Christmas menus Corral of the King



Skewered prawn avocado with mayonnaise
Bocaditos partridge and mushrooms
Scorching salad (Lettuce sprouts, Iberian Ham, Manchego cheese, tomato and soya vinaigrette)


Iberian pork cheeks port wine with potatoes
Taco cod on ratatouille of zucchini, roasted garlic au gratin.


Coulant chocolate quenelle of vanilla and cookie earth


Wine region (Tinto, pink or white)(1 bottle 4 pax)
Mineral water
Cava (Invitation)

Price per person: 30 €



Tosta avocado, Iberian ham and pine nut vinaigrette
Smoked Salmon Salad, tropical pineapple and white asparagus buds
Data on cassette cod fresh tomato


Leg grilled octopus, arrugás potatoes and Mojo Picon
Tournedos Iberian pork gratin, on grilled mushrooms.


Quenelle carrot cake with cinnamon


Wine region (Tinto, pink or white)(1 bottle 4 pax)
Mineral water
Cava (Invitation)

Price per person: 32 €



Selection of ham, Sheep loin and cheese with ciabatta bread
Bocaditos Gambon and leek
Toasted bread with guacamole, strips grilled chicken and pico de gallo


Roast suckling pig with potatoes and tomato Provencal


Sorbete de Gin-Tonic


Wine region (Tinto, pink or white) (1 bottle 4 pax)
Mineral water
Cava (Invitation)

Price per person: 37 €


Iberian bait Ham, Iberian loin bait
Sheep cake with warm bread toasts

Zorongollo extremeño with nice ventreska

Mini cup watercress cream and parmesan with prawns to steam

Taco cod on ratatouille of zucchini roasted garlic

Iberian pork steak aroma of grilled mountain with foil potatoes

Green apple sorbet with cider


Wine region (White, pinkish red) (1 bottle 4 pax)
Mineral water
Cava (Invitation)

Price per person: 45 €

Scorching Gastronomic Festival 2019

V national contest of cuts and Abrasador recipes

The Scorching restaurants use eco coconut shell charcoal.

A draft sustainable restaurants to look over our planet

Coconut tree with coconuts to extract the shell

in Scorching we care the most of the environment, we know that a planet sustainable can get a better quality of life.

Love for the field causes we care every detail that directly or indirectly affect natural resources, For this reason today we come to speak of ecological coconut charcoal ago we met 15 years.

Being a project meats Grilled our farmer and rancher of the Scorching Family Julio Ramirez (father) and he warned his children that the oak is a natural product very valuable and your pruning can draw some wood but looked like something sustainable for the field that coal companies do all the coal Holm oak. Besides it was a very dirty product to manage our stores and our kitchens.

And as if by magic, He appeared this coconut shell charcoal in the hands of Julio Ramirez (son) He presented to its members and sisters M Carmen y Esperanza and did not hesitate to launch in the kitchens of restaurants own Abrasador. Later they would show and transmit the benefits to all partners and gradually restaurants all have been adding this product in your cooking system.

Organic coconut shell Brasa

The Most will wonder how this coal, What advantages does it have, or simply, Why change, If we are accustomed to Normal coal, which it has been used throughout life. As well, change people and professional cooks and chefs who use this system ember, is very large. By not releasing soot and dirt it is much healthier for the cooking with this grill and helps maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen better.

Legacy and mission of Scorching Group is to improve the supply of people with the best quality meats own upbringing through the hotel so it is very important to us that everything goes according to improve the quality of life of customers and fellow of the restaurants that join this project.

Scorching oven roasted
Carlos Torres cooking in oven grilled Movilfrit

Y Now let's focus on the advantages of this charcoal and this Brasa:

The more accurate definition we can give is that it is a type of carbon, ecological, made with coconut shell, which should not be confused with charcoal comes from firewood from trees. This coal it We obtain from coconut shell, instead of discarding, It is reused For this end, which makes it a material 100% natural and ecological.

If we focus on its advantages, we find a huge improvement in the normal coal:

Avoid cutting trees to make charcoal vegetable.

It has a high calorific power, making with less product heat get more space than we It allows heating ordinary carbon.

The heat is distributed equally, since this charcoal lights so uniform and at the same time, which makes the heat is well distributed.

He lights 7 minutes and therefore it is agile and quick and effective.

One of the most significant is the lack of smoke, this coal reduces the emission of fumes and odors considerably, which makes cooking with it much more comfortable and healthier.

