Scorching Restaurante El Cercado

Restaurante Abrasador El Cercado

Cta. de Bérchules a Cadiar, km 26, 18451, Bérchules (Granada)

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The restaurant is located within the rural complex El Cercado, on the southern slopes of Sierra Nevada, in Alcútar, annexed the village of Bérchules, in full Alpujarra of Granada. A unique setting to enjoy the meat Abrasador, with specialties like the Alpujarras crumbs. If you need to book we recommend you do it through the button “digital book” or the reservation call center. And if you want information you can dial the restaurant 958 064 023 and ask for Salvador and Maria.


Monday to Thursday: Of 9:00h a 17.00h
Friday, Monday and Tuesday: Of 9:00h a 22:00h


135 diners. More of 500 m from restaurant, tapas bars and terrace.

Extra terrace 15 People poolside.

It features a spa and swimming pool.


Bérchules Carretera de Cádiz. It is an ideal place to visit from Lanjarón point and spa, to the region of Guadix and its cave houses.

It is 40 km from the Costa Tropical and Puerto de la Ragua and 120 km from the ski resort of Sierra Nevada.

Alpujarra, snowy landscapes of Granada

The best Scorching terraces

Scorching breaks

Scorching El Cercado, grill specialist in grilled meats and cuisine of La Alpujarra

Scorching Restaurante El Cercado located in Bérchules (Granada)

Scorching Restaurante El Cercado

Scorching El Cercado is characterized by its good and traditional cuisine based on high quality products such as the grilled meat own parenting, both Iberian pork bait Anoja field and veal, offering its customers a balanced diet thanks to its charter service local gastronomy La Alpujarra. Barbeques are some of their most popular dishes for its high quality beef and Iberian pork Anoja, Besides its excellent cuisine grilled. Scorching barbeques which offers El Cercado Three: Scorching parrillada, Gourmet barbecue grill fencing and my Iberian.

Scorching Parrillada El Cercado

Scorching Parrillada El Cercado


Gourmet barbecue El Cercado

Gourmet barbecue El Cercado

The magnificent starters, barbeques to share, tasting menus, cuisine of the La Alpujarra, like crumbs, the cortijero rice or fennel stew, and a variety of homemade desserts.

Cortijero Rice recipe with caraols and rabbit

Ingredients: green pepper, head garlic, half an onion, ripe tomato, ¼ rabbit, a dozen snails, a little saffron, will, 200gr of rice Preparation: In a frying pan we put a little oil, Sauté pepper and whole garlic head and remove, we fry the rabbit a little then we add the snails, onion, previously fried pepper and garlic and finally the chopped tomato , saffron , salt and water, when it starts to boil we put the rice until cooked to taste.

The local cuisine is also one of the features of this scorching restaurant

The local cuisine is also one of the features of this scorching restaurant

Cod has also become a benchmark for diners Scorching El Cercado for its distinctive taste and texture; and ecological lamb chops own parenting.

Crumbs Abrasador El Cercado, one of the specialties of this restaurant


Cod has become a reference for diners Scorching El Cercado

Cod has become a reference for diners Scorching El Cercado


Homemade desserts, one dish innegobiable customers

Homemade desserts, one dish innegobiable customers

This restaurant is located in the resort in La Alpujarra of Granada, a Bérchules. In the vicinity are alpujarreñas cottages with fireplace, Spa center, pool and all supplements to stay next to Abrasador restaurant El Cercado. It has a spacious terrace near the pool and two lounges to enjoy hearty dishes and tapas. An ideal place to go with family, with your friends, co-workers and enjoy a magnñifico environment.

Scorching dining restaurant El Cercado


Scorching pool El Cercado

Overlooking the pool available Scorching El Cercado

further, for hikers, this restaurant becomes a more authentic ideal for sport chestnut trees and ditches that run kilometric trails that delve to the Alpujarras site. Among the paths that stand out are the ditches Bércules, the board of rivers and vereica Mass marked trail connecting with the GR-7. Even, for fans of birds, the location of El Cercado is ideal for exploring the Sierra Nevada Ornithology. horse trails are made from one hour onwards for people with and without experience. They are carried out with a company that collaborates with El Cercado, in the town of Mecina Bombarón.