What to see in Ciudad Real

The Scorching restaurant El Mirador de La Mancha it's not just any restaurant. It differs from the everyday restaurants of the environment that surrounds it, both for its privileged location full of nature and for the different activities offered by this restaurant environment where you can enjoy a rural complex, among other alternatives. From the Scorching restaurant El Mirador de La Mancha we will mention some of the most outstanding.

The first and great option is the rural complex that is located in the heart of La Mancha, same location as the restaurant specializing in grilled meat, how is the rural accommodation El Mirador de La Mancha. Perfect wooden lodgings such as cabins or suites, among other, to enjoy a few days or a perfect weekend with your loved ones. Ideal for a unique experience.

Daimiel Tables

Daimiel Tables

And if that was not enough, very close, you can enjoy the Ruidera where then to practice with activities such as kayaking or enjoy the fauna and flora that this lake treasures. In this sense it is the Tables of Daimiel, a wetland with a lot of history and tradition, since it was declared a National Park, Biosphere Reserve and included within the Ramsar Convention.



Likewise, in this province, there is also the Cabañeros National Park, in which you can contemplate the great diversity of fauna and botanical species together with its peculiar geology, make this natural space a jewel of great natural value, being the natural site representative of the Mediterranean mount, within the network of national parks.

Cabañeros Park

Cabañeros Park

But if Castilla-La Mancha is different and is an icon of this community, they are the windmills and very close to the restaurant you can see the windmills with the most tradition and history of Ciudad Real, such as the windmills of Campo de Crypt. Just 64 kilometers from the grilled meat restaurant splendid set of industrial heritage is this space of Asset of Cultural Interest.

Mills Field Criptana

further, It is very interesting to visit the city of Almagro, One of the most beautiful towns in the autonomous community for its tradition and particular history as El Corral de Comedias de Almagro is located in the Plaza Mayor of this La Mancha city. Declared a National Monument the 4 March 1955, maintains the original structure of the 17th century comedy corrals, probably due to the continuity of its use as an inn.

Corral de Comedias

Corral de Comedias

Visits to these treasures of the La Mancha community can be completed with a visit to the Scorching restaurant El Mirador de La Mancha which has specialties in yearling veal and grilled field bait Iberian pork, among other specialties and thus enjoy a unique experience while passing through Ciudad Real.

Salon burning lookout spot events

Decorated hall events


The Tables of Daimiel, a natural paradise in Ciudad Real

Daimiel Tables
Daimiel Tables

Ideal time to visit

Las Tablas de Daimiel always see summer as their great date of the year. When the days get longer and the sun illuminates and warms the days more strongly, this natural paradise increases the value of its park for the fauna of the region. Despite the fact that in this community there are not many rains, for the Tablas de Daimiel they have not prevented this from being an ideal time to enjoy the natural wealth of the Manchego National Park, which constitutes like an oasis of life and water in the middle of the dry La Mancha plain.

The ideal time to visit is at sunrise or sunset of the day, since the birds usually take refuge from the heat in the central hours of the day, as long as it is visited in summer. However, the rest of the year it can be visited at any time of the day. But nevertheless, On these dates, many flowers and shrubs begin to bloom thanks to the hours of sunshine they have, and preserving the green color of spring chlorophyll, make an idyllic time to visit it and see plants, flowers and trees like: The Carrizo, the Aeneas or the Masiega.

The Carrizo
The Carrizo

At dusk the song of the Common Frog, the Little Frog of San Antonio and the Sapillo Pintojo resound everywhere., If we look carefully at the water we can see a multitude of crabs along with tadpoles and Gambusias in the waters. In the central hours of the day, the European Galapago and the Water Snake sunbathe from the vegetation on the shores.

Being the smallest wetland that makes up the National Park in Ciudad Real, the smallest in Spain, It is located in the terms of Daimiel and Villarrubia de los Ojos, in the province of Ciudad Real, in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. It is also a SPA and part of the La Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve. With almost 200 thousand visitors annually (2015), Las Tablas de Daimiel is the thirteenth national park in Spain in number of visitors.

The Tables of Daimiel
The Tables of Daimiel

How are the Tables of Daimiel formed?

They are formed by the overflow of the Guadiana river and its tributary Cigüela, situation that is favored by the low slope of the terrain. He is one of the last remaining representatives of the river tables in Spain, hence the importance of its conservation as one of the most unique ecosystems in the country. In recent times they were in serious danger of disappearance, due to overexploitation of aquifers. They were even on the verge of losing Unesco recognition as a Biosphere Reserve. Thanks to transfer projects from the Tagus and the rains that have fallen in recent seasons, life in the natural space has resurfaced.

