Route through places of interest in Tordesillas

On the banks of the river Duero, Tordesillas has become, due to its history, one of the main cities of Castilla-León. It has built its long career thanks to its wealth of heritage added to its good communication with the different locations in the rest of Spain., that are highlighted by many cities in the country. further, This was where the well-known Juana La Loca hid, that actually treasured the name of Queen Juana I. This route through Tordesillas will take us to know the best places to visit in this Valladolid city.

One of the places that you cannot miss in your life in Tordesillas is to visit the Real Santa Clara Monastery. On the ledge of the river Duero and protected by the old city walls. Being one of the best examples of Mudejar art in Castilla y León and a sample of the admiration of the Christian kings for the luxury and sophistication of the Andalusian culture..

His style is a hybrid of Romanesque and Gothic, with the royal emblems always present, makes a memorable impact. It was built in the 14th century, ordered to be built by King Alfonso XI and has different parts such as the church, Chapel and courtyard of Vergel. Without a doubt, this monument is the jewel in the crown of the city of Tordesillas.

After contemplating one of the best monuments in the city, you can take a visit to the historic center of the town and thus visit the Plaza Mayor of Tordesillas. This space has become the nerve center of the town. Built in the SXVI, this small and artistic square maintains the traditional Castilian architecture. Square, porticoed and full of balconies with large windows.

The streets that surround the Plaza Mayor are the oldest and in them we can see beautiful medieval houses from the 16th century and palaces such as El Palace of the Alderete, who was alderman of Tordesillas in the 15th century, and built his home on Calle San Antolín, It has the appearance of a fortress due to the battlements that crown one of its sides. Located in this square you can walk towards the river that can be seen from this and thus visit the Church of San Antolín. Declared a Site of Cultural Interest the 30 April 1998.

This wonderful ashlar and brick stone building is divided into sections with chapels on the sides. On the Epistle side, the Chapel of the Alderete is attached, which constitutes the noblest part of the temple, founded at the end of the 15th century, and built throughout the 16th century according to the Flemish Gothic stylistic rules of the time. The rest of the church was built in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, gothic style. Today this church has been set up as a museum, Museum of Sacred Art San Antolín. In this museum we can find the best pieces from the churches of Tordesillas. They highlight a Reclining Christ from the school of Gregorio Fernández, an Immaculate Conception of Pedro de Mena, an altarpiece with sculptures by Juan de Juni and the alabaster tomb made in 1550 by Gaspar de Tordesillas, among others. Very close to the Plaza Mayor de Tordesillas is one of the favorite places for both residents and tourists: the Bodegas Muelas. Placing ourselves in the land of wine, this visit is essential and there are also very interesting guided tours in this underground winery..

As it could not be missing in a city of treaties like Tordesillas we find The Treaty Houses. Both Renaissance and united palaces are two united palaces. Its importance lies in the fact that the negotiations that gave rise to the Treaty of Tordesillas were held there, by which Spain and Portugal divided the New World, giving rise to Latin America..

As a representation of the marked history of Juana La Loca we can enjoy his statue next to the Houses of the Treaty. This monument pays tribute to this figure who in 1.509 was confined in a palace in Tordesillas due to her mental incapacity to govern, until his death in 1.555. It is a sculpture of the queen wearing her crown in her left hand, made in bronze in the year 2003 by the sculptor Hipólito.

In a Castilian city like Tordesillas, the historic bridges deserve a special mention and this town has the Medieval Bridge which is a great work of ashlar masonry, treasures ten eyes, and between the arches there are triangular cutwaters. With these visits we can relax in an unforgettable space such as camping and Scorching restaurant El Astral. This combination of relaxation to sleep and breathe with nature, As well as enjoying the good Castilian-Leonese gastronomy of this restaurant that specializes in grilled meat from its own breeding, it will be your perfect closure to this fun route full of history and heritage wealth..




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Restaurant recommended in Tordesillas, Valladolid

"Quality in hospitality and restoration are basic elements for the business to yield to the maximum and Create loyal customers correctly"

Eduardo de Scorching The Astral
Eduardo Gutierrez Restaurant Abrasador El Astral

Today we spoke with Eduardo Gutiérrez, responsible of Restaurant Abrasador El Astral Tordesillas, Diploma in Tourism at the School of Tourism Valladolid, his career has always been linked to the tourism sector. Was in the year 1982 when his family decided to open Camping El Astral, located in Tordesillas (Castilla y León); a campsite that today directs Eduardo Gutiérrez and part of the Group of Restaurants Abrasador.