Do not you has passed, when some wind rises, moves the ash caused by the coal and fills the meat residue? Coconut coal also puts you solution to this, reducing, almost to a minimum, ash caused by its combustion.

You can forget The sparks, is just light a barbecue and sparks fly them to us cause a burn.

Avoids the risk of fire it does not produce flames. The flames produced is due to fat that may fall from the grill but that mitigated using coal to furnaces closed to control the flames with shots by the absence of oxygen.

The most important, ECOLOGICAL, It is all natural, As we said before, with the advantages would find why everything was so related, Y is that, thanks to being a very sustainable product, does it reduce the pollution.

in Scorching care to detail, so we use sustainable materials or a very low pollution, we know that in a healthy world and care, the quality products will be better, which will make the quality of life people also is.

We love our environment! Become Abrasador

Organic grilled on coconut shell

The chef of restaurant partners say

Placido Nuñez Scorching Almagro Restaurant

We started with charcoal and now we are with this type of coal organic coconut and the truth that the difference was noticeable, not only for cleaning and work with carbon, but also for performance, although at first seems a bit expensive but when you realize that it is profitable notes, recommendable 100%.

Almagro burning cook cooking with coal burning oven and ecologico
Restaurant cook Scorching De Almagro

Humberto Martin Scorching restaurant La Chimenea de Turleque

It's just a matter of starting, when you do not want to change the typical traditional charcoal, summarize gain in functionality, costs, versatility, cleaning, stress in service and endless improvements. Do not limit, Test it! And then you reflect and decide.

Humberto, chef and restaurant owner burning fireplace Turleque
Humberto, Restaurant chef Abrasador La Chimenea de Turleque.

Jose Manuel Sanchez Scorching Capri Restaurant

The choice of coconut shell charcoal is an option more than successful, because besides easy storage and on is a great product because it has a high calorific power, It does not generate smoke and also is environmentally friendly, which makes the meat gets cooking and texture unmatched.

Carlos Torres and capri burning cook cooking with oven roasted ecologica
Cortés Estela Scorching Capri Restaurant.

Armando de Scorching restaurant Armando

Outlasts charcoal, does not create flames, virtually smokeless, few ashes, neutral taste and smell, low consumption for long service life, environmental Protection.

Armando burning cook oven cooking with organic grilled
Scorching cook Armando Restaurant

Oscar de Scorching Rainbow Restaurant

A wonderful option for cooking with perfect grilled intensity and a peculiar smell for our grilled meat.

Scorching Rainbow Cook cooking oven roasted ecologica
Chef Jose Scorching Rainbow Restaurant

Miguel Angel Scorching Restaurant Toledo

In the environment customers have congratulated us over the years, because since we do grilled with this charcoal, hardly clear odors and does not smoke as did the oak charcoal we used before.   And finally my point of view, It brings a special flavor to meats enhancing its natural flavor being made grilled .

Miguel angel toledo burning cook cooking with oven roasted ecologica
Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Chef cook and Brasa Restaurant Scorching Toledo.

Carlos Torres Restaurant Abrasador El Capricho de los Torres

The guys on the team are delighted kitchen for when we have quiet times and do not know if there will be reservations with grilled meats, They can light the charcoal coconut directly when requesting a barbecue dish or other grilled and 7 minutes, while preparing the drink and a recess, you are ready to make grilled meat.

Carlos Torres cooking
Carlos Torres Chef de Scorching Restaurant El Capricho de los Torres

Jorge Zurita Restaurant Scorching Graná

Only the knowledge we do not need cutting down trees to make an exceptional grilled love. With this I think we have taken a very important step forward. And on top is coal that provides better tasting and more calorific than coal furnaces our control we can not spend excessive heat in our kitchens.

Grana chef cooking in oven burning ember ecologica
Jorge Zurita, Chef Restaurant Scorching Graná

Monica Restaurant Abrasador El Astral

It is a very durable coal combustion over other. Why pays off, besides that with meat it works well because it gives no odor or taste to meats and acquires a good flameless.

Scorching cook Astral oven cooking with grilled ecologica Abrasador
Monica restaurant cook Abrasador El Astral

Mayra Scorching Restaurante Casa Benito

I like to cook with charcoal grilled ecological because it does not smoke, Do not Mess kitchen, is environmentally friendly and easy storage. They are all advantages.

