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The most interesting terraces for eating grilled meat

The art of terracing is also present in much of the Scorching restaurants, with terraces of the most varied to enjoy your grilled meats.

With the arrival of good weather there is something we love to practice, and this is the terracing. We took advantage of the excellent weather we have, to go out and enjoy the outdoors meal at our favorite restaurant. And it is during this time when Scorching restaurants take their tables on the street, the countryside or the garden.

Today we will know some of the most interesting Scorching terraces ...

Scorching restaurant Casa Pedro in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)

This restaurant was founded in 1979, and since 2009 They are associated with Abrasador Group to offer meats grilled own upbringing. This restaurant grill Dos Hermanas, you can sample dishes with modern touches and grilled.

It has a nice living room and tapas and beer area where is this fabulous terrace.

terrace Abrasador

Scorching terrace Casa Pedro

Restaurant Scorching Las Lomas in Guejar Sierra (Granada)

Near the ski resort of Sierra Nevada and within the camping Las Lomas, This restaurant is Abrasador. But with the arrival of good weather, terrace becomes a great place to enjoy the sights and good local cuisine and grilled meats.

Its magnificent views of the mountains makes you isolate yourself from everything and enjoy the company and its dishes.

Scorching Restaurant hills

Terrace Scorching Las Lomas

Scorching Restaurante El Cercado in Bérchules (Granada)

This magnificent restaurant belongs to the rural resort of El Cercado, which is nestled in the heart of Alpujarra, an area full of stories moriscas.

This brasserie restaurant Bérchules you can taste the best cuisine and meats alpujarreña Abrasador, in its charming dining room or enjoying the outdoors in her pretty terrace bar, right next to the pool that combines bath with food, tapas or coffee.

Terrace and pool Scorching Restaurante El Cercado

Terrace and pool El Cercado

Scorching Restaurant Toledo

Restaurant founded by the brothers Ramirez Camino de Scorching Group in the imperial city, and the first of the brand partner restaurants. It has a nice dining Inspirational inside and a bar area.

Its urban terrace is ideal for grilled dishes taste the R & D group prepares, although you can also have breakfast, aperitifs, and of course eating dinner.

Scorching brasserie grill restaurant Toledo

Scorching Terrace Toledo

Scorching Restaurant Altomira Navajas (Castellón)

In the Altomira camping and surrounded by nature is this restaurant, specialist as rice and grilled meats. It has a bar area, a newly refurbished room and two terraces. One located outside and overlooking the campsite, and the other is lovely, within an inner courtyard at the restaurant with a garden.

Scorching restaurant terrace Altomira Navajas

Scorching terrace Altomira

Scorching La Carreta restaurant in Ronda (Málaga)

In the center of Ronda and a few meters from the famous “Tajo”, It is this nice restaurant where you can sample dishes from the local cuisine, but also international cuisine and of course grilled meat.

You can sit inside, but if you choose to do it on your terrace, You can enjoy the superb climate racking in the province of Málaga.

Scorching La Carreta restaurant Ronda

Scorching terrace La Carreta

Restaurant Scorching cinnamon and lemon in Consuegra (Toledo)

Manchego in this village surrounded by Quixotic windmills, is located in the heart this brasserie. And no doubt because of the exquisite interior decoration, makes it a more than recommended to enjoy the Manchego cuisine with modern touches, with the best grilled meats.

But their shared terrace with bar El Pesca which also belongs to the same owners, It is located in the Plaza of Spain, where you can eat, tapas or dinner while the evolution of life is seen consaburense.

Scorching terrace cinnamon and lemon

Scorching terrace cinnamon and lemon

Scorching restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha Villarrubia eye (Real city)

This brasserie is located within the Resort "El Mirador de la Mancha", composed of wooden huts and all kinds of services.

In the restaurant you can taste the best Manchego cuisine and grilled meats, They are performing the chef Javier Donaire with his team. It has four beautiful rooms surrounded by wood.

Chairing the terrace the figure of Don Quixote highest in the world is located. By Valentin Rodriguez pinewood. This has a height of about 9,85 meters and weighing approximately 2450 kilos. In addition the views from here to all the Manchego plains are spectacular.

Scorching restaurant Mirador de la Mancha

Scorching sun terrace Mirador de la Mancha

Scorching restaurant La Ronda in Carcabuey (Córdoba)

With two locations one winter and one summer, this traditional restaurant subbética Cordovan region is able to offer its customers two rooms, each for a different time of year. And in summer moved from its location gastronomy always to the premises of the municipal swimming pool Carcabuey, with a terrace that will delight your customers.

