The cuisine of The Alacantí, Restaurante Graná

Alicante's cuisine is based on sea products, as fresh seafood, and unmissable vegetables from his garden. Meat and rice, its variety, also they have become a specialty in the region of the Alacantí; as well as more typical of this region, as nougat with varieties, coca with vegetables or the very famous "coca mollitas", but there are also dishes like bollitori.

In Burning restaurant Grana, They have managed to reflect in his letter much of the culinary tradition of the region in which it is. Where more adept at alicantina culinary, They can enjoy tasting rice, and why not, also grilled meats, two of the specialties of this restaurant Abrasador. The band rice, vegetable, or lobster meloso, among other, They are a hallmark

Scorching Restaurant Graná you find Av. James I the Conqueror, 46. 03560 El Campello (Alicante) . To make your reservation call the 652 33 24 10 or click on the button.