Las Tablas are one of the last representatives of an ecosystem called fluvial tables that are formed when rivers overflow in their middle sections, favored by phenomena of semiendorreism and the scarcity of slopes. The wetland is formed at the confluence of the Guadiana River and its tributary Cigüela and is one of the most important aquatic ecosystems in the Iberian Peninsula due to the variety and quality of the fauna and flora that inhabit it., as well as by those birds that use it in migratory passages.

What to see in Las Tablas de Daimiel?

The main attraction is its flora and fauna, already mentioned above, but nevertheless, the latter mainly made up of migratory birds that come here to reproduce. The purple heron and the gray heron stand out among all. But you can also find amphibians, reptiles, fish or mammals, like the fox and the otter.

the purple heron and the gray heron is one of the attractions of the Tablas de Daimiel
the purple heron and the gray heron is one of the attractions of the Tablas de Daimiel

The Daimiel Tables itinerary can be done up to 3 ways: Island of Pan itinerary (marked in yellow), Permanent Lagoon Itinerary (marked in red), Itinerary of the Prado Ancho Tower (marked in blue). All three itineraries are accessible to people with disabilities. With the exception of the section that includes between Isla de la Entradilla and Isla del Descanso, in the Itinerary of the Island of Bread. As well as access to the first observatory of the Itinerary of the Permanent Lagoon and the last observatory of the Itinerary of the Torre de Prado Ancho.

Where to stay and eat?

Resort El Mirador de La Mancha
El Mirador de La Mancha

A few minutes from the National Park is El Mirador de la Mancha, a fantastic rural complex, located in the heart of nature in Ciudad Real. With different facilities to stay: cabins, tree houses, Rural houses, etc ... There is a high quality restaurant specializing in grilled meat from its own breeding, both yearling veal and Iberian field bait pork. An unbeatable cocktail in Ciudad Real both for its facilities, as for its natural landscapes so you can spend a dream weekend.

Javier Donaire, Chef of the restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha

"If there is not a good quality policy, there is no route and failure is assured "

Javier Donaire, Scorching El Mirador de la Mancha
Javier Donaire
Javier Donaire Chef of Restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha

We speak with Javier Donaire, chef of the Scorching Restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha, located in Villarubia de los Ojos (Real city), to tell us about your experience in the world of restoration, after thirty years dedicated to this wonderful sector.

Javier started very young in the world of restoration, your first experience, that today remembers with great pride, It was in a hotel establishment in his municipality, The Casino of Malagón. With the passage of time and a little more experience, Donaire left his town to continue dedicating himself to the hospitality industry, a sector that, as he describes himself, “is passionate about”. After working in different restaurants in our country, Javier decided to return to his municipality, It was at that moment when the opportunity arose to be the chef of the one he is today, 15 years after his arrival, the Scorching Restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha, of which Javier is also the manager and manager.

Photo El Mirador de la Mancha
Patio of the Restaurant imitating the Corral de Comedias de Almagro

Javier, let's talk about your restaurant. When was it created and what characteristics does it have?

El Mirador de la Mancha Restaurant was built in March 2003, and two years later I arrived. I can proudly say about this restaurant that it is a spectacular place. The reason? Our restaurant is located on top of a high mountain range and is built in wood. Likewise, our cuisine is characterized by being traditional, with typical Manchego dishes, roasts and of course something that can not be missing, Grill!

Tasting with Javier Donaire
Click this photo to see the news about the Training Days in El mirador de la Mancha

In addition to the hotel establishment, we also have a complex dedicated to rural tourism; cabins built on top of olive trees for those who want to spend a few days unwinding. And on the other hand, we are dedicated to the world of events. A bit of everything! (Laughs).

Your restaurant has become a success story of the Scorching Group, What can you tell me about it?

Scorching El Mirador de la Mancha I would say it is a very picturesque place, a place where customers in addition to enjoying a very pleasant environment, they also do a high quality gastronomy.

Rincon de Brasa
Rincon de Brasa in El Mirador de la Mancha Restaurant

Why is it important to have a good quality policy in the catering sector?

Having a good quality policy is essential for a hotel establishment. If there is no good quality policy, there is no route and failure is assured.

This was one of the reasons we decided to go for Scorching. We met the Group ago 4 years and we found that we liked their work policy a lot: same quality in the product always, great concern to improve day by day, commitment to continuous training ... in short, it was what we were looking for. After trying them, we became scorching, and since 3 years we worked hand in hand.

Javier on the Visit to Toledo
Javier Donaire on his visit to the Self-Breeding Farm

What sets you apart from the rest of the restaurant in your area?

