfect combination for all audiences, with their own recipes will delight anyone who enjoys gastronomy. You want to live this? Do not you think it anymore, Come and meet us! We are just 7 km of Cuenca Capital. This brasserie is located inside the Camping Caravaning Cuenca, but with own access for easier entry. further, this restaurant boasts an ample room for events of all kinds and outdoor terrace in good weather stations can eat out. It noted for its specialty in local cuisine and grilled meats, Anoja both beef and Iberian pork own parenting. Its location in the countryside and near the city of Cuenca, makes you have a special character where you can enjoy good food. further, their entrees are varied and high quality. We can find ham or braised vegetables with Cheddar, until a few fingers croquettes or veal. It also has prepared salads such as Caesar salad, lardones salad Iberian pork Peking style salad ham and manchego cheese with mesclun. Regarding beef dishes Anoja highlights Grilled Sirloin, central medallion steak and grilled beef amielado. These three parts are of high quality due to its healing and fantastic culinary preparation.

Veal medallion amielado

Veal medallion amielado

Regarding the Iberian pig breeding itself there are numerous fantastic dishes and tasty: Iberian entrecote flavored grilled mountain, Iberian roast rack of low temperature with barbecue sauce and Tournedos of Iberian pork grilled.

Iberian rib roast at low temperature with barbecue sauce

Iberian rib roast at low temperature with barbecue sauce

Other dishes stand out for their quality and are sharing are the parrilladas. This restaurant has the Supreme grill which is a complete dish with sausage and pieces of veal and Iberian pork Anoja.