Scorching Casa Benito cook oven cooking with charcoal grilled ecologico Abrasador
Mayra cook Scorching Restaurante Casa Benito

Mariola Scorching restaurant El Raco de Mama Lola

Also note that the pieces to make this coconut charcoal has much calorific sealed before and a part that takes 12 minute open grill in our system of closed furnaces with this coal takes 4 minutes made.

Mariola Abrasador El Raco de Mama Lola receiving the third prize in the national contest scorching recipes
Scorching Chef de Mariola Restaurante El Raco de Mama Lola

Ramón God Restaurant El Meson de Fuencarral

I love preparing grilled and last us more than two hours each charging hard and very powerful calorific. And especially to do service in the middle of another half load if I need it and add all the glowing embers without you come down the oven grill.

Ramón God, Scorching chef restaurant El Meson de Fuencarral
Ramón God, Chef Restaurant El Meson de Fuencarral

Food and genetic selection, challenges in the livestock sector.

livestock interview by the magazine Extremadura flow to Abrasador Group


  1. How arose Searing project, what objectives and volume has been reached regarding marketing of meat and nOmero restaurants?

When still we had my sisters 21 Y 19 years respectively, and me 23 years, My father sold a small farm in Herrera del Duque and with that money bought a store in Toledo, in one of the areas of further trade.

Padre Julio and Julio Son in Abrasador farm
Padre Julio, founder of livestock and Julio son, Scorching cofounder.

We decided to mount a café-restaurant with my mother and my sister Olivia, While we studied, creating a S.A.L (labor corporation with five partners). And we began to ask my father that we will select the best that he had to offer our customers in the menus of the day.

Following there began testing systems and testing ember which were the best cooked and 4 years later we set up a second restaurant specializing in grilled and, Asador Europe Young. And after the tremendous success we had, we decided two years creating the Scorching brand with an initial franchise project.

Cows in the field
Scorching cattle breeding own

As the franchise project did not work with inexperienced entrepreneurs hostelry. We saw that the project only worked with restaurants success They are incorporating our own parenting meat. And we created a business model of corner franchise brand to incorporate meat into successful restaurants and brand.

Currently we already 32 partner restaurants throughout Spain and other 114 Restaurants are customers and when carrying over a year value together, the possibility to incorporate them into the network of restaurants Abrasador. This year there are signed other 8 Restaurants are incorporated into the brand Burning. Which has its own application, your web, APP, its central reserves and is already more than 1.000.000 of loyal customers seeking Scorching meat restaurants to go eat a good grilled meat.

Billing 2018 as group restaurants is about 9.600.000,00 € more 1.520.000,00 € billing meat and products of own upbringing.

2. What Unlike the beef and That you furnish the Iberian frenyou to other?

Security have always selected the same quality without fluctuation prices throughout the year.

3. You have several ranches in CAceres and Badajoz. What kind of cattle is the that young in them, what number you have actualmente and how It has been vuestra experience in the field extremeño?

Primarily in cattle we breed cross Charolais and Limousin race, and Iberian crossing pure Iberian with Duroc Yersey. Currently our brothers number about 950 Life cows and a 2200 heads kept feeding.

Scorching cows at Finca de Caceres Torrejon del Rubio
Cows on the farm of Torrejon del Rubio (Cáceres)

Undoubtedly one of the best land in order to have gained extensive is Extremadura. His field is especially good for food and space for cows belly. Since we had 4 years, we were with our father in the truck, a Avia 3000 Extremadura in search of good cattle. Then we feed my people based on good grain and more nutrients to make a special meat that is what we serve in our restaurants.

And now we on the farms themselves with spaces to look carefully those selected cattle, we feed very carefully for one year, with shelter from rain and bad weather, with shadow without passing cold and stress. So we only need them to music and give them beer as they did once say Japanese.

Rearing farm Scorching Own Group
José María Ramírez road riding

4. From your point of view, ¿which are the main challenges raised the extensive livestock sector today?

We could say that the main challenges are:

1.- Feeding healthy cattle: For as they say, of what you eat are raised. Healthy eating is transmitted directly to the then we eat meat. To do this we must ensure that the lands do not chemical fertilizers used. We use only fertilizers natural and organic.

2.- Combating climate: Another challenge is the care of the planet to maintain an optimal climate in our lands, the spring and fall seasons again become large. Well now much are cut and there is further feed the cows for many months.

3.- Another important challenge is the selection genetics, to do a good choice for very prolific mothers, very dairy, rearing calves with high conversion rate, selection also ideal stallions, for good calves with high rate conversion and their meat marbling, marbled, with good texture, good flavor and good color.

