Overview of Medieval Castle Carcabuey


In the center of the region is Carcabuey (Córdoba). hogging practically most of the municipality Natural Park Subbetic, this small olive-farming town runs under his stronghold unwavering, Castle Carcabuey, for the most part of the story It has served to protect their traditions and maintain its history to host tourists with open arms.

In this Cordovan locality you can see many historical monuments, places of interest, nature, and its well-known festivals and traditions in Spain. Among the monuments and charming places that tourists can discover its beauty stands the castle Carcabuey, although there other buildings of interest also deserve special mention for their history and tradition.

Castle Carcabuey

Castle entrance Carcabuey
Overview of the Castle of Carcabuey

The Castle Carcabuey throughout its history has been a strategic point very important to control all roads in the region., already that from him all the roads that connect this region of the controlled subbética.

As demonstrates the discovery of a bronze sword 1200 a.C. (It is preserved in the British Museum in London) This place was already busy at this time. During the Middle Ages became famous as the Castle of Faithfulness. The bastion still talks his courtyard and rises on a rocky promontory overlooking the village.

Hermitage Castle

Hermitage Castle Carcabuey

In Inside the castle stands a temple in honor of the Virgin, which took the invocation of the Castle by where it is located. probably this church, It is rising during the years of Medievo, was the first parish of this town.

It was very possibly the first parish church of Carcabuey. Located in the inside the walls, It was reduced to a simple chapel. Already in the century XVIII, several reforms granted him a new look and Baroque, due damage by the earthquake 19 May 1951. The cover is located on the right side of the church and is formed by an arch brick point, framed by pilasters and entablature crowned by small pinjante

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Interior of the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption of Carcabuey

founded in the fourteenth century. Inside stands the Capilla del Sagrario, keeping Christ of Bores of Alonso de Mena. On the other hand, at one end of the village that hike the sober silhouette of the Church of San Marcos (late s. XVI). At Temple is headquartered, since 1671, the School of Christ, in charge of Congregation of St. Philip Neri.

Ermita de Santa Ana

Ermita de Santa Ana in Carcabuey

During 1583 the Chapel of Santa Ana was founded. In the eighteenth century altarpiece is blanket the image of the saint holder. Also a St. Francis of Assisi and Our Lady of Aurora, of great devotion in the town and related party String Toro. Meanwhile, in Mount Calvary Carcabuey is a chapel dedicated to Santo Cristo (s. XVIII). She is accessed by a path Via Crucis with fourteen stations penitential.

Shrine of Our Lady of Anguish

Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows

In the ancient street Parras, Today Obispo Pérez Muñoz, It is the Temple of the Our Lady of Sorrows (s. XVIII). From there it was where goodbye festively young people when they went to fulfill military service. East curious shrine houses a statue of the Virgin made in polychrome wood, of the century XVIII. It houses the image of Our Lady of Sorrows is one size polychrome wood attributed to the school in Granada and fechable around the last third of the eighteenth century. It has recently been restored bandstand intervention focusing on the deck and columns, enclosure the shrine to protect the image from the weather.

As well include the Church of San Marcos and the National Historical Museum Carcabuey as places to visit on the break to the town of Carcabuey. In ardededores, There are several nearby hiking as Cabra and Priego de Córdoba, two locations that can be visited during the morning given its proximity. Another option is to go to Zuheros and its interesting Cave Murciélagos.

To visit Carcabuey, If you have to choose the ideal date should remember the colorful festival of "bull rope" or during the festival of Body of Christ, date marked by the town and surrounding areas for its tradition and history. In between visits to emblematic buildings of the town you can take to make a stop along the way and eat at Meson Abrasador La Ronda, Specialists in grilled meat Anoja own rearing veal and Iberian pork bait countryside and local cuisine.

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