Casino Lounge Scorching Bar

Casino Loungebar Abrasador

Calle Mayor, 22, 19001 Guadalajara

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Scorching Loungebar Casino, is a restaurant managed by Grupo Lino located in the heart of Guadalajara, on the first floor of the Main Casino. It has joined the Scorching brand to offer its customers the best grilled meats from their own breeding. This establishment, recently renovated, It is run by chef Mario de Lucas and has an attractive variety of avant-garde dishes and recipes with products from the land, perfectly combining grilled food and international cuisine.. The restaurant has two environments: A more informal Gastrobar and Lounge Bar area and another with a quieter room where you can reserve your table. A more informal Gastrobar and Lounge Bar area and another with a quieter room where you can reserve your table. If you need to book we recommend you do so via the button 'digital Reserve' or the reservation call center. And if you want information you can dial the restaurant 949 22 61 06 and ask for David Prieto.


Monday and Wednesday of 10:00 h a 19:00 h
Thursday of 10:00 h a 00:0 h
Friday of 10:00 h a 2:00 h
Saturday 12:00 h a 2:00 h
Sunday of 12:00 h a 20:00 h
Tuesday closed.


250 Gauging people in total
180 in the Restaurant more 70 Gastrobar area Loungebar.


A 100 meters from the Plaza de Santo Domingo, in the same street, A more informal Gastrobar and Lounge Bar area and another with a quieter room where you can reserve your table.
Possibility to park in the parking of the square itself of Santo Domingo.

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Carne a la Brasa restaurant in the center of Guadalajara

In the best enclave, at The Principal Casino of Guadalajara, on the first floor we find this modern restaurant recently renovated. On the one hand we have the restaurant area plus Gastrobar and Lounge Bar for tapas, eat or dine more informally, in a beautiful setting and a very modern and cozy atmosphere, located in the windows of the Principal Casino that overlook the main street of Guadalajara. With a capacity for about 70 people.

Interior de restaurante Abrasador Casino Principal

Scorching Casino Lounge Bar in Guadalajara

And on the other side next to the façade that overlooks the Plaza del Jardinillo are the restaurant rooms for quieter and more spacious reservations where you can dine with your family or friends or celebrate an event. These rooms have capacity for one 180 people. The kitchen directed by Mario de Lucas, by Grupo Lino, Along with a great kitchen and dining room team, it offers us dishes with a touch of avant-garde added to a great variety of dishes of grilled beef and Iberian pork from Scorching own upbringing.. In its most informal menu of the Scorching Casino Lounge Bar, we can find from BETWEEN PANES…Crispy squid muffin with soy mayonnaise, Crispy chicken muffin with tomato, lettuce and its sauces, etc. Delicious breakfasts in daily from 9:00h and every week you can find in @casinoloungebarabrasador Pokes and varied and very rich dishes ???with a selection of ingredients that will allow you to make a fast and very balanced meal. In its menu you will find from an exquisite plate of Iberian ham cut with a knife, Iberian shoulder ham with sweet paprika and virgin olive oil, Beef Tataki with Praline Praline from La Mancha, Veal orza with pistachio Ali Oli.

Scorching Iberian Ham Plate

Scorching Iberian Ham Plate

Tataki de ternera

Anoja beef tataki with pistachio praline

Very original salads such as the pickled beef salad, good tomato, fresh chives, sweet piparra and virgin olive oil. Cesar salad with crispy veal, Peking style Iberian pork salad with Teriyaki sauce, Scorching Salad of Iberian Ham and Manchego Cheese, Goat cheese salad, ….

salad Beijing

Scorching Peking Style Iberian Pork Salad

Piquillos Tower, Own breeding chart to dip, with veal nuggets and fingers and Iberian ham croquettes, Salmon tartare on passion fruit coulis and avocado crib. Slightly spicy sauteed eel toast on black garlic Ali Ali, Broken eggs and creamy mushroom rice with manchego cheese mantecado.

Dipping Table

Own parenting chart to dip or share

Among the grilled meats made with organic coconut shell charcoal, You can choose cuts of yearling veal and own-aged Iberian pork such as: Honey yearling veal medallion, Beef steak, Picaña de Anoja or Center of Grilled Beef Ribeye with its proper maturation.

Beef grilled

Scorching center Chuletón

Grilled picana

Grilled Beef Picaña

You can choose from the Iberian pork cuts such as the Iberian Entrecote with the Monte aroma, Low-temperature roasted Iberian ribs with barbecue sauce or Iberian Tournedó.

Iberian ribs at low temperature

Iberian rack with barbecue sauce

Delicious selection of beef burgers 100% Natural and Iberian veal of own breeding.

hamburger Iberica

hamburger Iberica

Or any of Scorching's most successful Barbecues, like the Scorching Barbecue, Grilled my Iberian or Supreme Grilled with the 4 best gourmet cuts.

Grilled meat of the Iberian pig breeding own scorching

Grilled meats, My grilled Iberian

We prepare small receptions, with the guarantee of a spacious and adapted space so that you feel comfortable and safe at all times. Social distance between attendees Extensive facilities Cocktails seated at tables maximum of 6 people Disinfection with ozone before and after the event thanks to @milenlimpiezaguadalajara And every day you will find individual dishes such as Canutillo of zucchini stuffed with seafood with spiced tomato that joined Poke + dessert + pan + beverage(Water, glass of wine or beer) It will cost about € 8.50