Scorching days. technical conference and celebration

A year celebrate the "Scorching Days" ;-)…. Two intense days, where we visit our customers, friends and all teams of the restaurants attached to our brand.

We will begin on Tuesday 18 October with a "Technical Day", where they are attending teams kitchen and living partner brand restaurants, a "masterclass" cutting beef and Iberian and a “show cooking” brasa, with the best recipes and Abrasador cuts given by the Head of Quality and R & D and three Chefs of partner restaurants.

days-October techniques Abrasador 2016

Wednesday 19 celebrate the "Gran Fiesta annual Scorching", where we invite all the restaurants and customers to see first hand our farms and livestock breeding facilities own, cutting room and enjoy the Catering Firm offered by Abrasador in “Club Hipico San Juan”, with corner and grilled Iberian, accompanied by two novel corner caps … one the “Scorching news” and other tapas prepared by our Chef invited Michelin Star “Ivan Cerdeño” …


To attend is essential to book in advance by calling Alvaro 647221393 O July 630893522

We are happy to see you!

Tips to make a good barbecue

10 Useful tips for making good barbecue at home, in the garden or pool, without resulting flame.

1) Prepare your grill. If you do not have barbecue and you want to buy a, asks one of the models that can close at the top when you're making meat. In the absence of oxygen, the meat pore closes and allows the meat is juicier and.

2) On coal:You know that there is an ecological pressed coconut shell charcoal that no loose soot and dirt and does call? There 3kg boxes on a 10,00 €. For ignition you need a portable charcoal lighter stainless steel, a portable gas bottle and a portable fire or some firelighters.

3) puts 1 kg coal ignitor, put on the fire once connected to the bottle or placed under the firelighters and light the fire, past 6-7 minutes depending on the intensity of the fire, dumps the contents of the lighter on the part of the barbecue where coal is placed and you have grilled list, without smoke, soot and dirt.

Encendido_brasa_Abrasador Encendido_brasa FOTOEQUIPO

4) For the best juiciness and make each of the meats to the proper spot, we recommend removing meat from container next and set it on a plate to be oxygenate and temper ( 5 minutes), You obtained when a redder and natural color due to contact of myoglobin with oxygen is ready to cook.

5) If meat is not very fat, better try to point. Outside it must be doradito, to achieve this should be done on strong coal, in 2-3 minutes will turn around and add coarse salt and let others 2 minutes on this side and shake off the grill coarse salt and garnish with salt flakes. Inside rojito be juicy.

6) If the meat is fat like churrasco skirt we recommend that the cut is thinner, to thereby doing exactly the same with the same times you stay more pasadito and you can enjoy a taste and unique aroma.

zoom_gourmet_1 lote_barbacoa_abrasador zoom_Lote_barbacoa_1

7) Burgers point will have them ready in 2 minutes per side, and remember to have a hand spatula to turn around and pull the grill and do not break.

8) Products like sausage and Iberian pork somarro will smoke more because fat falls on the grill and can generate calls. It must wean across the barbecue and change it back if it generates more calls. In 4 minutes you'll have it ready, turning it every minute with the help of tweezers.

carne_barbacoa_Abrasador barbecue 3

9) Barbecues on the amount of meat is often consumed on average per person is about 300 grs.

10) And not fail with the Meat quality, from Scorching we propose this Lot Barbecue 10 people or a Lot family house O Gourmet meat Lot , with different varieties of Veal and Iberian own parenting.

If you hurry, with orders placed before 31 July 2016, you get a free game meat carving knife and tweezers for barbecue.

If you need help finding some of the items you can contact us at Grilled Field and we help you get

Potato dumplings and bacon with green sauce Iberian

I present this new section of our scorching web where every week we will tell some of our secrets and we want to share with you, This time we have chosen this recipe is for all audiences, great tasting and easy to prepare, a success…

Potato dumplings and bacon with green sauce Iberian

Ingredients: potatoes(150 gr), Iberian bacon(70gr), will, Pepper, breadcrumbs and egg.

Elaboration: It can be done with previously baked potato or cooked, skin is removed hot, and is crushed with the help of a slotted spoon.

Cut the bacon into small pieces of 0,5 cm and fried until golden brown. It reserves.

A crushed potato is salpimenta, It is flavored with Iberian bacon fat to fry, and bacon is added doradito.

balls are 25 Homogeneous grams when we get the ball we passed through egg and breadcrumbs, fried at 190 degrees and placed on absorbent paper to loosen excess oil.

Green Mojito: garlic clove(3 Items), parsley(bunch), sweet green pepper(2 Items), virgin olive oil, will, fried bread (20gr), vinegar (a spritz)

Ing the well washed 180º peppers for 45 me.

We crush the garlic with fried bread, peeled roasted peppers, parsley, salt and vinegar, We grind and add water until the texture is desired.

Recipe provided by Miguel Angel Gonzalez, chef scorching Toledo in Avenida Europa, 8, Toledo.

And if what you want is to come and try this delicious recipe Click here to reserve


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