4.- Another great challenge is get all the cows each livestock they can give birth so that they are primables and thus must be well groomed. Thus more competitive and productive beef space is achieved in the European Economic Community, It is giving us aid prductiva cow breeding to make this sustainable and profitable livestock profession in our country and in particular in this community.

5.- And finally the biggest challenge coil is to fight tuberculosis.Hunting habitat shares with cattle. And the hunt is carrying the bacteria Mycobacterium bovis that causes tuberculosis. It is a disease notifiable is a zoonosis and therefore are required to meet minimum health program in which annual tests are done or semester by province, and is a great struggle, because they leave many positive due to contact with hunting. Getting eradicate this disease we could say that would be the biggest challenge.

This question has been answered by my little brother, Alfonso Ramirez Camino, Veterinary and Livestock the group Abrasador.

Alfonso Ramirez with cattle
Alfonso, brand veterinarian and rancher in the same

5. The meat of extremeña beef It is of exceptional quality, thanks todo a la Dehesa, but maybe It is less known that the Galician name or the Ávila what le for lack mons known by the consumer?

The first thing you need is to have and inform the final consumer about the product. And the second is to establish methods to ensure customer homogeneity and price stability.

And we know that today in a market global, we have to be competitive crossings select the best genetics to achieve The best meat, sticking to the best of our traditions and improving everything in which we are not competitive.

Scorching cows on the farm in Badajoz
Scorching cows on the farm in Badajoz

But anyway I think to date, in Spain at least, we know that Dehesa de Extremadura is one of the best places in the world to have won in extensive.

6. In the latest yeathe, fresh meat of Iberian They have become very fashionable ¿Have you noticed it too you in demand for property hasecimiencough Hospitality?

In the year 1994 when we started our first restaurant, my sisters, my sister in law, my mother and I, my father came start raising Iberian pigs, Besides beef and learned from Extremadura, Guijuelo and Huelva. As of today we have an extraordinary quality, with which they are very happy all the associated restaurants Scorching brand and therefore those millions of customers throughout Spain that at some point have visited over 30 Scorching restaurants and more 115 Restaurants are also clients and our meats own parenting, although some of the latter have not yet grilled and so are customers but they are not associated with brand Abrasador.

From my point of view, the Iberian pig is not a fad but a tendenhere. Eat Healthy, Healthy food, fits perfectly with the Iberian pig, which has more than one 75% or put in place of the poly-unsaturated fats and that It makes it beneficial for food.

Our mission as a group is "Feeding Improve human being through through hospitality with meats own upbringing ", and why we choose to produce these two types of meats, beef and Iberian, they are for us and our customers the best for all we know. But we remain open to know, making and improve everything our partner restaurants will offer suing us the best grilled meat market.

The new bridge, excellent "geological accident" in full Ronda

New renovated bridge image
New Bridge image reformed

This bridge called "El Tajo Ronda "is located in the historic center of the city of Ronda (Málaga). It is located near the Alameda del Tajo Park and the Plaza de Toros Real Maestranza. This bridge halve the town Malaga and was built to save Gorge Guadalevin. The Old Bridge or Santa Cecilia and the Arab Bridge or Tanneries, the dinner identity of the town were also participants in this feat.

Another perspective of the New Bridge Round
Another perspective of the New Bridge Round
Description: C:\Users  user  Desktop  eric  manuela source aguilera.jpg

This "geological accident" is, for many experts, unique in its form and its location in the town center. further, has a surface of 47,5 approximately meters and a throat carved by the river Guadalevín 500 m in length and 100 Metters of depth. Its width is 50 meters and has a great escarpment that opens to “Caldera”, hollow circular. New Bridge (in actually it should be called so because it replaced the built in 1735, which collapsed in 1740 and killed a 50 people. To cover the works, what They were led by José Martin de Aldehuela, New Bridge had to collect money from the Real Maestranza and impose a tax on the May Fair. However, the formation of this bridge dates back to many years.

New Bridge view from the zenith
New Bridge view from the zenith
Photo courtesy of Manuela Aguilera

The formation of this archiconocido bridge Ronda, according to experts, It goes back for five millions of years because of an earthquake, when surface waters present in this area began to erode the system and are separated by a gorge that has been slowly piercing the Guadalevin, giving as resulted in an impressive carved sandstone crag that houses a interesting variety of bird, as well as the town of Hoya del Tajo and the Serrania de Ronda. Also monuments such as the Casa del Rey Moro, the gardens from Cuenca, the Convent of Santo Domingo and houses overlooking the Tajo de Round.

