Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag

Restaurante Abrasador La Alforja de Sancho

Avda del Ferial, 2, 13610 Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real)

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Criptana field is a place of reference for all those who follow in the footsteps of Don Quijote. And if you want to taste quality regional food and enjoy the best grilled meats, this restaurant will undoubtedly be your best choice. If you need to book we recommend you do it through the button “digital book” or the reservation call center. And if you want information you can dial the restaurant 926 589 172 and ask for Angel.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 07:00 a 00:00h.
Saturdays : 08:30 a 02:00h.
Sundays : 08:30 a 19:00 h (in summer that the schedule is 08:30h a 00:00h)
Wednesday: Closed for rest (Except the eve of holidays)


More of 400 square meter. It has Brewery area and breakfast bar, Lunch and tapas and a cozy living room to restaurant. In summer, outdoor terrace 50 tables.


Located on the Avenue of the Fairground, in Campo de Criptana.

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Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag, located in one of the most iconic places in La Mancha, Campo de Criptana is the perfect place to learn the story of Don Quixote and move on.

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In this tourist experience will unite the best steaks own breeding group Abrasador, which makes eating in Campo de Criptana is something unique.

Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag

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In a spacious and comfortable atmosphere is this restaurant, which features a terrace and tapas to what we add a lounge where is the restaurant, to enjoy the best grilled meats.

Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag

Scorching Terrace Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag

Don Quixote had Sancho, we have them

A great place to have a great team, So today we want to present to managers to get your way through the Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag is amazing, here they are: As a cook find Cristina, his assistant in kitchen is Juan, to offer room service are Josete, Anne Rose, Angela and Pilar and the restaurant manager, Angel.

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Kitchen equipment and restaurant room Scorching Sancho's saddlebag