Terrace Restaurant scorching round

Terrace Abrasador La Ronda

Scorching Zeppelin Restaurant Zentro in Torrelodones (Madrid)

This restaurant is located in the heart of Torrelodones, in the Plaza de la Constitution. It has a large breakfast bar and tapas and living room. It also has a nice outdoor terrace and an interior.

Scorching Zeppelin Restaurant Zentro

Scorching Zeppelín Zentro Terrace

Scorching restaurant Armando Bejar (Salamanca)

In the heart of the Salamanca town in the Plaza de Maldonado, we find this excellent restaurant to taste the local cuisine and the best grilled meats in the area.

The terrace is full of life to be a focal point of the city, you can also enjoy watching the church history of El Salvador and the Ducal Palace Béjar.

Scorching restaurant Armando

Scorching terrace Armando

Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag in Campo de Criptana (Real city)

Come here is to breathe pure Mancha, and not only for its traditional food and grilled meats, but also for its decoration. It has an indoor lounge and a terrace to live the street.

Scorching Restaurant Sancho's saddlebag

Scorching terrace Sancho's saddlebag

Scorching restaurant Casa Benito in Alcala de Henares (Madrid)

A restaurant that belongs to the tradition of his city, where every week there are hundreds of residents and visitors of this monumental city madreleña, those who come to eat called for its excellent home cooking and oven baked meats grilled.

Of course, It has an urban terrace that provides its visitors the pleasure of enjoying the cookout.

terrace house burning benito

Scorching terrace Casa Benito

Scorching Restaurant Rio Jerte in Navaconcejo (Cáceres)

Scorching another restaurant located in a camping with the same name. The peculiarity of this terrace does being surrounded by nature, also it has a section devoted to entertain the kids with outdoor games. Definitely, a place to unwind and enjoy the best cuisine of Valle del Jerte.

Scorching Terrace Rio Jerte

Scorching restaurant Sierra de Segura in Puente de Génave (Jaén)

In the natural park of Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, Scorching found a hotel restaurant in the Sierra de Segura.

It has indoor lounge for lunch or dinner, and a pretty terrace where you can enjoy excellent grilled meats and the best of local cuisine, while you can see the landscape surrounding Scorching Sierra de Segura.

Terrace Restaurant Scorching Sierra de Segura

Terrace Scorching Sierra de Segura

Scorching restaurant Arco Iris in Villaviciosa (Madrid)

Very close to Madrid found Scorching Rainbow, in the campsite which gives it its name. It becomes a perfect choice for a quick getaway to enjoy grilled meats Abrasador.

This grill restaurant has an indoor lounge and a terrace that will delight everyone who visits this charming and pleasant restaurant, is not staying or camping. It also has a children's play area on the same terrace.

Scorching Rainbow Terrace Restaurant

Scorching Rainbow Terrace

Scorching restaurant El Astral in Tordesillas (Valladolid)

In the Valladolid town of Tordesillas we found this restaurant grill, nestled in a first class campsite which gives its name to this restaurant.

The terrace is the perfect place to enjoy grilled meats that so excellently prepared here, in addition to other specialties.

Scorching photo Terrace Astral

Scorching Terrace Astral

Restaurant Scorching Cantabria Polientes (Valle de Valderredible – Cantabria)

If you doubt, a place to enjoy magnificent views of nature. This grill restaurant located in Cantabria Camping, and in the valley of Valderredible, It has a beautiful living room interior of a country style, and a terrace with views, serving grilled meats.

Comer carnes a la brasa en Cantabria

Scorching Corral del Rey restaurant in Trujillo (Cáceres)

It is a culinary landmark in this historic city, recommended by the Michelin Guide and selected in the Repsol Guide, which together with its decoration and located in the former outbuildings of a XVI century palace, make this restaurant grill Trujillo, a charming place.

Terrace in the old town, It is an exceptional place to enjoy the best grilled meats and Extremadura cuisine, while the history of this town is contemplated.

Terraza restaurante asador Corral del Rey en Trujillo

Scorching Restaurant Abuelito in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)

Restaurant located in the center of the suburb, with a letter elaborately with modern touches, to enjoy the best cuts of grilled meat. And of course the terrace becomes the ideal place to taste the best of your kitchen.

Comer carnes a la brasa en Pozuelo de Alarcón
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