Restaurant Abrasador El Astral

Restaurante Abrasador El Astral

Camping El Astral, Camino de Pollos, 8, 47100, Tordesillas (Valladolid)

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Camping El Astral, First class, complete its offer with this restaurant located in the town of Tordesillas. complete its offer with this restaurant located in the town of Tordesillas, complete its offer with this restaurant located in the town of Tordesillas. with a spectacular terrace, We recommend that you do it through the button “digital book” or the reservation call center. And if you want information you can dial the restaurant 983 770 953 and ask for Eduardo.


Of 12:00 a 23:00 everyday.


Interior 50 people. Summer outdoor terrace increases to 150 diners.


Since the railcars is easily accessible following the signs for Camping El Astral.

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Restaurant in Tordesillas, in the heart of Castilla y Leon and along the Douro

restaurant Scorching The Astral It is within the campsite 4 star which is called, and located in the Valladolid town of Tordesillas, near the Douro River and in the center of Castilla y León. Its geographical location makes Camping El Astral a resort with restaurant, bungalow, plots auto caravans, swimming pool,… a perfect place from which to explore the Autonomous Community, because from here the distance to the capitals of the region is very short by motorway. So we can say that the restaurant Scorching The Astral as well as camping, They are an ideal place for those who want to know this monumental region, without long journeys. Many are the attractions of this restaurant, as being surrounded by nature, the professionalism of their service, or modern facilities, cozy and recently renovated. But if anything highlights this brasserie, It is for your letter and your service, that make Scorching The Astral a safe bet to eat in Tordesillas. It features an interior living room and a magnificent terrace to enjoy the spring and summer.

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The restaurant is from the early Camping El Astral , when it opened there in 1982, Already a resort ahead of the time, as well as its restaurant. But let's focus on the excellence of its cuisine…In his letter starters and dishes are, from the Scorching meats own parenting, of beef and Iberian pork Anoja. As the Iberians, home-made croquettes, veal and Iberian pork, and of course grills meat, can choose from three…Scorching parrillada, The Supreme Barbecue. But there is a place for pasta, the salads, the soups, fish and as, desserts.

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It's time for you to meet one of the fundamental pillars of this restaurant, the group of people that makes this place a great place for you to enjoy good grilled meat and wonderful service They are: Amparo and Yoli as cleaners. Dani, Leo, Armando, Paloma, Marcos and Borja as waiters with the head of the room, Mari Carmen. Mónica is the head of the kitchen and her team includes Azucena, Ana, Jesus, Isa, Maria and Isabel. Angel is responsible for maintenance, Juan and María are the lifeguards of the swimming pool that is in the enclosure. Gustavo is the technical director and Loli the financial director. Silvia, Armando and Henar are the receptionists, Cristina as sub-director and finally, Eduardo is the Director.

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Presentation of the staff of Camping El Astral and Scorching El Astral