Photo courtesy of Grisha Bruev

 The height of cut reaches 140 meters allowing watch birds in flight. In fact, It is common contemplate sets a Peregrine trying reaches a dove. The different viewpoints at different heights offering observe the peregrine falcon nests telescope or Chough. In other times, the top of the bridge was used as a prison.

As a curiosity, veranda near New Bridge is known as the "balcony Cunt". It is the feeling Peering produce a concise word translated, strong and desbocada. East viewpoint is on the Paseo de la Alameda.

It is also called the & quot; Balcony pussy"
It is also called the “Balcony pussy”

further, You should not forget the excellent Scorching restaurant La Carreta de Ronda, in which they specialize in grilled meats and wild food, and it is also located in the locality. It is an indispensable stop for all those who enjoy the visit of this historic monument.


Invitation II Scorching Day 2019

The next Tuesday 11 in June Scorching group celebrate our II Technical Seminar the is 2019, in CZECH (Confederation of Employers of Córdoba) in Gardens Virgen de la Estrella, 1 14006 From Cordoba, and which of course we want to invite.

It will be a key day in training to improve the daily lives of your restaurant with respect to management, to the kitchen and to technology. Three basic pillars for your restaurant succeed, and for that we will have top-level speakers.

So will the program ...

9:00 Breakfast and welcome.

10:00 presentation of Eva Ballarín "Being the trendy restaurant in your city"

Eva Ballarín Technical Seminar presentation at Abrasador
Eva Ballarín (II speaker at Scorching Day 2019)

10:45 presentation of Diego Coquillat "Scorching at the forefront of the digital"

Diego Coquillat speaker at Scorching day
Diego Coquillat (Scorching Day rapporteur II 2019)

11:30 presentation of Carlos Torres "Cooking on the inside"

Chef Carlos Torres gastronomic consultant for Scorching Group
Chef Carlos Torres (Scorching Day rapporteur II)

12:15 Rest and appetizer with Scorching corner of Iberian, corner wine and craft beer corner.

13:00 Round table with three speakers, Eva Ballarín, Coquillat Diego and Carlos Torres, and moderated by Julio Ramirez Camino. The three legs for a solid foundation in your restaurant: Management, Heart and Technology. We must do to have fun and be happy with this magnificent profession, and it did not overflow the urgent day-to-day.

13:45 Awards, Scorching recognition and presentation of certificates of attendance.

14:30 Food at Celia Jimenez restaurant . cooking 10 hands, with chef…Celia Jimenez (hostess), Mariola Hervas (Scorching restaurant Raco de Mama Lola), Mamen Gálvez (Scorching restaurant cinnamon and lemon), Pepa Canovas (Scorching restaurant Canovas), Scorching corner and grilled by the chef grilled Miguel Angel Gonzalez, to test cuts of meat more "gourmet" Scorching meat.

Restaurant Celia Jimenez: Open Arena sports complex. C / writer Maria Goyri, s/n 14005 Córdoba

to attend is imprescindible reserve a place by contacting Alvaro Martin 647 221 393 or Julio Ramirez 630 893 522

We are waiting Cordoba on Tuesday 11 of June!

Large menu Special Day Holy Christ of Viga

The next day 1 May we have prepared a special menu to celebrate the big day of the festival of Villacañas. We hope you like…


Iberian wheel

Block foie gras and raspberry jam

Tower veal and peppers julienne

shrimp grilled shrimp


Medallion of beef with honey marinade, curry and mustard

Tournedos of Iberian pork loin with porcini risotto

roast lamb

Gratin salmon with mousseline Pistachio

Cod fillet in saffron sauce

Dessert, café, wine, home and water (other drinks apart)

PRICE 30 € (per person incl.

By reservation only by calling 925 160 734

Valentine menu La Ronda

VALENTINES Scorching menu Meson La Ronda


Valentine Salad (mezclun, strawberries, fresh cheese, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette

Table of sausages

Tataky steak with pistachio praline

Second choice

Dam steak with baked potato

He Iberian Tournedos with potatoes and olive sauce and honey

Cod with honey garlic aioli black

Swordfish with vegetables and orange lactonesa



white semisweet 10.12

Raising red B

Pozanco sparkling muscat

25 euros per person