Scorching restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha

Restaurante Abrasador El Mirador de la Mancha

Camino de san Cristobal s/n 13670 Villarrubia de los Ojos ( Ciudad Real)

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The Mirador de la Mancha is a fabulous tourist complex located in Villarrubia de los Ojos. It has a manchego patio, the largest wooden Quixote in the world and wooden cabins to sleep and connect with nature. the largest wooden Quixote in the world and wooden cabins to sleep and connect with nature, specialized in La Mancha cuisine and grilled meats. Led by Chef Javier Donaire, has local dishes combined with international cuisine and Scorching meats and Iberian. Is, definitely, a lovely place to get away, connect with nature and enjoy good regional food. If you need to book we recommend you do it through the button “digital book” or the reservation call center. And if you want information you can dial the restaurant 926 666 122 and ask for Javier.


Of 10:00 a 22:00
Closed Monday.


150 Restaurant diners
550 diners lounges weddings and events


Easily signposted at the exit of Villarrubia de los Ojos for travelers from the road to Puerto Lapice (CM-4126), or at the entrance to the village for accessing from Fuente el Fresno (CM-4120).

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La Mancha Toledo region

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So Scorching Restaurante El Mirador de La Mancha

In the town of Villarrubia de los Ojos in the province of Ciudad Real, Scorching find this magnificent restaurant, within resort El Mirador de La Mancha. A beautiful place where guests are housed in wooden cabins amazing, while they are enjoying their small lake, their farm animals and of course stunning views over the vast plains of La Mancha, hence its name.

Resort El Mirador de La Mancha

El Mirador de La Mancha

Dawn on the lookout spot

Sunrise seen from the terrace restaurant

But the guest and anyone who wants, you can taste the best Manchego cuisine and grilled meats Abrasador, hand of chef Javier Donaire and his kitchen team. Javier belongs to the prestigious network of chefs "Eurotoques", It is for Scorching group a culinary reference. This grill restaurant that is integrated within the complex founded Valentin Rodriguez, with her daughter Luz Maria Rodriguez in front of the complex and Javier Donaire manager and chef restaurant. In September 2017 They decided to join the network of restaurants Abrasador, offering customers Anoja meats and Iberian pork beef own parenting, always grilled and livestock farms from the Scorching Group in the Montes de Toledo and Extremadura.

Sirloin Iberian flavor Monte

Scorching Sirloin Iberian pork flavored with mountain

When one is about to enter the restaurant, the first thing you see on your viewpoint terrace is an impressive "Quijote" wood almost 10 meters high and near 2500 kilos weight. Once inside, It continues to surprise as they have used wood to decorate their rooms. features 4 Banquet, Sancho hall, Don Quijote room, garret room and corner of Uncle Bodego, a unique space that houses a small winery with various products storage mode, where dressed table is also available for your enjoyment and admiration of the place.

Wooden Quijote de la Mancha El Mirador

Wooden Quijote de la Mancha El Mirador

Lounge Uncle Bodego El Mirador de La Mancha

Lounge Uncle Bodego El Mirador de La Mancha

Of course also it includes scenarios for different events, such as weddings or conventions. In typical courtyard manchego, called Pastora Marcela made with pine wood, normally it hosts from entertainment to civil weddings, then passing events hall decorated for every occasion, and where you can enjoy the restaurant kitchen.

courtyard typical manchego scorching lookout spot

Patio Pastora Marcela

Salon burning lookout spot events

Decorated hall events

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