Scorching Restaurant La Ronda

Restaurante Abrasador La Ronda

Avda. Constitución, 5, 14810 Carcabuey (Córdoba)

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Restaurant located in the center of Carcabuey, Restaurant located in the center of Carcabuey. Restaurant located in the center of Carcabuey. If you need to book we recommend you do it through the button “digital book” or the reservation call center. And if you want information you can dial the restaurant 957 553 374 and ask for Rafael or Mari.


Restaurant located in the center of Carcabuey: Of 12.00 h a 00:00 h.
Tuesday closed at rest.


Seats about 80 diners.

150 paintings meters, spread over brewery area with tables for tapas and two lounges for lunch and dinner.

Terrace area with a 10-15 tables.


It is located on the Avenida de la Constitución, 5 of the town of Carcabuey (Córdoba), next to the Municipal Park of the same locality.

Illustrious people

Subbetic gastronomy

Subbetic routes

More of 25 years of experience in the hotel attest to this restaurant in the town of Carcabuey (Córdoba). Scorching Meson La Ronda has grilled meats own parenting such as Anoja beef and Iberian pork, that bind to the varied menu area Tapeo Meson La Ronda.

Scorching entrance photo La Ronda in Carcabuey, Córdoba

Scorching entrance Carcabuey La Ronda, Córdoba

This traditional inn has a Roman design, as the province of Cordoba Carcabuey has always been linked to the prehistoric art of old age. For the culinary part, Traditional homemade slaughters are a clear example of the regional gastronomy. Andalusian-style stews such as the picturesque bowl of scrambled potatoes or fried potatoes have become a benchmark for tourists.

Bowl of stew Andalusian style Scorching Meson La Ronda, Located in Carcacbuey

Andalusian-style braised Scorching Meson La Ronda

Their grilled meats, as the Iberian prey, gazpacho with garnish, barbeques and salmorejo are higher quality dishes. As for desserts, these are homemade and a delight for the palate. Scorching parrillada

Anoja beef and Iberian pork tasting with potatoes and Padrón peppers. It also contains churrasco, marinated, Iberian shavings, diced Iberian pork and choricillos.



Gazpacho with garnish

Gazpacho garnished with Abrasador La Ronda Carcabuey Córdoba

Gazpacho garnished with Abrasador La Ronda

Scorching Meson Restaurant La Ronda has a large room, about 150 meters, spread over brewery area with tables for tapas and two lounges for lunch or dinner, where you can organize events in a lot of guests. It also has a large terrace, where you can enjoy the outdoors accompanied by a delicious plate of grilled meat. Transfer to the pool in summer in short, Scorching La Ronda is a place to enjoy a good atmosphere and food with exquisite service. Even, in summertime you are trasladas to the municipal swimming pool Carcabuey where recreational activities and summer dinners are scheduled to meet tourists and residents of the province of Cordoba.

Terrace Restaurant scorching round

Terrace Scorching summer pool La Ronda