Reasons why you should visit Scorching Canovas

In the orchard of Murcia, in the district of Casillas, we found the restaurant scorching Canovas. Already with the second generation at the helm of this family business, that still knows how to maintain the spirit of cooking that has characterized them for many years, where vegetables are protagonists, for something this land is called "the garden of Europe", but it also stands out for its great variety of grilled meats.

There are many reasons to visit scorching Canovas…How your close treatment, so typical of family restaurants, that wrapped in the cozy atmosphere of its facilities, reinforces that feeling even more.

But if something really is a reason to visit a restaurant, it is because of its gastronomy., and there's a lot to talk about here, because they are specialists in all kinds of rice, kitchen garden and meats Burning always grilled. They also have a children's playground., in which the little ones will be watched by a monitor, while the parents enjoy the table. All this with a great value for money..

We are waiting for you in Scorching Cánovas!