Easter Carcabuey Moraos 2019

The Passover of the Moraos Carcabuey turns into a costume party.

Atypical party Easter Subbética, held every Easter Sunday and whose peculiarity has earned statementTourist Interest in Andalusia

Poster presentation Passover of Moraos 2019
Poster presentation Passover of Moraos 2019 /Photo Diputación de Córdoba

 Easter Moraos

“ancestral tradition”. It describes the Passover of the delegate of Tourism Moraos, Consumption and Citizenship of the Diputación de Córdoba, Aurora Barbero. On Sunday 21 April is celebrated on Easter Sunday, and define the most characteristic of this tradition is somewhat difficult, however noteworthy the Pregón, which it is ironic satiric proclamation of the great events or small Carcabuey occurred in or out of it and that somehow, Today marks of village life.

The provincial deputy, during the press conference to open this act so marked for Carcabuey and surroundings, highlights of this party: "Grotesque and absurd exalts, with street musicians, processions and masks, and in which the protagonist is a cry that tells in an ironic satire and some of the most important developments in Carcabuey ".

The Passover of the Moraos It serves to break the everyday life alcobitense: Children who dress up old, old who disguise themselves as women, women who disguise themselves as monsters ... everything has a place in this strange carnival and everything living on the street, Participants are the people themselves who are transformed and live an intensely those moments. some listen, murgas break the silence, others laugh, masks break their laughter and cries spread his satirical criticism in verse on major developments during the year locally, National and international.

Easter image Moraos

Where does this tradition?

It seems he had in Carcabuey an ancient brotherhood of Easter, during Lent, organized penitence and fasting, and to get even so many days of suffering, It organized from Sunday resurrection gargantuan feasts that lasted up to three days and that would be the antecedent of the Passover of the Moraos. Precisely, the name of the party, You can expect to get the purple tunic of penitents who formed this brotherhood.

further, in this sense, the mayor of the town, Juan Miguel Sánchez, It highlights the origin of the tradition: “it is believed that the name may come from the purple tunic of penitents who formed this brotherhood ".

This tradition is considered Festival of Tourist Interest in Andalusia.

Carcabuey village located within the natural park Subbetica, white mountain village surrounded by olive groves which you get one of the best olive oil in the world and where they breed quinces more succulent flavor and acidity.

This break can also enjoy this feast, this town invites us to enjoy nature through many hiking trails.

map routes carcabuey routes


Easter schedule of Moraos in Carcabuey (Córdoba)

Easter schedule of Moraos in Carcabuey

During Sunday morning 21 April will take place the hawkers and should be noted that this year will be the participation of three groups: the afternoon will be the parade along with the brass band and the batucada. Starting at 18:00 hours will Murga women; and as a climax to the party, overnight the traditional verbena and delivery of the respective awards will be held

And we propose to regain strength Scorching La Ronda, 

Avda. Constitution, 5, 14810 Carcabuey (Córdoba)

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