Steak recipe Iberian pork flavored with mountain

A recipe for one of the cuts of meat most innovative Abrasador. Iberian pork entrecote with all its juiciness, which seasoned in a special way will bring all the flavor of mountain.

  • Sirloin Iberian 250 gr.
  • vegetable 50 gr.
  • Potato 50 gr.
  • 1 out.


"Sirloin Iberian Aroma de Monte"
Elaborate grilled meat, always less point since it is a meat that spends much if it stays dry. Rosita golden brown on the outside but inside. As a chubby piece, It recommended care for the point of the meat and make it to the diner's taste so there is no bleeding if you do not want, as the Iberian pig has infiltrated juices and greasers that make your preparation a little bit slower.
Iberian entrecote is already incorporated in the meat and takes extra virgin olive oil, oregano, it, paprika and salt. It is recommended not to add anything.

Here we show a video where you cook this piece of meat. The amounts with respect to the previous record may vary.

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