The difference is the uniqueness of the site, not an easy establishment to find, there are few places as peculiar as ours and this differentiates us from the rest. Of course, without forgetting the team that we are part of this great family and that we fight every day so that everything goes well.

Do you have any upcoming goals?

Ours is a continuous development, every year we do some work to expand or improve the facilities. At present we are immersed in the work of a new area for access to the place where we hold the events. Apart of this, I would say that our main objective is that the people who pass by the establishment leave happy and want to return.

Now let's talk about your relationship with the Burning Group

Event Hall
Catering at El Mirador de la Mancha Restaurant

How many years have you been associated with scorching brand?

We carry 3 years and a half associated and our experience is being very good, we are very satisfied, not only for the quality of the product as I have said before, but also for its variety, for continuous training and communication with us. From Scorching they do things very well!

Events in the Halls
Scorching Group Training Days at El Mirador de la Mancha

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

Consistency and maintaining a firm quality line, and a very unique space; that's what makes us fill up every weekend.

Have you had a sales increase in recent years?

Yes, At the restaurant level, we have noticed an increase in the number of sales around the 10% every year, both on the weekend and on a daily basis.

Scorching Event
Catering during the training of Grupo Abrasador in El Mirador de la Mancha

What values ​​you highlight this Restaurant Group?

His humanity, your familiarity, continuous training, the desire for improvement, Y, definitely, the way of being they have to, for example, it is a value that matters a lot to us, because if you have a good product but you are not a plain person, close, that you take into account what a client can tell you, it's no use.

Luz and Javier in El Mirador
Luz María and Javier collecting Scorching recognition

What you are positioned as in your city?

In Google we have an average score of 4.3 on 5 and on TripAdvisor a score of 4 on 5.

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

Every day more because people who are not from the area, that is to say, who are passing through, they are guided a lot by these digital tools, that today give you the possibility to know the scores and read the comments and responses of the establishment, a bit of everything. Thus, both digitization and online reputation are very important.

Javier Donaire
Javier Donaire in Scorching Training Days with Diego Coquillat

And finally, do you think that in the world of catering, a little more training is needed in the sector?? Why?

Training is always important. Although it is true that I believe that in recent years both employers and workers invest more in training than before; there is no doubt that there are still many people reluctant to spend money on taking courses or attending conferences, but I think that they are increasingly aware that if there is no continuous training, fall behind.

Family Photo Scorching Group
Family photo of Restaurant Group Partners associated with the brand

First National Award for Scorching Recipes 2019

First prize
See Video of the First Prize of the National Scorching Recipe Contest

Here is another video from Televerás where they share the news of Javier Donaire's First Prize in the Scorching National Recipe Contest 2019

Home meat orders with free transportation

During these weeks we have to stay at home, on the occasion of confinement, we inform you that we can send your meat order directly to home at no additional cost of transport. You know that you have sausage, Iberian Ham, Iberian ham, cheese and Iberian pork and veal Anoja own our farms. You can see all references and catalog directly in the online shop Abrasador.

Own Crianza meat

These weeks as you know most of the restaurants associated with our brand, remain closed until further notice. And from the middle of May, some of them will start to open and prepare à la carte service with our own grilled gourmet home-cooked meats.

Our meat sales, in a 95% they are through the restaurants associated with the brand and therefore, In recent weeks, much of the Central team has not been operational. And now from May, we have reduced the ERTE to some colleagues to join a few hours and therefore we will be at your disposal to serve you meat directly at home by ordering through the Abrasador Online Store from anywhere in Spain.

Catalog Photo
Photo catalog Scorching meat

For any questions or clarification, you can contact us Monday to Friday 9:00 a 18:00 h or at any other time that necesitéis on phones 925245684, 647 221 393 O 699 450 508 or e-mail pedidos@abrasador.com and we send the order to receive in home 24-48 hours.

And if you prefer that we make it easier for you, you can directly see some of the lots already specified so you don't have to think about which products to choose:

Lots of gourmet meat for home

From Group Abrasador our biggest wish is you are all well and that you can spend the days the best that you can at home and always with a positive attitude. Get through this together and of course will pass an important page in our history, but now we must be strong.

Valentine menu 2019 Scorching restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha

Scorching Valentine menu restaurant El Mirador de la Mancha

Days 14, 15, 16 Y 17 February.

First courses center

Ravioli mi-cuit with caramelized pear pink pepper and saffron

Delicia saw the Calderina

Second plato to choose

Gulas cream with sauteed langoustines


green asparagus jacketed veil Gill

third platoto choose

Rulo ABT lamb with its juice and baking


bilbaína wild sea bass with couscous and vegetables bed


Texture red fruits

Drink wine "tinto, White, Pink "Home, Water, beer, coffee and sparkling

P.V.P. 30€