His extensive professional experience in other sectors such as travel agencies and tour operators, he has served this entrepreneur to implement various projects, today are success stories. Gutierrez is also a founding partner of the Campingred group, and president and CEO of the company management and sale of camping Q10 Management.

Eduardo, Campingred talk about Astral. What features does?

The services offered by the site are now virtually the same as when it opened back in 1982, logically with modifications and improvements that have been incorporated along the nearly 40 years at operation.

Astral has the amenities of a campground 4 stars: large plots, beautiful bungalows, maintained sports facilities, two pools beautiful, almost a hectare of landscaped parkland and leisure, bar, restaurant, supermarket, etc. Y, all, attended by an extraordinary and very friendly team, our main asset.

Campingred bungalows Astral

Let's talk about the food court of the camping. Your restaurant has become a success story of the Scorching Group, What can you tell me about it?

A few years ago my family and I were looking to change our restoration model for improving our food service, at that time I met the Ramirez family and that was when I felt a huge wave of sympathy, commitment, quality and professionalism to them.

Those 4 legs are also the ensigns of our family business, We understood from the start, and support has been critical to our project has been a success and is almost consolidated.

Scorching Salon Astral
Scorching Lounge Restaurant Astral

Why is it important for a camping also have a good quality policy regarding restoration?

The camping sector is the great unknown for Spanish tourism, although we are the European avant-garde and our technology and our business model have little to envy to many domestic hotels. Not forgetting the millions of overnight stays generated by our establishments.

Our service needs to customers are, As minimum, same as those of a hotel, but with more complexity, because the service must be prepared for an average number of people much more elevated than a hotel. It should be borne in mind that, for example, The Astral is a small camping when compared with other accommodation of its kind in Spain, and in one day weekend of August you can have inside nearly a thousand people from all services.

Hence, quality hotels and restaurants are basic for the business to render the maximum and Create loyal customer correctly. These production centers can assume the 50% of total turnover and also its contribution to the image of the camping it is paramount.

Grilled meat of the Iberian pig breeding own scorching
Grilled meats, My grilled Iberian

Now let's talk about your relationship with Scorching group: How many years have you been associated with scorching brand?

Scorching took the Group since March 2015, five years right now.

What do you think are the keys to success of your restaurant?

The key is the pursuit of excellence in everything we do, from the excellent product of the Scorching Group every detail of the service. To this, we will add a touch of informality and friendliness that highlights us.

Scorching team Astral
Assistance Team Abrasador The Astral to Training

Have you had a sales increase in recent years? 

Since 2015 the progression has been spectacular, with annual increases above the 30%. Specific, billing 2019 He was a 45% increase over the previous year. And when compared with that of 2015, the increase is the 400%.

What values ​​you highlight this Restaurant Group?

I would emphasize above all, humility and desire to learn showing. If you add to that excitement, work capacity and growing professionalism at all levels, the result is amazing and varied we are getting from all.

party group photo Abrasador
Family photo of the Scorching Group at the Annual Convention

What you are positioned as in your city?

Our restaurant is on TripAdvisor the number 2 of 30 restaurants. See the profile of the Tripadvisor

And Google have an assessment of a 4,5 on 5 it is also helping us a lot. View Google profile

¿It is important for a restaurant your online reputation and digitization? Why?

It is vital. Long ago that the client has in his hands the reputation of the establishment. What once were specialized guides, Now all we do when we eat anywhere. We look for online references and then we put our own for others to see.

If you are not visible in that world, literally do not exist and it costs much more to build your business. And our companies need a strong initial investment, We can not wait long to get benefits.

Scorching reputation on Line
Tripadvisor valuation of the restaurant Abrasador El Astral

And to end, as a professional in this sector, Do you think that in the world of restoration takes a little more training sector? Why?

Training and professionalism are essential in any sector that is alive and wants to remain so. You have to keep you on trend, technologies, business approaches, advantages and clouds. And your team each must go through the same at their level.

It is also important to share and exchange knowledge and experiences with other professional colleagues and seek synergies with various suppliers who want to find new ways you. This latter is one of the biggest attractions of the Scorching Group, the amount of talent shared one finds rowing in the same direction is amazing and me tremendously motivating.

Clicking on the image below we show a video of Eduardo Gutierrez and his teams attending the last days Scorching Training Group

Julio Eduardo and Esperanza
Eduardo Gutierrez with Hope and the Central Scorching July