Scorching day training in hospitality

Spain All restaurants in Abrasador Training Day

The grilled meat were the protagonists of our I Technical Conference Abrasador the is 2019, and we had the opportunity to celebrate in the restaurant "El Meson de Fuencarral" in Madrid

An intense day of training for all restaurants associated with the brand, which began with the "Cooking Show" Chef Carlos Torres, showing new dishes created for charter changes this season.

Scorching advisor Chef Carlos Torres Group
Carlos Torres, Scorching Group consultant chef
Emplatando the new Caesar salad with crispy veal
Scorching new dishes presentation 2019
Scorching new dishes presentation

Then we had the presentation of the reservation book itself, along with the application itself we already had created some time ago for Scorching restaurants. Both it supposed to restaurants associated significant savings in reserve management, because they do not represent any cost, as if they do booking portals.

Presentation of the book itself Abrasador Group reservations
Book presentation own reserves

Later we had Ramon's paper God, founder Gastrocoaching Ceo restaurant and where this technical conference was held, Meson de Fuencarral. Ramon gave a masterclass "Management and control of your restaurant" for all attendees.

Scorching Group training with Ramon God
Presentation by Ramon God

Taking advantage midmorning and the "brunch", We show different "corner", like ember, Iberian and covers events, with our signature format. Accompanied this time of craft beers brewed for Scorching and wines from winery Rejadorada, with some of the broths chain homologated to accompany grilled meat Abrasador

“Brunch” Burning
Scorching corner of Iberian
Scorching corner of Iberian
Scorching corner of ember
Scorching corner of ember

A little later on the terrace of Meson de Fuencarral, Chef Carlos Torres gave a workshop on Brasa and very interesting and useful for all, They ended with Show Cooking – Grill and presenting the most famous courts in the world that are served from the Scorching Group.

Show-Cooking with Chef Carlos Torres Scorching meat
Carlos Torres during the Show-Cooking Brasa
Scorching piece of grilled meat
First piece made grilled during the Show-Cooking
Scorching tomahawk grilled veal
“Tomahawk beef grilled”

And to finish the morning we had the presence of three prestigious Chef, they presented and told some of the secrets of success in their restaurants. Celia Jimenez of Restaurants Celia Jimenez, sand Bar Y Restaurant Avio de Córdoba, Pep Romany of Sec point de Denia (Alicante) Y Antonio Sánchez Restaurante Corral del Rey Trujillo (Cáceres).

Celia Jimenez in his speech to Abrasador Group
The chef Celia Jiménez in his paper
Pep Romany Pont Sec restaurant during his presentation to Abrasador Group
Pep Romany (Sec point) in his paper
Atonio Sanchez Corral del Rey restaurant during his speech to Abrasador Group
Antonio Sánchez (Corral del Rey) in his paper

As usual and to top end, Scorching Group since we wanted to acknowledge the "Top 10" of chain restaurants, and ending with a spectacular meal consisted of tasting dishes made 10 hands Humberto Martin The burning fireplace Turleque, and winner of the award for best Scorching recipe 2018. Javier Donaire Scorching El Mirador de la Mancha, Carlos Torres Scorching El Capricho de los Torres, Ramón God Meson de Fuencarral and Brasa corner for Abrasador 124 diners who tested four of the best cuts of veal and Iberian pork Anoja the group breeding farms their farms and Extremadura and Toledo Menasalbas.

Living food I Technical Conference Abrasador 2019
Living food I Technical Conference Abrasador 2019
Poke beef Anoja by Carlos Torres
“piglet Beijing” First prize 2018 for Restaurante La Chimenea de Turleque
Tartar for all Abrasador
Tartar for all developed by Javier Donaire

At lunch we were very well accompanied by three good friends, as they are Alejandro Vesga, director Entrepreneur magazine, Raul Andres and Daniel Manzano program Factory of Ideas of Spanish Television. At three we wanted to deliver recognition for their important journalistic work.

Scorching recognition Alejandro Vesga Group Entrepreneur Magazine
Julio Ramirez with Alejandro Vesga
Scorching Recognition Group Ideas Factory TVE
Julio Ramirez with Raul Andres and Daniel Manzano

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