Scorching reasons to visit Almagro

Scorching facade of Almagro

Today we go to theater land, eggplant, wine and especially good people. Yes, we go up Almagro, and more specifically to the restaurant Scorching de Almagro. A traditional place to enjoy the best of the local cuisine.

Today we are going to give 6 reasons why you should visit "Scorching de Almagro"

  • The restaurant is located in a stately home with a cozy interior patio
  • The town of Almagro It is a prime tourist destination, where every July the city is taken by the Classical Theater “Golden age” español. He has been named the best tourist destination 2016 by SICTED.
  • In Scorching de Almagro You can enjoy traditional cuisine manchega, made with natural food, and faithful to the recipes that have been passed from generation to generation.
  • Grilled meats. All meat is own parenting Burning Iberian pork and beef, made grilled.
  • close relationship and family. A great team will make you feel like you're at home.
  • Innovation but keeping the essence. Like to experience, find and improve recipes, giving that touch of home cooking.

See you in Scorching de Almagro!